Chapter 89 New salt method! The touching Prince of Han!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 18:28:54 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6632

Jiming Temple.

Zhu Di looked at the report and seemed to have a headache.

When he originally asked his second son to supervise the country, it was just out of guilt and because he had made great contributions, so he was given some benefits.

But who would have thought that this second guy actually accomplished something.

On the first day of supervising the country, the major corruption case of Liu Guan and other censors was exposed, and the atmosphere of the court was corrected.

After that, he turned into an anti-corruption fighter and used the corruption case of the Arms Bureau to eliminate corrupt officials in six departments and hundreds of departments.

After finally resting for a few days, focusing on training the young army, now he wants to attack the salt method again.

That’s the salt method!

Moreover, it is the opening method approved by Emperor Taizu Gao!

Even Zhu Di was a little frightened when he thought about the possible serious consequences of changing the salt law.

Where does this second guy get such courage?

‘Ahem, second brother, do you mean to abolish the Kaizhong Law and fully implement your new Salt Law?’

Only Zhu Gaoxu and Zhu Gaochi were present at this moment, so he had no scruples about what he said.

‘Dad, with the data in front of us, the real profit from opening up the Chinese law is not our Ming Dynasty court, but those corrupt officials!’

‘The Ming Dynasty salt tax was only over 10 million taels a year, and more than 70 million taels of silver went into the pockets of those people…’

‘Wait a minute, how much do you want to say?’ Zhu Di was startled, and then said angrily, ‘How much are they greedy for?’

Zhu Gaoxu didn’t answer, just handed over the data.

When Big Fatty saw this, he opened his mouth to stop him, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

‘Dad, according to rough calculations, one hundred thousand jins of salt will be produced next year. According to the official price of one hundred taels, it can be sold for 80 million taels. This is just a conservative estimate…’

‘Asshole! These damn moths!’

Zhu Di was furious and slapped the paper on An Zhuo.

He never thought that these people would be so courageous!

The treasury was empty, and various projects were asking for money. He, Zhu Di, had to tighten his belt even during the Northern Expedition.

The result was good, all the money was lost to those bullies!

How dare they, how dare they?

Zhu Di’s face was livid. He glanced at the prince coldly, then looked at Zhu Gaoxu and said coldly, ‘Who is here?’

‘If you really count this, that’s a lot.’

Zhu Gaoxu had no scruples and chuckled, ‘The royal family, eunuchs, nobles, bureaucrats, etc., after all, as long as they find ways to get the salt, they can sell it to salt merchants to make huge profits. This is a business without capital…’

‘Okay, second brother, stop talking!’ The prince waved his hand to stop him from continuing.

Even he was furious after hearing these words, let alone His Majesty the Emperor who was in a rage.

As expected, Zhu Di’s face was ashen and frighteningly cold.

‘Prince, do you know?’

‘Hey… Your Majesty, I… I…’

Seeing his cowardly look, Zhu Di became even more furious.

‘What am I? Don’t you know how to speak? Look at what country you are imprisoned in?’

Big Fatty immediately stood up and knelt on the ground, feeling a little numb and confused.

He was really numb at the moment.

The second child is a cheater, and he keeps setting up troubles for him!

As long as there is a problem in the government, it will be his fault as the prince, and he will inevitably be scolded by the old man!

Zhu Gaoxu looked at this scene speechlessly, really not knowing what to say.

Poor fat guy, he was clearly being used as a punching bag by the traitor Zhu Di!

‘Okay dad, it’s almost done. This was not the boss’s fault in the first place. He is not the Ming Emperor.’

When Zhu Di heard this, his eyes suddenly widened.

‘You mean this is all my fault?’

‘It’s your fault in the first place. Who told you to ignore government affairs all day long?’

‘You rebellious son, do you still have any sense of superiority or inferiority?’

‘Old guy, I’ve long disliked you…’


Completely numb!

Zhu Gaochi looked at the second son with a horrified face and couldn’t help but cover his mouth.

‘Boy, you’re crazy, what nonsense are you talking about!’

You are really the best person in the world who dares to call Emperor Yongle an ‘old thing’ to his face!

Zhu Di looked at Zhu Gaoxu coldly, and was so angry that he kept chuckling while holding his waist.

Zhu Gaoxu didn’t tolerate him either. He pushed away the boss’s chubby hand and said, ‘You are enjoying the battle, but what about the boss? I wipe your butt every day, and I have to be scolded by you for nothing. How can I spoil you?’ Yes or no?’

‘You don’t have to use this new salt law. You won’t understand it anyway. In the end, the boss will clean up the mess. In the end, the people will suffer, and I won’t serve you anymore!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Gaoxu broke free from the prince’s chubby hand, turned around and left.

Zhu Di watched this scene with cold eyes, and kept chuckling while holding his waist.

His appearance frightened the prince and he hurriedly prepared to summon the imperial doctor, but Zhu Di waved his hand to stop him.

‘Dad, since my second son was injured last time, he has been prone to acting stupid from time to time. You must not be like him!’

Big Fatty fell to his knees on the ground, with cold sweat on his forehead, and tried his best to plead for the King of Han.

Listening to the eldest brother’s defense of the second child, the smile on Zhu Di’s face became even stronger.

‘Boss, who said dad is angry?’

Zhu Gaochi was stunned and looked up, only to see Zhu Di looking at him with a smile on his face.

This… what is going on?

‘Get up, the ground is cold.’

‘Hey, hey.’

Zhu Di sat on the soft couch, pulling his beard and thinking silently.

After a long time, he sighed, ‘Boss, I didn’t believe it until now that the second brother has really changed.’

Big Fatty was startled, then nodded with a wry smile.

If it were in the past, the second child might have been very happy seeing himself being scolded by his own father.

But today, he not only spoke out to defend himself, but also stood up to his own father for himself.

Thinking about it, the prince was also a little moved.

Zhu Di sighed and said with a smile, ‘This is so good, so good!’

‘Boss, when you become emperor in the future, you must not criticize the second brother harshly.’

‘He has sacrificed too much for you. Once this new salt law is implemented, it will be impossible for the second son to have any ambitions in this life.’

Zhu Gaochi looked solemn and reacted immediately.

How many people would reach into a huge sum of 70 million taels of silver?

Royal family, eunuchs, nobles, bureaucrats…

Implementing the new salt law and cutting off their way to make money would offend them all!

Destroying someone’s wealth is like killing one’s parents!

This hatred is really big.

In this case, the second child will probably become the target of public criticism, and he will never be able to seize the title of emperor in this life.

‘I asked him to supervise the country’s governance, but for you, he resolved all hidden dangers under pressure.’

‘You have to remember this love!’

Big Fatty sighed, and suddenly said, ‘Dad, if the new salt law is not implemented for the time being, wait until the second son’s supervision of the country is over…’

‘Nonsense! There are some things that the second child can do but you can’t do!’

Zhu Di scolded angrily, feeling irritable for no reason.

Zhu Gaochi’s face was very complicated, and he sighed quietly, ‘This is so unfair to the second child!’

Zhu Di waved his hand and did not answer.

‘Go and pass on the decree, let the cabinet draw up regulations and implement the new salt law.’

After hearing this, Big Fatty could only accept the order and left Jiming Temple silently.

Zhu Di felt a little lost, sitting alone on the soft couch in a daze.

He also felt uncomfortable in his heart.