Chapter 92 Gap! Folangji, a big Western country?

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Song Li was completely confused.

How could he have thought that the King of Han would do this?

Let officials like Zhao Yi go in to strike iron?

Wouldn’t it be laughed out of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce if it was spread?

How can you still hang out in the capital from now on?

Thinking about this, Song Li hurriedly stepped forward to persuade him, ‘Your Highness the King of Han, my Lord Han, you have a lot, don’t care about them…’

‘Okay, Old Song, they have to go in and work. No one can persuade them!’

‘Prince Han, this is against the system and the rules…’

‘I urge you to go in too!’


Song Li was honest and stood aside helplessly.

Nie Xing immediately came forward with his royal guards and said with a joking smile, ‘Everyone, please, what are you waiting for? Do you really want me to take action?’

Zhao Yi’s face changed wildly, this thief Zhu Gaoxu is serious!

He, a high-ranking court official, asked him to go into the workshop to blacksmith?

This is such a humiliation!

‘King of Han, you are so wanton and wanton, I will definitely impeach you to the emperor!’

Zhu Gaoxu just smiled faintly and shrugged indifferently.

‘Want to impeach the king? You can!’

‘But you have to go in first and finish today’s workload, otherwise you won’t be able to leave the Arms Bureau!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Gaoxu waved his hand impatiently, and Nie Xing immediately raised the long knife in his hand, which was full of threats.

Zhao Yi glared at Zhu Gaoxu hatefully without moving a single step.

When other officials from the Ministry of Industry saw this, they were also very confident.

They didn’t believe that the King of Han really dared to let Jin Yiwei kill him!

No matter how lawless he is, he would not dare to do such a thing that would outrage both humans and gods!

Zhu Gaoxu smiled when he saw this and walked slowly to Zhao Yi.

He knew that these officials from the Ministry of Industry were all looking at Zhao Yi’s attitude. If Zhao Yi didn’t go in, they wouldn’t either.

‘Xiao Zhao, I have a hundred ways to humiliate you, are you sure you don’t want to go in?’

Zhao Yi just stared at him fiercely, without answering or moving.

He is a favorite minister of the emperor, a high official in the court, and a well-known and knowledgeable person in the world!

Therefore, Zhao Yi had full confidence. No matter how arrogant and domineering the King of Han was, he would not dare to do anything to him!

Zhu Gaoxu took a look at his thin body, and immediately said with a bad smile, ‘Well… let’s do it like this, Nie Xing will strip him naked and hang him in Zuixian Tower, which has the best business in Qinhuai River.’

Zhao Yi’s face changed drastically, becoming as pale as paper without a trace of blood.

If he was really stripped naked and hung in Zuixian Tower, it would be more satisfying to kill him!

Literati just have a good reputation. For literati, this is simply a torture even more cruel than Ling Chi!

His reputation will be ruined in one moment, and he will even be recorded by historians, turning him into a wretch who will be ridiculed for eternity!

Therefore, Zhao Yi panicked.

Seeing a group of royal guards approaching with a ferocious smile, and reaching out to grab his own clothes, Zhao Yi hurriedly shouted in horror, ‘That’s enough, stop it! I’m just going in!’

I have no choice but to give in!

Who wouldn’t panic when faced with such a vicious idea?

Zhu Gaoxu chuckled upon seeing this and waved his hand impatiently.

Zhao Yi walked into the workshop angrily, bringing with him a large number of officials from the Ministry of Industry.

This scene made the craftsmen stunned and froze on the spot.

What’s going on?

Why is this high-ranking official going to blacksmith?

This…this isn’t quite…appropriate, is it?

Zhu Gaoxu turned to look at them, smiled angrily and cursed, ‘What are you doing standing around? Go in and work!’

‘Each person will lead an apprentice and teach them how to work with iron. They must complete the workload of two people, otherwise none of you will be able to come out today!’

The craftsmen were stunned. Although they didn’t quite understand what Prince Han meant, based on their blind trust in him, they walked into the workshop honestly.

For a while, the workshop was extremely lively, and all kinds of shouts and curses could be heard.

Outside the workshop, it was the world of officials. The fear engraved in their bones made the craftsmen lower their heads subconsciously.

But inside the workshop, it is the position of the craftsmen. The clumsy movements of officials like Zhao Yi are enough to make them regain their confidence!

That’s right, self-confidence and affirmation of one’s own skills!

Through long-term observation, Zhu Gaoxu found that these craftsmen generally lacked self-confidence.

Under the long-term exploitation and oppression, these craftsmen have lost their dignity. Everyone they see feels that they are inferior to them, and they live like the slaves of the landlord’s family.

This problem must be solved.

After all, Zhu Gaoxu is the King of Han. He still has a lot of things to do. He can’t always stay in the Ordnance Bureau and protect these poor craftsmen.

Therefore, the craftsmen must be allowed to regain their confidence, so that they dare to resist exploitation and oppression, and protect their rights and interests.

Zhu Gaoxu ordered someone to bring a grand master’s chair, and he sat there carefree in the courtyard.

Seeing this, Song Li smiled bitterly and shook his head. If he had known that he would have agreed to customize exclusive work clothes for the craftsmen, the following incidents would not have happened.

‘Old Song, your thinking needs to be improved!’

‘His Royal Highness the King of Han said that I was at fault.’

Looking at Song Li with a complicated expression, Zhu Gaoxu felt that it was necessary to have a good talk with him.

After all, he is the Minister of Industry and continues to be biased against craftsmen. How can this be done?

‘Do you know where you went wrong?’

‘I…don’t know.’

‘I wonder what you are nodding to?’


The two stared at each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Seeing this, Zhu Gaoxu sighed, thought about it for a moment, and then said, ‘Old Song, do you know that there is such a country called ‘Flangji’ in the far west?’


What is this place?

Song Li shook his head subconsciously. This was the first time he heard this term.

‘This Fo Langji’s territory is far less vast than our Ming Dynasty, and its population is far less than that of our Ming Dynasty. But once the Ming Dynasty and Fo Langji go to war, our Ming Dynasty will definitely lose!’

Song Li was shocked, what’s the point?

The territory is not as good as the Ming Dynasty!

The population is not as good as that of Ming Dynasty!

Then how could the Ming Dynasty still be defeated?

‘Your Highness, King of Han, how can our Ming Dynasty be defeated?’

‘It’s simple, because they have strong ships and cannons!’

Zhu Gaoxu let out a heavy breath and said in a deep voice, ‘The ship is made of plywood, ten feet long and three feet wide. There are more than forty oars on both sides, and more than thirty muskets are placed around it. The bottom of the ship is pointed and the face is flat, so it is not afraid of wind and waves. The place where people stand is protected with boards, not afraid of arrows and stones, and each boat is supported by 200 people. There are many oars and there are many people, so even if there is no wind, you can move quickly…’

‘The blunderbuss tubes are made of steel. The large ones are more than a thousand kilograms, the medium ones are more than 500 kilograms, and the small ones are 150 kilograms. Each blunderbuss has one tube and four blunderbuss are used. The large and small blunderbuss tubes are made of iron. The bullets are made of iron inside and lead outside, weighing up to eight kilograms each. The method of making gunpowder is different from that of the Ming Dynasty. The blunderbuss can travel more than a hundred feet when fired, breaking wood and stone into pieces…’

‘Their warships are far stronger and larger than our Ming Dynasty, and their firearms are far more lethal than my Ming Dynasty. Do you think that once the two countries go to war, who will win and who will lose?’

Song Li was stunned and froze on the spot.

How could there be such a sturdy warship and such a terrifying firearm?

Subconsciously, he thought the King of Han was lying.

But in his mouth, the appearance and characteristics of the warships and firearms were all stated, and they couldn’t be fake at all!

‘My Ming Dynasty wants to catch up with them. The only way is to treat the craftsmen of the world well and use profits to drive them to continue to innovate and improve the level of firearms!’

‘If you continue to criticize the craftsmen harshly, keep firearms at a standstill, and wait until Fo Langji comes to kill you, then you, Song Li, will be the sinner of the Ming Dynasty!’

Song Li ‘!!!’