Chapter 55 Huge greed! Liu Guan was shocked by the prince!

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Zhu Gaoxu supported Big Fatty and walked calmly towards Liu Guan’s mansion.

Behind them, Yang Shiqi, Xia Yuanji and other court giants followed.

Zhu Gaoxu knew in his heart that Yang Shiqi, Huang Huai and other important ministers were just waiting to see his joke.

After all, they are all die-hard princelings.

I have to admit that the big fat man next to me can be called a model of great wisdom and foolishness.

Despite his wide body and fat body, he always had a smile on his fat face. From time to time, he would be intimidated and frightened by Zhu Di’s thief, and he would be scolded and punished for nothing.

But looking at the entire Yongle Dynasty, the most powerful person in the Ming Dynasty was precisely this Tiehanhan.

From the time Zhu Laosi started the Jingnan campaign, the big fat Zhu Gaochi began to stick to Peiping. After the Jingnan campaign was successful, he began to supervise the country’s governance.

Above the court, most officials belong to the prince’s party, even court giants such as Yang Shiqi are no exception.

Moreover, at the local level, over the years he has been overseeing the country, most of the local officials in various provinces, prefectures, counties, etc. came from the Donggong sect.

From the court to the local government, the entire Ming Dynasty officialdom was owned by Crown Prince Zhu Gaochi, whose strength was terrifying to the extreme.

If it were another dynasty, the emperor would have been suspicious of the prince and would have directly deposed this son who was enough to threaten his throne.

But Lao Zhu’s family is an exception, or a weird one.

Zhu Yuanzhang gave Prince Zhu Biao unprecedented terrifying power, so that Zhu Biao became the most powerful prince in history.

And now the traitor Zhu Laosi is doing the same thing. He clearly knows that Prince Zhu Gaochi’s gang members are all over the government and the public. Instead of suppressing them, he is happy to do so.

One is a war maniac. He will conquer the Mongols in the Northern Expedition and leave the government affairs to Big Fatty.

One is the chief steward of logistics, named Prince, but he actually does the work of the emperor, and he handles almost all state affairs.

In this way, as long as those civil servants are not stupid, they will naturally firmly support the crown prince Zhu Gaochi.

As for Han Wang Zhu Gaoxu, this brave and foolhardy bastard, he was completely out of their sight.

Zhu Gaoxu sighed when he thought of this.

I originally set my heart towards the bright moon, but the bright moon shines on the ditch!

The group of people walked into Liu Guan’s mansion, and before they had time to collect themselves, they were stunned by the scene in front of them.

First, a large group of luxuriously dressed Yingying Yanyan were escorted out by Jin Yiwei. They were wearing expensive silk gauze and many kinds of expensive accessories such as jewelry rings.

Covered in gold and jade, with blooming flowers and branches, they are very gorgeous, without exception.

‘Your Majesty, these are Liu Guan’s wives and concubines. Some of them were honored by local officials, and some of them were taken by force by him.’

Seeing this situation, the expressions on the faces of Prince Zhu Gaochi, Yang Shiqi and others became very exciting, and they looked at the group of warblers and swallows in disbelief.

Without much thought, they instantly realized that they and others had been deceived by Liu Guan’s appearance of being a distinguished scholar!

Noble and elegant?

I bother!

Have you ever seen any noble and elegant man keeping so many beautiful concubines in his house?

However, Zhu Gaoxu stepped forward, and under the stunned gaze of everyone, he raised his hand and reached out to a stunningly beautiful woman.

Upon seeing this, Big Fatty hurriedly stopped him and shouted, ‘Boy, you’re crazy. How dare you show off your prostitution in broad daylight in front of everyone?’

Yang Shiqi and others also had livid faces, glaring at Zhu Gaoxu with a mixture of shock and anger.

Even if Liu Guan is guilty, no matter what, these are his wives and concubines. How can you allow you to molest others in broad daylight?

‘Boss, haven’t you noticed that they are all imported products from overseas?’

Overseas goods?

It seems to be all of these!

In an instant, the prince’s face darkened.

Although the imperial court rewarded ministers with some special goods according to their rank, jewelry was very rare and expensive after all.

However, there were more than twenty beautiful concubines in front of them, all of whom were wearing valuable jewelry. A rough calculation amounted to hundreds of thousands of taels of silver!

Liu Guan, the imperial censor of Zuodu, was known for his integrity and integrity, so where did he get all this money?

Yang Shiqi and others also thought of this, and after looking at each other, their faces suddenly turned red.

Half of them were offended by Liu Guan, and the other half were deceived and ashamed.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Everyone saw that Jin Yiwei kept bringing in boxes of gold and silver treasures, which were so dazzling that they could hardly open their eyes.

In addition to gold and silver treasures, there were also some antiques, calligraphy and paintings, gold, stone and jade articles, which quickly filled the entire courtyard. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a mountain of piles.

Suddenly Xia Yuanji’s expression changed, he walked up to a box of silver in a few steps, picked up a piece of silver, and handed it to the unaware prince.

‘Your Highness, Liu Guan deserves to die!’

‘This is the relief money allocated by the minister to Henan for disaster relief. There is a special mark on it. Your Highness, please take a look.’

Zhu Gaochi’s expression changed drastically. He followed his gaze and saw the word ‘disaster’ on the back of the silver ingot.

Xia Yuanji explained with a cold face, ‘The disaster in Henan is serious, so I first allocated 500,000 taels for disaster relief, and specifically ordered the Ministry of Industry to mark it with a special bank mark. Who would have expected that it would appear in Liu Guan’s mansion!’

After Yang Shiqi and others heard this, they were instantly attracted. After seeing the word ‘disaster’, their expressions suddenly changed.

The specially earmarked disaster relief money actually appeared in Liu Guan’s mansion!

what does that mean?

Liu Guan is the Zuodu Censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate and the top leader of the Metropolitan Procuratorate!

In order to punish corruption, Emperor Taizu Gao reorganized the Yushitai into the ‘Ducha Yuan’, greatly expanded the team of censors, and gave them the power to verify and impeach officials all over the world without being restricted by official rank.

Emperor Gao administratively divided the entire Ming Dynasty into thirteen tracts, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate set up about ten inspection censors in each tract. They checked the status of officials in their respective areas on a daily basis.

Now the disaster relief money earmarked for Henan Province has actually appeared in the Zuodu Yushi Mansion!

Officials are corrupt!

Collusion up and down!

Corruption is rampant!

Yang Shiqi and other giants reacted instantly, and cold sweat began to break out on their foreheads.

When the Metropolitan Procuratorate was established, it was Emperor Taizu Gao who cracked down on official corruption, and the censors of the Hongwu Dynasty also made great contributions to Taizu’s anti-corruption cause.

But now in the Yongle Dynasty, the censors have been dragged into the water by those corrupt officials. They no longer fulfill their duties but join in the corruption. Even the Zuodu censor of the Duchayuan has become a huge corrupt man. Then the entire Duchayuan and the Ming Dynasty all Censor, isn’t it all over?

Once the emperor finds out… it will break the news!

Jin Yiwei was still moving things out, while Prince Zhu Gaochi and others were already numb, and their expressions were extremely ugly.

Only when things developed to this point did they understand Zhu Gaoxu’s deep meaning.

Official corruption was indeed not a serious crime in the Yongle Dynasty!

But it turns out that this corrupt official is Liu Guan, the censor of Zuodu, and he is also a huge corruption!

The mountains of gold and silver in front of him were enough to make him die thousands of times!

Zhu Gaoxu looked at everyone expressionlessly, and said to Xia Yuanji somewhat boringly, ‘Old man Xia, Nuo, silver.’

Everyone ‘???’

Your mother!

You broke the news, just for money?