Chapter 28 Assassination? What a trap!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:32:28 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6676

‘There is an assassin! Protect him quickly!’

Zhu Gaoxu shouted loudly, and the Imperial Army soldiers who had been waiting rushed into the venue in an instant.

‘Seal the venue, no one is allowed in or out, and anyone who trespasses will be killed!’

Zhu Di pretended to be furious and shouted, scaring everyone to the point where they knelt on the ground.

They never thought that someone would dare to assassinate the Ming Emperor at the banquet of all nations!

The Imperial Guards were brave and strong, their bright swords flashing with sharp cold light. Everyone knelt down on the ground, fearing that they would be harmed by innocent people.

The Japanese assassin group was all confused at this moment, not knowing what was going on.

Nie Xing looked at Xu Bin with a confused face, ‘Brother Xu, shall we kneel?’

‘Ignore your mother’s words and kneel down, quickly!’

Seeing those brave warriors from the Forbidden Army noticing him and others, Xu Bin’s face almost turned green, and he hurriedly took the lead and knelt down.

Zhu Gaoxu stepped forward to check the injury of his cheap son, but found that he was only injured in the shoulder, and he was slightly relieved.

However, Sun Ruowei was crying beside her because she knew that Xu Bin and others would definitely quench poison on the arrows to assassinate the emperor!

That is poison that seals the throat at the sight of blood. Even if the gods are alive, they can’t save Zhu Zhanhe!

‘You idiot! Why are you so stupid! Why are you so stupid!’

Sun Ruowei burst into tears and caressed Zhu Zhanhe’s handsome face.

‘Ruowei, don’t worry, it’s just a minor injury, it’s okay…’

Zhu Zhanhe was opening his mouth to comfort him, but was pinched hard by Zhu Gaoxu without leaving any trace.

Why doesn’t this stupid son have any eyesight?

Under the pain, Zhu Zhanhe couldn’t help but cry out in pain, which made the beauty’s heart even more confused.

Seeing this situation, Zhu Zhanhe, the cheap son, came to his senses, tilted his head, and walked over.

Zhu Gaoxu took the opportunity to shout, ‘Er! Who is it? Who killed my son?’

As soon as he finished speaking, he ‘cryed’ to Zhu Di and said, ‘Dad, you have to make the decision for me, dad!’

Everyone was so frightened when they saw this that they didn’t even dare to express their anger.

The eldest son of the King of Han died in order to protect him?

This is a rhythm that is going to break the sky!

As expected, Zhu Di’s face was ashen and frighteningly cold.

‘Today is a prosperous day for all nations to come to court, and someone actually took the opportunity to assassinate me!’

‘Ha’er, did you do it?’

The Duoyan Guard Commander was so frightened that his head touched the ground, and he explained repeatedly, ‘Your Majesty, this matter really has nothing to do with me, Wu Liangha. Your Majesty, please investigate clearly!’


Zhu Di sneered, ‘If it’s not your Wuliangha tribe, who could it be?’

As he spoke, Zhu Di looked around the venue with sharp eyes.

Everyone lowered their heads, not daring to look directly at the furious emperor!

Seeing that the shock effect was achieved, Zhu Di stopped pretending and said in a cold voice, ‘Envoys from various countries, please be patient and return to the arranged post to rest for the time being. If you are innocent, then this case must have nothing to do with you!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Di waved his hand, and the envoys from various countries were forcibly taken away by the soldiers of the Forbidden Army, and they did not dare to resist at all.

The Japanese assassin group was all confused and could only move forward honestly. They didn’t know what was waiting for them next.

Prince Zhu Gaochi stepped forward on his short legs, ready to check his nephew’s injury, but was pulled back by Zhu Gaoxu.

‘Brother, send He’er to the Imperial Hospital first!’

Big Fatty was stunned for a moment, then realized what he was doing and stared at Zhu Gaoxu angrily.

Co-authored this is a play performed by you!

However, Zhu Di just glanced at him lightly, and the prince immediately became honest.

Soon the soldiers of the Forbidden Army came forward and helped Zhu Zhanhe to the Taiyuan Hospital. Sun Ruowei followed closely, unwilling to leave.

Zhu Di sighed deeply when he saw this and remained silent for a long time.

‘Second brother, it seems you really won.’

‘This girl Jingqing really stood in front of me just now!’

Just now, Zhu Di saw with his own eyes that Sun Ruowei blocked him without hesitation, wanting to risk his life to save him!

At that moment, his heart was really touched.

Zhu Gaoxu’s heart moved, and he knew that the hatred in Zhu Di’s heart was beginning to waver.

‘Dad, my son once said that the old ministers of Jianwen are the old ministers of Jianwen, and the orphans of Jingnan are the orphans of Jingnan.’

‘Those old ministers of Jianwen were killed and fled. How many are left now?’

‘Jingnan orphans such as Sun Ruowei were instigated by others, but they were able to repent in time in the face of major right and wrong. In the end, all they want is to live a stable life.’

Zhu Di nodded slightly, looking a little moved.

But at this moment, a discordant voice sounded.

‘What? Is that girl the orphan of Jingnan? Is she a female rebel?’

‘Second Brother, Second Brother, why did you turn a female traitor into a traitor…’

The prince asked in disbelief, earning a glare from Zhu Di.

‘What kind of female rebel? This is my grandson-in-law!’

‘When Zhanhe wakes up, I will pardon her, as well as those Jingnan orphans.’

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu felt reassured.

Although this arrow penetrated Zhu Zhanhe’s shoulder, it also dispelled the hatred in Zhu Di’s heart.

Next, it’s time to look for Jianwen!

Zhu Gaoxu smiled and said, ‘Dad, my son is going to track down the assassin.’

Zhu Di understood what he meant and nodded directly.

But at this moment, someone is already one step ahead of Zhu Gaoxu!

When Zhu Zhanji saw an assassin assassinating him, he coldly observed every move of everyone at the scene.

The unusual behavior of the Japanese mission aroused his idea.

Why are the expressions on these people’s faces so weird?

And everyone knelt down on the ground, but they only knelt down obediently after seeing the Forbidden Army soldiers!

There are various signs that this Japanese mission has a big problem!

Zhu Zhanji didn’t have time to step forward to care about the emperor’s injury, so he followed the Japanese delegation to the hotel.

He did not alert the snake, but mobilized his own people, preparing to wait and take down the mastermind behind the scenes in one fell swoop!

If the assassination fails, these assassins will naturally find a way to escape.

And the first person who came to see them at this moment was the rebel agent, the emperor in their mouth!

In fact, when things got to this point, Zhu Zhanji had already concluded that Zhu Gaoxu, the King of Han Dynasty, was the emperor!

Because he was solely responsible for organizing the banquet of all nations, it would not be too easy to let these rebels sneak in and take the opportunity to assassinate the emperor.

Moreover, at the banquet of all nations, Zhu Gaoxu had a long discussion with the Japanese envoy, and then the assassination took place.

Zhu Zhanji would not believe it even to death. This matter had nothing to do with the King of Han!

In the hotel, Xu Bin’s face was ashen and he was pacing around the room anxiously.

Nie Xing asked anxiously, ‘Brother Xu, what should we do now? Is that assassin here to make a joke? Shoot a cold arrow from such a distance!’

‘Shut up! Aren’t you afraid of recruiting the Imperial Army?’

Xu Bin shouted angrily, he was also full of suspicion.

Besides the rebels like myself, who else wants to kill the traitor Zhu Di?

Suddenly, Xu Bin thought of a possibility.

Your Majesty, Zhu Gaoxu!

The last Tianjie assassination was ordered by Zhu Gaoxu, but it turned out to be a trap!

This assassination at the Banquet of All Nations was also ordered by Zhu Gaoxu, and now he has been tricked so damn hard that he and others have no way out!

Is this another trap deliberately set by Zhu Gaoxu?