Chapter 59 The giant was scolded! The new capital censor Gu Zuo!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 18:23:00 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:7890

Qianqing Palace, Imperial Study Room.

Jin Zhongjianyi and other important ministers from the six ministries are all here, as well as Huanghuai, Huyan, Jin Youzi and other cabinet ministers.

It’s just that these giants all have solemn expressions and their faces are a little ugly.

They already know what happened today.

King Zhu Gaoxu of Han Dynasty noticed that Liu Guan, the censor of Zuodu, was corrupt, so he immediately led the Jinyi Guards to arrest him, and then found countless gold and silver treasures from his mansion, which also implicated a large number of corrupt and bribery officials, most of whom were supervising the censor.

The entire Metropolitan Procuratorate, including the left and right censors, had more than 40 officials involved in the case, making it the largest case in the Yongle Dynasty.

The emperor was furious and ordered the Jin Yiwei to investigate the case thoroughly, and sent Yang Shiqi to prison for obstructing him many times!

This sudden change was simply a nightmare for these princelings.

The emperor established a cabinet with a total of seven people, all of whom were involved in keeping secrets as advisors. They also served as officials in the prince’s palace and explained Confucian classics to the prince.

Xie Jin, Hu Guang, Huang Huai, Hu Yan, Jin Youzi, Yang Shiqi, and Yang Rong. Among the seven, Xie Jin was slandered and framed by the King of Han Zhu Gaoxu, and he is still in jail and suffering the pain of prison.

Now, on the first day of the Han Dynasty’s supervision of the country, he once again launched an attack. He exposed the corruption case of Liu Guan and others of the Metropolitan Procuratorate in public. Yang Shiqi was innocently imprisoned. The prince was punished for this, and the time he spent behind closed doors to reflect on his mistakes was once again increased by three months.

This is simply unacceptable to these princelings.

However, Liu Guan’s corruption was real, and the amount of corruption was staggering. His corruption was even more outrageous, and it happened while the prince was in charge of the country.

Even though Jin Zhong and others were unwilling to do so and wanted to intercede for Yang Shiqi and the Crown Prince, they did not dare to speak out at all.

This time, truth and righteousness were all on the side of the King of Han, and they had no reason to refute at all.

Zhu Di glanced at these important ministers coldly, feeling quite uncomfortable.

He handed over the affairs of the country to the prince, and eliminated these wise ministers, cadres and assistants, but as a result he caused such a big mess.

What made Zhu Di most angry was that the prince and these talented officials were completely unaware of the corrupt practices of Liu Guan and others!

If the King of Han had not acted decisively and directly arrested people and ransacked their homes, then those worms like Liu Guan would have relied on their power to dominate and bring disaster to the country and the people!

‘Oh, you all know what happened today, right?’

‘Is there anything you want to say? Speak freely!’

After Jin Zhong and others heard this, they all said nothing and lowered their heads in silence.

In the final analysis, they made mistakes in the first place, causing villains to govern and harm the country and the people. This is a crime that cannot be excused no matter what.

‘Huh? Why aren’t you talking? Don’t you usually advocate a prosperous age, whitewash peace, and lavish attention on others? Why don’t you scream now?’

‘Liu Guan, Wu Zhong and others are so rampant, don’t you have any awareness? Are you not aware? Or are you afraid to say it?!’

Zhu Gaoxu sat quietly beside him and found it very interesting to see Emperor Yongle angrily scorning all the famous ministers.

If you pick any one of these giants in front of you, they are all famous ministers who will leave their names in history!

There are three Yangs in the cabinet, Jian Xia, the minister, Huang Huai, who has been tutoring, Hu Yan, who has been studying Chinese for a long time, Hu Guang, Jin Youzi, who works as a servant… Most of them have gone through four dynasties, assisted Zhu Di to create the prosperous age of Yongle, and inherited the past and the future, helping Ren Xuan Erzong created the rule of Renxuan, which brought the national power of the Ming Dynasty to its peak.

But these same giants, being scolded like a grandson in front of Zhu Di, lowered their heads and did not dare to speak back.

This huge contrast in senses made Zhu Gaoxu smile from ear to ear.

It wasn’t until Zhu Di glanced at him angrily that Prince Han was startled and lowered his head honestly.

‘Don’t worry about this case from the Metropolitan Procuratorate. I will definitely punish all those involved in the case severely!’

‘Jian Yi, the Ministry of Personnel is preparing a list of new censors. They should be between thirty and fifty years old. Those who are too young will lack experience, and those who are too old will lack vitality. This is your order!’

‘And a censor recommendation system is implemented. When the Metropolitan Procuratorate selects a censor, the recommender needs to submit the candidate’s name list and resume to the Ministry of Civil Affairs for review. Once there is a problem with the censor in the future, the recommender and reviewer will also be held accountable. , as an order!’

Jian Yi nodded repeatedly, knowing that this was the emperor’s beginning to impose restrictions on the Metropolitan Procuratorate.

After all, there has been such a big mess, and if the old system is not used to restrict the Metropolitan Procuratorate, then the new censors will probably follow the same path as Liu Guan and others!

Jin Zhong and other giants did not say anything after hearing this and acquiesced to this plan.

Zhu Di has always been resolute and resolute, and he has found the source of the problem, so he will naturally not show mercy.

‘In addition, I intend to appoint Gu Zuo as the new censor of the capital. What do you all think of it?’

Gu Zuo?

Gu Liqing?

Upon hearing this name, Jian Yi’s face suddenly changed slightly.

‘Your Majesty, although Gu Liqing is an upright official and has a good reputation, he is only thirty years old. Isn’t he too young?’

Zhu Di ‘???’


Only thirty?

So young?

Zhu Di was dumbfounded and looked at Zhu Gaoxu with suspicion.

The Metropolitan Procuratorate is the highest supervisory authority in the Ming Dynasty. The Imperial Censor and the Six Ministers are also known as the Seven Qings. They have a high status and overwhelming power!

Gu Zuo is so young. Would it be a bit hasty to promote him to the position of censor of the capital and give him this important task?

Zhu Gaoxu didn’t take it seriously and said with a smile, ‘Old Jiantou, what are the duties of the censor?’

Jian Yi was a little embarrassed when he heard this and said that I am not familiar with you, King of Han, so don’t call me so affectionate.

‘The censor of the capital has the sole responsibility of inspecting and impeaching officials, defending those who have been wronged, and supervising the various departments. It is the emperor’s department that oversees the conduct of officials.’

“Any minister who is a treacherous villain who forms a clique to undermine the government will be impeached. All officials who are despicable, corrupt and corrupt the official discipline will be impeached. Any academic misconduct will be impeached. Anyone who submits a letter to declare an incident or attempt to use existing rules and regulations will be impeached… ‘

Zhu Gaoxu nodded, ‘Is he just a royal troll anyway? The censors of the capital and the supervisory censors should do the job of trolls. If anyone violates the discipline and brings trouble to the government, just troll him and that’s the end of it, right?’

Everyone ‘!!!’


That’s the censor!

Dogs bark!

‘Therefore, this offending ‘fighting’ thing should be done by officials with lower status, less seniority, younger age and less scruples. Gu Zuo was an upright official and was compared to Bao Zheng of the Northern Song Dynasty. Isn’t he the best candidate?”

Originally, these officials and admonishers were supposed to be honest and self-responsible trolls. If anyone violated the law and discipline, including the emperor, then it would be over.

As a result, Liu Guan and other censors were short-tongued. Not only did they not perform their duties with all their heart, but they also tried every means to cover up these corrupt officials. This created a situation where corruption was rampant in the Yongle Dynasty.

But trolls like Gu Zuo are different. They are trolls with a moral bottom line. If you want to bribe such people with money, they will not only refuse to accept it, but will also spit on you angrily.

Zhu Di glared at Zhu Gaoxu angrily and coughed twice, ‘Ahem, the King of Han is right, what he said is rough and rational.’

‘Now that official corruption is rampant, we really need someone like Gu Zuo… The direct minister will take charge of the Metropolitan Procuratorate and lead the brand-new Metropolitan Procuratorate to clean up the court and eliminate the prevalent bureaucratic corruption! ‘

‘Draft a decree to promote Gu Zuo to the position of censor of the capital, and return to the capital immediately to take up his post!’

At this moment, Gu Liqing, who is far away in Jiangxi, does not know it yet. Because of the recommendation of the dog thief Zhu Gaoxu, he has become a super troll known to both the government and the public!