Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Written By I heard about ancient times

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In the last years of Jianwen, King Yan came to Beijing and became emperor, with the reign name Yongle. A great empire has opened a new chapter and is about to usher in eternal rule. The young people of later generations had the misfortune to pass through the famous barbecue king Zhu Gaoxu. Facing the wise and powerful Yongle Emperor Zhu Laosi, the frail and sick prince Zhu Gaochi, the beloved sage grandson Zhu Zhanji... Zhu Gaoxu instinctively chose to follow his heart and become a man. The sensual and lascivious Prince Xiaoyao. "What? Supervisor? Old man, you can't be so deceptive..." "Brother, start running, this is a full set of Genghong gymnastics..." "Eldest nephew, why are you playing crickets? Go play Japanese pirates with your second uncle... ..." Everyone in the world knows that the King of Han is vicious, lewd, cunning and domineering, but they don't know that the Ming Dynasty has gradually deviated from its original course and sailed towards a vast new world under the control of the King of Han. Five dragons in the same dynasty, three dragons and two pythons, three poplars in the cabinet... This is the most brilliant era of the Ming Dynasty! This book is also known as: "Father, Hold On", "Big Brother, Run", "Nephew, Don't be a Coward"

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