Chapter 69 Knife in hand! Zhu Di’s heart almost melted!

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‘The Crown Prince cannot do these things, but I, the King of Han, can do them.’

‘Let me be a knife in the boss’s hand and clean out these corrupt officials for him.’

In Jiming Temple, Zhu Di murmured these two sentences with a somewhat moved expression.

After a long time, he looked at Zhao Wang Zhu Gaosui beside him and asked with some disbelief, ‘Did the second brother really say that?’

Zhu Gaosui smiled bitterly and nodded, ‘Dad, he really said that. How dare my son lie to you!’

What he said was true.

Although everyone knows that King Zhao Zhu Gaosui is a loyal member of the Han Dynasty, in fact, Prince Zhao is only loyal to the emperor.

Otherwise, Zhu Di would not have put Jin Yiwei, the emperor’s eyes and ears, in charge of him.

After receiving an affirmative answer, Zhu Di was stunned, a little disappointed.

This dick is really enlightened!

Not only did he become enlightened, he also gave up his undue ambition, and was even willing to be the boss’s sword.

‘The boss has a kind-hearted nature, and he truly loves his people as his own children, but it is precisely because of this that he is a little indecisive.’

Zhu Di sighed and said quietly, ‘He is considerate of his officials, uses criminal laws with caution, and advocates benevolent government. There is nothing wrong with that.’

‘However, it is not enough to go too far. His generosity and kindness have created corrupt officials like Liu Guan. Do you think our prince has not heard anything about it? Doesn’t he know anything about the corrupt behavior of Liu Guan and others? ‘

Zhu Gaosui lowered his head and did not respond.

He knew that his old man just wanted to express a few emotions now, and was not really asking him to express his opinions.

‘Boss is a boy who is as wise as a fool and very shrewd! But even if he knows it in his heart, he just lets it go and doesn’t take it seriously.’

‘This is the shortcoming of Lao Daren’s benevolent governance, which easily breeds corruption among officials.’

The facts just prove that this is indeed the case.

Zhu Di was either on the Northern Expedition or on patrol in Peiping, and all state affairs were handed over to the Prince Supervisor.

what’s the result?

On the surface, the Ming Dynasty was prosperous with singing and dancing, and the country was peaceful and the people were safe, but secretly it breeds a lot of moths.

From the Metropolitan Procuratorate to the Imperial Censor and the Supervisory Censor, they colluded with each other in corruption and bribery, causing chaos in the imperial court.

A small arms bureau in the Ministry of Industry, or a big-ass ambassador to the arms bureau, can cause a deficit of more than 300,000 taels of silver through corruption!

There are also local officials who use clever pretexts to line their own pockets, deceive superiors and subordinates under various pretexts, and rob the people of their wealth.

Can such a court and such a Ming Dynasty really be called a prosperous age?

If the king is too lenient, his officials will become arrogant and corrupt.

This principle has been true since ancient times.

Thinking about it, Zhu Di sighed again, ‘But just because the boss is the prince, even if he knows, he will not go to war and severely punish these corrupt officials!’

After Zhu Gaosui heard this, he suddenly looked confused.

What is this?

‘Corrupt officials like Liu Guan are all literati. Even if the boss knows about it, how can he deal with them? Should they all be arrested and imprisoned like the second boss?’

‘The second child can do this, but the eldest brother can’t, because the eldest brother is the crown prince and the future emperor of the Ming Dynasty!’

‘When he ascends the throne as emperor in the future, he will still need these scholars and officials to govern the country for him.’

Zhu Gaosui’s expression froze, and he understood instantly.

The old man’s words actually have the same meaning as what he warned the second child.

To combat corruption, what the boss cannot do, but what the second boss can do.

Because fighting corruption and becoming an anti-corruption fighter will inevitably affect the interests of these civil servants and officials, and thus offend them to death!

The boss, Zhu Gaochi, is the prince and the future prince of the Ming Dynasty. This status determines that he cannot be too harsh on civil servants and officials, let alone be hostile to them.

But the second child, Zhu Gaoxu, is different. He will be a prince if he breaks the law, and he will not be an emperor in the future. Even if he becomes an anti-corruption fighter now and hurts you literati and officials, so what?

After I finished my anti-corruption campaign, I just patted my butt and went to Yunnan to become a feudal lord. What can you do to me?

Those who are barefoot are not afraid of wearing shoes.

As for the prince Zhu Gaochi, he is like wearing shoes now, so he is unwilling to go to war.

‘The second child also knows this, so he goes all the way to the dark side and punishes corruption unscrupulously.’

Zhu Di let out a long sigh, ‘This bastard wants to find out these bugs in the court and eliminate hidden dangers for the boss before the vassalship!’

After saying this, Zhu Di felt a sense of guilt in his heart, and it kept getting worse.

This second son, he really owes so much!

When Jing was in trouble, the second child rushed forward and nearly died many times, and even saved himself several times.

Finally, Jingnan succeeded, and he had to give the position of prince to the boss.

Not long after, that idiot Qiu Fu killed 100,000 elite soldiers. Zhu Di had to lead the Northern Expedition in person, but he had to rely on his second child to lead the charge.

Now, after the second child survived an injury, he has really become sensible.

Not only did he request to go to feudal lord many times, but he also helped him solve a lot of troubles.

Now, he is even more willing to be a lonely minister, to be the boss’s sword, to eradicate all corrupt officials for him, and to eliminate the hidden dangers of the boss’s benevolent government.

I just don’t know why, but the more sensible he is and the more he thinks about the family, the more uncomfortable and panicked Zhu Di feels.

Second child, second child, what should I do to make up for my debt to you?

Han Dynasty Palace.

Zhu Gaoxu took the charcoal pen and began to draw drawings.

In his previous life, he was an out-and-out science student and a military enthusiast, so it was very easy to draw some basic drawings.

At this moment, his confidant Huangfu Yunhe walked in.

After the problem of Jingnan’s orphan was perfectly resolved, Huangfu Yunhe became the chief steward of the Han Dynasty.

‘Your Majesty, is this the briquette you want?’

Huangfu Yunhe held a briquette and shook it in front of Zhu Gaoxu.

Prince Han stood up immediately, took a look at the briquettes, and nodded excitedly.

‘Okay, Huangfu, you did a good job!’

After hearing this, Butler Huangfu finally smiled.

That day the prince found him and arranged for him to do this job.

Poor Huangfu Yunhe had never made this thing before. He could only start from scratch with the workers in the workshop under the name of the Han Palace.

In fact, there is no difficulty in making this briquette. Just follow the process drawn by Wang Ye step by step. The only difficulty is the sulfur removal, which is the stage of coal washing.

According to the prince, this ‘sulfur’ is a poisonous substance that causes people to be poisoned when burning coal for heating. Therefore, Huangfu Yunhe attached great importance to this process and personally directed the observations and records at the scene, although he never understood this ‘sulfur’ from beginning to end. ‘What the hell!’

He followed the method of Prince Han, first crushing the mined coal into particles, and then using the water washing method to add quicklime to the water. The quicklime will chemically react with the sulfur in the coal, and then the sulfur in the coal will be Get rid of.

After removing the sulfur, the coal and yellow mud are mixed in a ratio of eight to two. At the same time, in order to make the briquettes burn more easily, a small amount of charcoal powder, soil salt, and saltpeter are added to it. The mold is used to continuously compress it, and finally it is made. This gradually standardized briquettes.

Seeing that he looked a little tired, Zhu Gaoxu suddenly said with emotion, ‘Yunhe, your hard work is worth it. Countless people in the Ming Dynasty will live because of this. You saved their lives!’

As soon as these words came out, Huangfu Yunhe froze on the spot, and then his body began to tremble violently.

‘Let’s see. The name of honeycomb coal is not high-end and classy enough. From now on, it will be called ‘Huangfu coal’, named after you, Huangfu Yunhe!’

Huangfu Yunhe ‘!!!’

Huangfu Coal!

Save countless people!

These were things he had never dared to think about before.