Chapter 9 Kill him! You are the prince!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:28:39 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6786

Zhu Gaoxu was kicked to the ground and simply sat paralyzed on the ground.

Stop pretending!

I have a showdown!

Love as much as you like!

I just want to go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan!

Zhu Di looked at the bastard in front of him. For a moment, he really wanted to pick up his sword and chop him.

The two father and son, one was lying limply on the ground with his head lowered, the other was angrily thrusting his waist, his beard standing on end in anger, and they were facing each other strangely.

I don’t know how long it took, but Zhu Di suddenly laughed wildly, and his laughter was full of coldness.

‘You bastard, look up.’

Zhu Gaoxu suddenly raised his head after hearing this. When he saw clearly that Zhu Di was holding the Emperor’s Sword, he immediately screamed in fright.

‘No…Dad, how big of a deal is this? It really doesn’t mean…killing people…’

Seeing Zhu Di approaching step by step with the Emperor’s Sword, Zhu Gaoxu was so frightened that he screamed and backed away.

At this moment, Prince Zhu Gaochi rushed in, hugged Zhu Di’s legs tightly, and cried, ‘Dad, please calm down, daddy, please kneel down and admit your mistake!’

It turned out that Little Nose had a premonition of something bad and hurriedly ordered someone to go to the East Palace to inform the prince.

If the emperor did anything impulsive when he was furious, the Ming Dynasty would really be in chaos.

After Zhu Gaoxu heard what Big Fatty said, instead of kneeling down, he trotted aside and hid.

Kneel down?

You idiot is just kneeling down now!

He chopped me with a sword, where can I reason with him?

Zhu Gaoxu was hiding far away, not daring to get close at all.

Zhu Di was hugged tightly by the 300-pound fat man and could not move at all.

Seeing Zhu Gaoxu’s despicable look, Zhu Di immediately became extremely angry and laughed and said, ‘You beast, get out of here or I won’t kill you!’

The prince also helped by saying, ‘Second brother, why don’t you get over here!’

When Zhu Gaoxu saw this and knew that Big Fatty was present, Zhu Di would not be carried away by anger and chopped himself with a sword, so he immediately stepped forward and knelt on the ground.

Unexpectedly, the next second he was kicked to the ground again, and his face was already covered with shoe marks.

When the prince saw this, he couldn’t help but sob and said, ‘Dad…do you have to beat the second child to death to calm down?’

Zhu Di was startled when he heard this, and turned his head to look at Big Fatty, with a hint of relief on his angry face.

‘Spare him? Do you know what this bastard did? The assassination in the past few days was the work of this beast!’

‘Colluding with Jingnan’s orphan, assassinating the king and killing him, just to throw dirty water on you, the crown prince who oversees the country.’

‘He dared to do this this time. If there is a next time, your prince’s head will be hung on the city gate!’

Collusion with Jingnan’s orphan, assassinating the king and killing him?

The prince looked at Zhu Gaoxu in disbelief and asked anxiously, ‘Boy, did you really do this? You are confused!’

Zhu Gaoxu forced out an ugly smile. Facing this good brother who valued family ties, he really didn’t know how to explain it.

Zhu Gaochi valued brotherhood. Even though the two pythons repeatedly slandered and framed him, he came forward to defend him many times. This is a story that has been widely circulated in later generations.

So looking at the prince’s eyes, he lowered his head in shame.

Although, it seems that he, Zhu Gaoxu, did not do this.

Zhu Di threw the Emperor’s Sword directly in front of Zhu Gaoxu, and there was a ‘clang’ sound, which made Zhu Gaoxu tremble in shock.

‘Don’t you want to be the prince? Then pick up your sword and strike down the prince in front of you with one sword. I will make you the prince!’

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked.

Zhu Gaochi was so frightened that he knelt on the ground, with fear written all over the little fat face.

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned after hearing what he said, and then understood Zhu Di’s meaning.

He is testing!

Zhu Di’s biggest worry, besides Jianwen, is that his roommates are at war with each other.

If he dared to touch the Emperor’s Sword now, let alone swing the sword to kill the prince, Zhu Laosi was afraid that he would immediately order the Forbidden Army soldiers to chop him down.

Therefore, Zhu Gaoxu chose wisely and remained motionless.

Zhu Di was relieved when he saw this.

If this second-in-command had dared to reach out just now, Zhu Di would have killed him without hesitation.

He would never tolerate leaving a ruthless and ambitious son behind to bring trouble to the imperial court a hundred years later and destroy the prosperous Yongle era he had created with his own hands.

Fortunately, he made no move.

Zhu Gaochi secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this. After all, this second child still cared about family ties in his heart and was not a complete beast.

However, the next moment, Zhu Di turned to look at the prince and shouted expressionlessly, ‘Prince, pick up the sword.’

Big Fatty was so scared of his biological father that he subconsciously reached out and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

Unexpectedly, a loud shout came and Zhu Gaochi trembled in fright.


‘Cut him!’

Zhu Gaoxu was dumbfounded, and Zhu Gaochi was confused.


‘With one slash of the sword, the dick’s head will fall off and it will never be reattached.’

Zhu Di stared and said with a smile, ‘This way no one will argue with you, and I don’t have to listen to your noise every day.’

‘Cut it! Cut it!’

The prince was so frightened that he could hardly hold the Emperor Sword in his hand.

Zhu Di put his hands on his waist and laughed at himself and said with a wry smile, ‘Okay, okay! If you have a rebellious father, you will have a rebellious son. In the future, those historians will definitely write something special about me, Zhu Di…’

‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’

Three slashes in a row frightened the prince and threw the Emperor’s Sword directly, without daring to say a word.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Gaoxu sighed secretly in his heart, and then, under the shocked gazes of the two men, he slowly grasped the Emperor’s Sword. His rough palm was scratched in an instant, and blood stained his sleeves red along his arm.


Big Fatty screamed in surprise and hurriedly prepared to summon the imperial doctor.

Zhu Di looked at his son without changing his expression, without any reaction.

‘Dad, my son really realized his mistake.’

Zhu Di cursed angrily, ‘Where did you go wrong?’

Zhu Gaoxu gritted his teeth, endured the heart-wrenching pain, and said with a forced smile, ‘Sons should not covet high positions and establish direct descendants. This has been the case since ancient times. What’s more, the eldest brother has served the country well and should be like this.’

‘My son should not collude with the Jingnan orphans. These Jingnan orphans are like sharp swords. My son is stupid enough to try to control them. In the end, he can only harm others and himself.’

After hearing these words, Zhu Di’s eyes showed relief, but the anger on his face remained unchanged.

It’s really not easy for this stupid son to realize his good intentions!

However, just when he was feeling a little sentimental, he saw Zhu Gaoxu starting to behave like a monster again.

‘Father, my son feels that he has sinned deeply and is no longer worthy of serving the filial piety. Please allow me to allow my son to leave Beijing tomorrow and go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan.’

‘My eldest brother helps my father with government affairs, and my third brother protects me in battles. My son feels relieved. I hope my father will give me permission.’

Zhu Di was so angry that he was shaking all over and stared at Zhu Gaoxu.

Why is this bastard so obsessed with going to the feudal clan now?

Could it be said that he really repented?

Huh, how is that possible?

A bitter trick, right?

Retreat to advance, right?

I want to see what other methods you have!

‘Go to the palace gate and kneel down!’

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned, I was still bleeding!

Big Fatty couldn’t bear it when he saw this, so he bit the bullet and said, ‘Dad, my dick is still bleeding…’

‘Go and kneel too!’