Chapter 32 Team! Zhou Chen and Qiu Guangde!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:33:16 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:7815

As soon as Zhu Gaoxu returned to his mansion, he learned that Huangfu Yunhe had invited people over and was waiting in his mansion.

When Concubine Wei learned that her son was injured, she kept crying and complaining, which gave Zhu Gaoxu a headache.

After comforting her with kind words for a long time, Zhu Gaoxu sent her away and strode to the reception hall.

I saw two people sitting in the lobby, one was a green-robed official in his thirties, and the other was a fat-bellied wealthy businessman in linen.

The green-robed official is none other than Wailang, a member of the Ministry of Justice, Zhou Chen and Zhou Xunru.

This famous minister and official in the early years of the Ming Dynasty, a rare financial and tax expert, is now just a minor official from the fifth rank. He does not even have the opportunity to go to court on weekdays. He can only do it during the monthly court meetings. Face.

Seeing Zhu Gaoxu walking in at this moment, Zhou Chen hurriedly stood up and saluted, feeling a little uneasy.

Compared to him, the wealthy businessman Qiu Guangde was even more unbearable. He shook his body fat and knelt down to salute the Han prince.

He was just a businessman with a small fortune. He was suddenly invited to a banquet by the Han Dynasty Palace. He was excited but also full of panic.

After all, this Prince of Han’s reputation is really not that good, and it is said that he has the intention to seize the throne!

Qiu Guangde didn’t understand why Han Wang Zhu Gaoxu knew about him and even entertained him.

However, he was the Prince of Ming Dynasty. Even though he was worried, Qiu Guangde could only accept the invitation honestly.

Seeing this, Zhu Gaoxu waved his hand, ‘No need to be polite, I have come to discuss important matters with you, so sit down.’

Sitting down on the main seat, Zhu Gaoxu looked at the two of them and smiled warmly.

Of these two people, one is a future financial and tax expert, and the other is a wealthy businessman with considerable business acumen.

Just looking at their identities, you know that the next thing will definitely be related to finance and taxation.

After the two sat down uneasily, Zhu Gaoxu didn’t waste any time. He took out two lists and asked Huangfu Yunhe to hand them over.

‘These are the overseas goods that Zheng He brought back from his voyage to the West. My father gave me an errand to cash in and sell these goods. I also left the school with a military order and sold at least half of them in three days. ‘

‘Both of you are experts in this field. I have obtained the consent of my father to recruit you two to take charge of this matter.’

As soon as these words came out, Zhou Chen was stunned and Qiu Guangde was dumbfounded.

The goods that Zheng He brought back from his voyages to the West?

Half sold in three days?

is it possible?

Zhou Chen immediately stood up and cupped his hands and said, ‘Your Majesty, I am an official from the Ministry of Punishment, not an official from the Ministry of Household Affairs!’

In his view, this was simply an unachievable task, so he thought of quitting.

Zhu Gaoxu just smiled faintly when he heard this, ‘Zhou Chen and Zhou Xunru were born in the second year of Yongle. He was born as a Jinshi. He was a candidate for a common scholar. He was awarded the Bachelor of Wenyuan Pavilion and was promoted to a member of the Ministry of Justice. He was in and out of government offices for nine years and was not promoted, right? ‘

After hearing this, Zhou Chen’s face changed slightly, and he became a little frustrated.

In the second year of Yongle’s imperial examination, Zeng Qi, the number one scholar, has now served as the vice president of the ‘Yongle Dadian’, serving the emperor as a lecturer.

And he, Zhou Chen, was also a Jinshi in the second year of Yongle, but now he is only a minor official of the fifth rank.

Comparing these two comparisons, Zhou Chen is far behind.

Zhu Gaoxu noticed his sad expression, and immediately smiled and said, ‘I was lucky enough to read your finance and taxation article that won the Jinshi exam, so I am deeply impressed by you.’

‘In my eyes, you have the talent to manage the world, and you are enough to serve as the governor of the six ministries. You are not half worse than Zeng Qi. It’s just that the opportunity has not come yet.’

Zhou Chen smiled coquettishly, his thoughts being seen through by the King of Han, which made him a little embarrassed.

Zhu Gaoxu continued, ‘At this moment, the imperial treasury is empty and urgently needs money to fill it. My father has placed all his hopes on this batch of goods.’

‘As long as we successfully monetize the goods, it will be a great achievement. By then, you, Zhou Chen, will also have the qualifications for promotion.’

After hearing this, Zhou Chen felt a little moved.

It is true that this is an excellent opportunity for him to make meritorious deeds.

It’s just that the quantity of this batch of goods is too much.

Qiu Guangde had been checking the list carefully, and then he said, ‘Your Majesty, in this batch of goods, spices, jewelry and other goods are in short supply in our country. If you resell them, you can make a profit of more than ten times.’

‘However, Western medicinal materials such as naoxiang sulfur are not popular. China has a vast land and abundant resources, and there is always no shortage of medicinal materials. I am afraid it will be difficult to sell them!’

After Zhou Chen thought deeply, he also frowned and said, ‘Moreover, there are too many goods in this batch, and the market will be saturated easily. Even for spices and jewelry and other hot goods, it is not easy to sell them in a short time.’ .”

Zhu Gaoxu was not angry but happy after hearing this, because the two men quickly got to the crux of the problem.

One is a professional technical talent, and the other is an experienced practical talent. With the help of the two of them, Zhu Gaoxu is even more confident in completing his three-day commitment.

‘I know what you are saying, so the normal sales method will definitely not work.’

‘I intend to hold the first tasting party in the Ming Dynasty. The location is tentatively determined to be near the dock.’

Tasting session?

What is this operation?

‘Zhou Chen, you take people to inspect the goods and select the top ones as samples. The Five Cities Soldiers and Horses Department will fully cooperate with you.’

‘Qiu Guangde, you have been doing business all year round and have your own network of contacts. It is your responsibility to invite wealthy businessmen in the Gyeonggi region to participate in the tasting party. The more people, the better.’

After hearing Zhu Gaoxu’s arrangement, the two of them were a little confused.

It seems that this King of Han is going to make big moves!

Qiu Guangde was a little hesitant, ‘My lord, is this too urgent? Even if those wealthy businessmen are in a hurry, they still need time!’

Zhu Gaoxu glared, smiled angrily and cursed, ‘What time do you need? Spread the word, these products will only be sold in batches at tastings. If you want to make money, hurry up, I don’t have time to wait for them!’

‘In addition, tell them that there will be more than one tasting. In the future, all goods from Zheng He’s voyages to the West will be sold in this way. Merchants who participate in the first tasting will get the right of first refusal. If there are those who do not participate, they will be sold in the future. Just wait and eat dirt.’

‘Although I am a broad-minded person, I always like to settle accounts with those who don’t obey orders!’

Two people ‘???’

Your mother!

What do you call ‘broad-minded’?

You are a naked threat!

Qiu Guangde smiled bitterly and shook his head. He knew that if these words were released, those wealthy businessmen would have no choice but to hold their noses and come to the meeting honestly.

Wealthy merchants like them cannot afford to settle accounts with King Zhu Gaoxu of Han Dynasty.

The Ming court originally suppressed merchants, scholars, peasants, and merchants. The status of merchants was low, even worse than that of farmers.

If the King of Han deliberately targeted a wealthy businessman, even if he killed his whole family directly, it would be hard for anyone to come out and accuse him.

This is the tragedy of merchants!

In the eyes of the world, businessmen and merchants are just a group of despicable profit-seekers.

Zhu Gaoxu made the arrangements and did not forget to draw a cake for the two of them.

‘If you do well in this first tasting meeting, I will definitely ask my father to recommend you two. There is no problem with Zhou Chen being promoted to an official. Lao Qiu, please feel aggrieved and get some rewards.’


Qiu Guangde became anxious and quickly waved his hands and said, ‘What did the prince say? I am not aggrieved at all!’

‘It is an honor for ordinary people to share the emperor’s worries and serve the prince!’

If this job is done well, I will have the King of Han as my backer, and I will be able to show my face in front of the emperor. This will be a great thing that will make my colleagues jealous!

After Zhu Gaoxu’s brainwashing, both of them mustered up their energy and made up their minds to successfully hold this tasting event.

Qiu Guangde, in particular, wrote a letter all night after returning home and had it delivered to the wealthy businessmen in the capital early the next morning.

‘Overseas product tasting event?’

‘Zhu Gaoxu, King of Han!’

A unique tasting event is about to kick off in Daming.