Chapter 83 Special training begins! Abnormal special training outline!

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After the formation of the young army, Zhu Gaoxu simply lived in Xishan.

Anyway, he doesn’t like to deal with the boring national affairs. Compared with that, he prefers to torment these dudes.

So Zhu Gaoxu left the state affairs to the cabinet and the six ministries, and devoted himself to tossing Zhu Zhan’s young army based on him.

Because the recruits are fifteen or sixteen years old and are still a little weak, they are not suitable for high-intensity intensive training.

But they can still perform the most basic physical training.

Thinking about it, Zhu Gaoxu and the instructors formulated a training outline based on actual conditions.

Most of the training content in the syllabus was written by Zhu Gaoxu.

Although Lei Xiong and other instructors were elite warriors in the Beijing camp, this special training outline was an eye-opener for them.

They have never heard of such things as standing in a military posture, practicing physical fitness, tactical training, obstacle training, etc.

Throughout the ages, there has never been an army that adopted such a unique training method.

This naturally led to Lei Xiong and other elites mistakenly thinking that His Highness the King of Han did this intentionally and was just playing house with these little guys.

After all, this is what the emperor meant. The purpose of forming the young army is not to cultivate a strong fighting force, but to familiarize His Highness with military affairs.

Therefore, the special training outline was passed smoothly, and no one from Lei Xiong or other instructors refuted it.

The next morning, it was still dark.

It was only a quarter of a second when a military drum suddenly sounded!

Guo Sheng, the son of Guo Liang, the Marquis of Cheng’an, was a lawless dandy. He lived a comfortable life with clothes on his hands and food on his hands, and he slept until he woke up naturally.

When he was woken up by a piercing drum sound, he suddenly got angry and shouted angrily, ‘It’s that bastard who disturbed your young master’s sleep…’

Before he finished speaking, a slap as big as a cattail leaf fan suddenly came over. Guo Sheng was stunned and froze in place.

‘Master? Whose master are you?’

Lei Xiong, wearing an instructor’s uniform, asked with a sneer.

Severe pain spread all over the left side of his face. Guo Sheng woke up and shouted angrily in disbelief, ‘You dare to hit me? You bitch, do you know who my father is…’

Before he could finish his words, he received another slap on the right side of his face, which hurt so much that tears fell from his eyes.

‘I don’t care who your father is?’

‘His Royal Highness the King of Han said that here in the Western Mountains, you are all useless trash, just eating rice worms waiting to die!’

‘You want to fight dad? You can! Let’s fight with His Highness the King of Han!’

‘In a quarter of an hour, the entire army will be lined up! If we were the Mongolian Tatars, you would have died just now! A bunch of trash!’

After hearing this, Guo Sheng turned pale with fright, and other people in the dormitory were trembling all over.

They finally realized that what the Han prince said yesterday was not just talk.

Zhu Gaoxu, it’s serious!

The same scene appeared in many dormitories, but the results were surprisingly consistent.

These dudes are just dudes, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid.

Looking for the King of Han to fight for his father?

His father is today’s emperor!

Even His Highness Taisun can’t fight!

Moreover, many people were deeply impressed by Prince Han’s threat yesterday. Coupled with the tough physiques of the instructors, they did not fail to do anything wrong and obediently put on their recruit uniforms and rushed to the school grounds.

On the school grounds, the lights are brightly lit.

Zhu Gaoxu sat on the high platform with a cold face, looking at the panicked recruits below, his face was frighteningly cold.

Lei Xiong strode over and said in a deep voice, ‘Your Majesty, we are all here.’

‘Where’s Zhu Zhanji?’

‘He was very smart. He stayed up all night and was the first to arrive at the school grounds after the drum beat for a moment.’

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu was a little surprised.

He is worthy of being a descendant of Lao Zhu’s family!

At this moment, Zhu Zhanji was standing in the queue with panda eyes, his face filled with despair.

Dog thief Zhu Gaoxu, you really are not a human being!

Zhu Zhanji was also uncertain about his second uncle’s temperament.

After all, after this dog thief was injured once, his whole person seemed to have changed, which was difficult to understand with common sense.

But Zhu Zhanji guessed that this thief was definitely not just for fun in forming a young army with such great fanfare, so he wisely stayed up all night, waiting to see what his second uncle would do.

As expected, this thief had no good intentions.

Zhu Gaoxu stood up slowly and shouted in a cold voice, ‘Military regulations of the Ming Dynasty. If the drum sounds three times, anyone who has not arrived will be killed!’

The sound rang in their ears, and everyone’s expressions changed.

Among this batch of new soldiers, a very small number arrived after the first drum beat, and most arrived after the second drum beat.

But there are also playboys like Guo Sheng who have not yet adapted to the environment and only arrive at the school after the drums have sounded three times.

Could it be that this lunatic wanted to kill them according to the Ming Dynasty’s military laws?

Everyone panicked when they thought of this.

Zhu Gaoxu looked at this scene with cold eyes and said in a deep voice, ‘From the moment you entered Xishan, you are soldiers who belong to the vanguard of the government army, not someone’s son or someone’s baby!’

‘But your performance is extremely disappointing!’

‘If on the battlefield, the Meng Yuan cavalry launched a surprise attack on my camp, you would have died under the iron hoof scimitars of the Tatars just now!’

Many people touched their necks subconsciously, with fear and fear on their faces.

Indeed, if they were really on the battlefield, their lives would have been lost just now, and they would have died very ugly.

The Tatars don’t care whether you are sleeping or not. They will chop you off with a knife and trample you with iron hooves, leaving flesh and blood everywhere!

‘This is the first and last time. Next time, if there are still those who fail to ring three times, they will be beheaded according to the law as a warning to others!’

The recruit Danzi secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the first half of the sentence, but when he heard the second half of the sentence, his heart suddenly rose to his throat.

Behead according to law!

How dare he kill someone!

This Han King Zhu Gaoxu is a madman!

Zhu Zhanji’s expression also changed. He knew very well that this thief would not be spared just because of his identity!

‘Now, the special training outline is announced, and manuals will be distributed to each dormitory later. I hope you will listen carefully and keep it in mind. Once violated, there will be no mercy!’

Lei Xiong opened the manual at the right time and read it loudly.

‘The special training manual for the young army was formulated by the King of Han and the instructors. The content is as follows!’

‘At a quarter past two o’clock, get up, put on your armor, and assemble the entire team!’

‘At three o’clock, ten kilometers of cross-country running!’

‘It’s time to have breakfast!’

‘At two o’clock in the morning, stand in military posture!’

‘This is the moment, physical training!’

The training items fell into their ears one after another, and all the recruits were curious.

They had never heard of these training methods.

Even Zhu Zhanji was curious and couldn’t wait to try that physical training.

Young people are passionate, frivolous and always full of curiosity about the unknown.

As the saying goes, ‘Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.’ They still don’t know what a miserable life awaits them.

The special training outline was announced, and Lei Xiong and other instructors entered the queue.

Zhu Gaoxu shouted loudly, ‘The young army is ten kilometers away. We have set rules and arranged them as basic units. The first place will have meat for every meal that day, and the last place will clean the toilets of the entire army that day!’

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s expressions became extremely exciting.

It doesn’t matter whether you eat meat or not, but cleaning toilets for the entire army would be a lifelong shame!

Zhu Zhanji glanced at his platoon and his expression suddenly changed.

Why are they all these fucking fat pigs?

It’s over!

God wants to kill me!

Everyone who enters the Young Army is treated equally without any privileges, even his grandson is no exception.

It’s just that Zhu Zhanji never expected that his tone would be so bad when meeting these pig teammates!

‘The whole army listens to the order, let’s start the ten-kilometer cross-country run!’