Chapter 30 Is the King of Han a rebel? Zhu Di is stupid!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:32:52 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6962

Qianqing Palace.

Emperor Zhu Di, who should have been furious, was now smiling.

The matter of Jingnan’s orphan has been resolved.

By the way, we can also find the whereabouts of Jianwen, the little bastard.

After these internal worries are dealt with, Zhu Di can wholeheartedly launch his Northern Expedition, completely sweep across the entire Mobei, and leave a peaceful and fertile land for future generations!

The prince rushed in panting, bowed his head and said, ‘Hey… Dad, are you hurt?’

Zhu Di glanced at his prince, and couldn’t help but feel warm in his heart.

This son is most benevolent and filial.

‘Don’t worry, dad is fine.’

‘It did hurt the child Zhanhe. I don’t know how serious the injury is.’

After confirming that Zhu Di was fine, Big Fatty breathed a sigh of relief.

‘This boy Zhanhe joined you in the conquest of the Alutai tribe. He once killed more than a dozen Tatars single-handedly. He is quite brave as the second child.’

‘The arrow only hit Zhan He’s shoulder. The imperial doctor treated him promptly. It should only be a superficial wound.’

Zhu Di nodded and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

However, the prince looked at him with suspicion and asked bravely, ‘Father, I dare to ask, is this assassination a play you acted?’

Zhu Di’s face changed slightly, and he asked with a half-smile, ‘Did you see it?’

Seeing his expression, Big Fatty reacted immediately.

‘Dad, my second brother is messing around, why are you following him?’

‘You arranged a fake assassination at the banquet of all nations, and embarrassed the Ming Dynasty without saying anything. You also let those overseas envoys see the joke. Why are you so confused… Hey!’

After hearing this, Zhu Di’s eyes widened, and Zhu Gaochi was so frightened that he immediately closed his mouth.

‘Okay, I dare to teach you a lesson. I think your wings have become stiff and you have become lawless, right?’

The prince had always been very afraid of Zhu Di, but at this moment he was hardened for a rare moment.

I saw the fat man kneeling on the ground, squeezing his neck and shouting, ‘Dad, my son can obey you in everything, but for this kind of thing, my son really needs to criticize you!’

‘The son of a rich man cannot sit down in court. You are now the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and you are responsible for the Ming Dynasty’s thousands of miles of rivers and mountains and billions of people. If something happens to you, then…’

Zhu Di waved his hands repeatedly, stopping the prince from continuing to talk.

Although his face was a little unhappy, he felt very warm in his heart.

‘Okay, okay, dad knows that you are doing it for your own good, and I won’t hide it from you next time…’

‘What? There’s a next time?!’

Big Fatty stared, Zhu Di retreated in silence.

At this moment, Little Sniffle walked in with a strange expression.

‘Your Majesty, Your Majesty is here.’


This guy Zhanji?

‘Come as soon as he comes, let him come in directly.’

‘This kid used to come in directly, but today it’s strange.’

Little Nose looked weird and hesitated for a long time, then he said bravely, ‘Your Majesty, Your Highness Taisun is here with Prince Han tied up!’

Zhu Gaochi ‘???’

What did you say?

My son tied up his dick?

What happened to him suddenly?

Zhu Di’s expression changed, and he instantly became gloomy. His expression was frighteningly cold.

After a long time, I was so angry that I couldn’t say a word.

‘Let them get in!’

Soon the two of them walked in one after another, but Zhu Gaoxu had his hands tied behind his back and looked helpless, while Zhu Zhanji was high-spirited and high-spirited, like a proud big rooster.

‘Grandpa Huang, my second uncle colluded with the rebels, disguised them as Japanese envoys, and assassinated the king at the banquet of all nations.’

‘After the assassination failed, my second uncle prepared Jinyiwei costumes and prepared to help the assassin avoid the search and escape from the palace. Sun Chen caught everyone with the stolen goods on the spot. Please ask the emperor to issue an order to punish him!’

After hearing this, the prince was stunned for a moment, and then his face turned livid. Zhu Di’s expression became extremely exciting, and he almost passed away in anger!

‘You have been working in Jinyiwei for so long just for now?’

When Big Fatty heard his father’s words, he suddenly thought something was wrong and was about to warn his son.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Zhanji was at the peak of his life, his IQ dropped to negative, and he explained everything honestly.

He told everything about how he discovered the clues about the ‘Emperor’ after joining the Imperial Guard, how he tortured the rebels to extract a confession, and how he caught the King of Han on the spot tonight and prepared to send the assassin out of the palace.

Seeing Zhu Di’s face livid, Zhu Zhanji thought he was extremely angry because of Zhu Gaoxu’s crime, and continued to complain, ‘Grandpa Huang, it seems that the Tianjie assassination was also done by his second uncle. If it hadn’t been for Sun Chen this time You are very clever and caught them on the spot, I am afraid that the second uncle will still quibble!’

‘The facts are before our eyes. The King of Han colluded with the rebels and assassinated the king many times. His heart is outrageous. Sun Chen begs the emperor to severely punish the King of Han…’

‘That’s enough! Shut up!’

The sudden angry shout confused Zhu Zhanji.

This…isn’t this right?

What are you yelling at me for?

Shouldn’t you be angry with Zhu Gaoxu?

Zhu Di glared at this good saint grandson, feeling disappointed in him for the first time.

He immediately turned to look at Zhu Gaoxu and scolded angrily, ‘Where’s the letter? You didn’t show it to him?’

Zhu Gaoxu shrugged innocently, ‘Dad, I asked my eldest nephew to watch it, but he didn’t want to watch it!’

‘Besides, my hands are tied behind my back, so I can’t give him the letter!’


What letter?

Zhu Zhanji was stunned.

It seemed that he really believed it just now. When his second uncle showed it to him, he thought it was his lie.

And judging from the old man’s reaction, it seems that something is wrong!

Zhu Di’s eyes widened, then he looked at Zhu Zhanji and said coldly, ‘Read the letter in his arms first.’

Do you really believe it?

Zhu Zhanji panicked. He took out the letter and read softly ‘My nephew, you see the word ‘Yunwen’. The words are like meeting a nephew who is young and has bad morals. He was misunderstood by treacherous ministers. Fortunately, I raised troops to fight against the thieves and saved the people from hanging upside down. Otherwise, the country would be ruined. It’s dangerous…”

This turned out to be an autographed letter from Zhu Di to Zhu Yunwen!

Moreover, the content of this letter was clearly Zhu Di’s proposal for a meeting between the two emperors to completely resolve the matter of Jingnan’s orphans!

Grandpa Huang, do you want to reconcile with Jingnan’s orphan?

So, the old man not only knew about the ‘collusion’ between the second uncle and the rebels, but it was also very likely that he arranged it?

So, what have you been doing these days?

Holding on to the King of Han Zhu Gaoxu, just when he was about to succeed, he jumped out and tied everyone up, ruining the old man’s plan?

Zhu Zhanji panicked, his face instantly turned pale, and he muttered, ‘Grandpa, I…’

Zhu Di looked at him coldly and roared with great anger, ‘I gave you the gold medal of king’s destiny and let you join the Jinyi Guards because I asked you to track down Jingnan’s orphan and search for the whereabouts of Jianwen!’

‘But you are so focused on finding out the evidence that the King of Han colluded with the rebels. Do you really want to bring down your second uncle?’

As soon as these words came out, Zhu Zhanji was so frightened that he fell to his knees on the ground, his body trembling uncontrollably.

He knew that the old man was most taboo about cannibalism. Not only did he ruin his plan this time, he also successfully violated his taboo!

‘Dad, the child is still young, please forgive me!’

The prince panicked and knelt down in front of Zhu Zhanji, wanting to take responsibility for his son.

Zhu Di became even more angry when he saw this, and scolded him angrily, ‘Those who fail to achieve anything but fail more often than not, come with your father to return the gold medal and be grounded for three months!’

‘Without my order, you are not allowed to step out of the East Palace!’