Chapter 33 Tasting Party! I, Zhu Gaoxu, never act according to common sense!

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Taicang, Liujiagang.

This place was the anchorage of Zheng He’s seven voyages to the West, and it has therefore become a bustling trade market.

Liujiagang is an ancient port well-known overseas. It is called ‘the throat of the ocean and the gateway to rivers and lakes’. It has been known as the ‘Six Nations Wharf’ and ‘The First Wharf in the World’.

This rich land has convenient water and land transportation and rich natural resources. It is a typical land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River.

Along the southeast coast, there are many boat-driving migrant workers with rich sailing experience, as well as a large number of outstanding ‘ship bosses’ to choose from.

Merchants gather here, there are plenty of goods, and it is easy to replenish the fleet.

Taicang is the closest seaport to Jinling. It is close at hand, making it convenient for the court to contact the fleet.

In less than half an hour, Zhu Gaoxu arrived here. Looking at the densely packed Zheng He fleet, his scalp felt numb.

At this moment, Liujia Port was filled with various sea-going ships manufactured in Taicang, Nanjing and other places. More than two hundred ships were naturally arranged in a swallow shape. Zheng He’s shocking treasure ship was in the center, and more than a hundred ships were tightly surrounding it. .

On the dock, there are piles of various overseas goods, densely packed and piled up like mountains.

People walking on the pier, in addition to the officers and soldiers stationed here, soldiers transporting grain, and local residents, the most active ones are those who are full of dreams of gold mining – traders, merchants, and attachés of envoys who came to China with Zheng He.

Most of these people’s eyes are focused on spices, jewelry and other goods.

Especially the officers and soldiers responsible for guarding looked around nervously, fearing that greedy businessmen would suddenly riot and take the opportunity to rob these priceless treasures.

Zhu Gaoxu couldn’t help laughing when he saw this, and felt tremendous pressure.

Soon Zhou Chen and Qiu Guangde walked over with dark circles under their eyes, holding a thick stack of notes in their hands.

After the two of them were brainwashed by Zhu Gaoxu last night, they rushed over non-stop, fearing that anything would go wrong.

As soon as Qiu Guangde saw Zhu Gaoxu, he immediately reported excitedly, ‘Your Majesty, all the wealthy businessmen and businessmen who can come are here. Now, according to your instructions, I will stay in the Lou Jiangxi Pavilion temporarily, waiting for the opening of the tasting party.’

‘Even if some people really can’t make it in time, they still send capable assistants to come to the meeting, which is a great honor for you.’

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu nodded barbarically.

‘Well, I guess they know each other.’

Qiu Guangde was stunned when he heard this and could only smile helplessly.

Is this what they know?

If I offend you, Prince of Han, let alone continue to do business, I’m afraid it will lead to disaster immediately!

Zhou Chen smiled knowingly and handed over the results of a busy night.

‘Your Majesty, overseas envoys mostly bring treasures, spices, medicinal materials, rare animals, etc., in exchange for our Ming Dynasty folk porcelain, silk, tea, lacquerware and other items.’

‘This is the market price difference calculated by Xiaguan and Lao Qiu after asking overseas merchants. For example, a hundred pounds of pepper is only worth one tael of silver overseas, but it can be sold for 20 taels in our Daming market, and the profit is It’s amazing!”

Having said this, Zhou Chen’s eyes flashed with excitement.

‘And my Ming Dynasty porcelain is even more sought after by these overseas merchants, and the price difference is even tens or hundreds of times higher!’

‘This time, it’s a huge and frightening profit!’

Zhu Gaoxu just nodded expressionlessly after hearing this. The middlemen were meant to earn the price difference, not to mention the trade between the two countries, which was naturally full of huge profits.

‘You have worked hard, but it is not time to rest yet. It is almost time. Lao Qiu is going to hold a tasting party. You will be the host and preside over the bidding and auction.’

When Qiu Guangde heard this, he was so excited that the fat on his body shook a few times, and he didn’t look tired at all.

‘My lord, don’t worry, I understand.’

All preparations for the tasting meeting were completed, and Qiu Guangde also obtained the true biography of Zhu Gaoxu, so he felt confident.

Zhu Gaoxu looked at Zhou Chen again and said with a smile, ‘Just work hard and discuss the commission with those overseas envoys.’

‘In order to treat people with kindness and be friendly to our neighbors, my father allowed overseas envoys to bring private goods to our Ming Dynasty for trade. If we are not ready to collect commercial taxes, then we will find another way. Since the goods were sold for them, they deserve a commission. of.’

Zhou Chen nodded in agreement. He actually wanted to suggest that the emperor collect commercial taxes to replenish the national treasury, but he was so soft-spoken that he could only change it step by step.

‘Your Majesty, I just don’t know about this commission…’

‘Well, the commission is 10% and the storage fee is 5%.’

The two of them were dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

It’s just a commission, but you also charge a storage fee. This looks a bit ugly!

Zhu Gaoxu, however, did not take it seriously. He smiled and scolded angrily, ‘Look at these soldier brothers. They are guarding the goods for them in the sea breeze. What’s wrong with charging them some storage fees?’

‘They took advantage of Ming Dynasty’s fleet and came to Ming Dynasty to do business. Not only did they make money from Ming Dynasty, but they also had to send Ming Dynasty’s fleet to send them home. How could anything be so easy in this world?’

After hearing this, Zhou Chen and Qiu Guangde also understood a little bit.

It seems that those who go too far are really these overseas vassals!

In order to receive overseas guests, the imperial court opened the Lou Jiangxi Pavilion and Lou Jiangnan Pavilion in Taicang.

At this moment, these overseas envoys were eating, drinking and having fun in Jinling, while their entourages were responsible for buying and selling goods. Now they were all driven to the Lou Jiangnan Pavilion by Zhu Gaoxu.

Loujiangxi Pavilion is full of wealthy businessmen and wealthy businessmen.

The people present here are all wealthy businessmen from around the capital.

After they received Qiu Guangde’s secret letter, they immediately set off and rushed over, just because of the name of the King of Han.

No matter what the King of Han’s intentions were, he was still the Prince of the Ming Dynasty, and he was still the Prince of the Ming Dynasty with great power!

There were three princes in the dynasty, Prince Zhu Gaochi, King Zhu Gaoxu of Han, and King Zhu Gaosui of Zhao.

The prince is a kind and kind gentleman, and if he is offended, he will be offended. As long as he abides by the law, nothing will happen to him.

But Zhu Gaoxu, the king of Han, was a cruel and cunning wolf. If he offended him, he would die without knowing why!

As for Zhao Wang Zhu Gaosui, he is a poisonous snake. If he is provoked, the whole family will go to the imperial prison to drink tea!

So when they learned that this tasting was organized by the King of Han, they immediately rushed over.

Zhu Gaoxu was sitting in a private room on the second floor and did not appear in public.

After all, he is a dignified prince of the Ming Dynasty. If he mixes with these businessmen, I am afraid that the civil servants will clamor to impeach him again.

Qiu Guangde calmly walked up to everyone, and in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, he knocked with a wooden hammer.

‘Ahem, we are all acquaintances, so I won’t say any more polite words. This tasting will auction overseas goods in batches.’


This method is quite novel.

‘Lao Qiu, what’s the auction method?’

Among the crowd, a wealthy businessman asked.

Qiu Guangde was well prepared and replied loudly, ‘We have checked and counted all the goods brought back by Mr. Zheng He. There are pepper, agarwood, pearls, coral, gold foil, frankincense, ambergris and other overseas products, a total of 821 kinds, and 100 are shipped. Twenty-five boats.”

While he was talking, someone brought some treasures up, all of which were top-grade ones selected by Zhou Chen.

A group of wealthy businessmen were immediately moved when they saw it. They had been doing business all their lives and pursued profits, so they naturally knew the huge interests behind these goods.

‘Okay, Lao Qiu, let’s quickly tell you how to auction it!’

‘The method is very simple. These areas are marked with code names. Qiu will randomly select a code name and then start auctioning the goods in this area!’

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned.

Blind auction of an area?

This is outrageous!