Chapter 50 The King of Han supervises the country! Zhu Zhanji was anxious!

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After leaving the Fengtian Palace, Anyuan Hou Liu Sheng, Wu An Hou Zheng Hengcheng, An Hou Guo Liang and other Jingnan generals came forward to congratulate each other. They surrounded the confused Zhu Gaoxu, which seemed to be celebrating.

In their opinion, this is the greatest victory the Han Party has achieved so far since Qiu Fu’s defeat!

Even these warriors Qiu Ba knew in their hearts that supervising the country was the prerogative of the prince!

Now the emperor has taken away the prince’s privilege of supervising the country and has turned to Prince Han to supervise the country. Isn’t this a clear signal?

The emperor is dissatisfied with the prince and intends to change the prince!

If the King of Han really comes to power, will these old brothers have less glory and wealth in the future?

Originally, they didn’t have much hope. After all, the Prince of Han had such a rough mind sometimes, and his reputation among the government and the public was too bad, so there was no possibility of him rising to the top.

However, today the King of Han, Zhu Gaoxu, refuted Yang Shiqi in court and set a trap to silence the princeling civil servants, successfully seizing the power to supervise the country.

This sudden change gave the generals a glimmer of hope again!

Lord Han, your methods are really clever!

As the saying goes, don’t hit the smiling person. Even though Zhu Gaoxu was filled with anger at the moment, he still responded politely one by one.

Although, he really couldn’t figure out how ‘smart’ he was.

At this moment, Zhu Zhanji came over at some point.

The generals retreated knowingly, not daring to interfere in the conversation between their brothers.

‘Second uncle, you are very good at digging holes for others, and you have tricked them without even realizing it.’

Zhu Gaojiu heard this strange ridicule and was about to explain, but Tie Hanhan came over.

‘Why are you kid talking? What your second uncle said is true. People in the disaster area are living a miserable life… If you want to blame me, I can only blame the prince for being useless…’

‘Second brother, since the emperor asked you to supervise the country, you must take disaster relief seriously…’

After hearing these instructions from the prince, Zhu Gaoxu only felt a headache.

After wandering around for a long time, not only could I not go to Yunnan, but I actually took over this mess!

‘Boss, I can’t do this job, so you should do it!’

He said this sincerely, but when it fell to other people’s ears, it sounded full of showoff.

‘Oh, my dad has been grounded. Second uncle, please don’t make any jokes.’ Zhu Zhanji mocked again.

Big Fatty’s face suddenly turned cold, but before he could speak, Zhu Zhanji cupped his hands and left.

‘Hey, look at this kid, he is getting more and more outrageous!’

Zhu Gaochi opened his mouth, and then followed with three hundred kilograms of fat.

After walking a few steps, he suddenly turned around and said uneasily, ‘Second brother, when you supervise the country, you must put the people of the world first!’

After saying this, the prince swayed away with his hands behind his back.

After they walked away, Zhao Wang Zhu Gaosui whispered, ‘Second brother, does the boss really think of himself as a saint?’

Zhu Gaoxu glanced at him coldly, not knowing what to say.

Historically, the king of Han, Zhu Gaoxu, and the king of Zhao, Zhu Gaosui, were both clever and naive, and they worked together to conspire to seize the heir. They often made small moves to slander and frame the prince Zhu Gaochi.

Later, Zhu Di learned about Zhu Gaosui’s activities and was furious. He immediately killed his chief minister, Gu Sheng, and at the same time deprived Zhu Gaosui of his crown and uniform. He was only spared by the intercession of the prince Zhu Gaochi.

In the end, this guy took advantage of Zhu Di’s serious illness and ordered the guard commander Meng Xian and others to collude with the imperial eunuch Wang Shecheng and the adopted son of the eunuch Yang Qing to forge a posthumous edict, intending to poison his father Zhu Di, depose the crown prince Zhu Gaochi, and proclaim himself emperor. .

Of course, when the conspiracy was exposed, the prince tried his best to defend him and saved his life.

Compared with the arrogant Zhu Gaojiu, Zhu Gaosui is even more vicious-hearted. He is like a poisonous snake, dormant in the dark, waiting for the opportunity to give you a fatal bite.

Zhu Gaoxu suddenly smiled strangely, patted Lao San on the shoulder and said, ‘Lao San, I heard that Qiongzhou is a good place. Do you want to go and see it?’

Zhu Gaosui was startled, and his face instantly stiffened.


Yes, your grandma’s is good!

That damn place has been a place of exile since ancient times!

Zhu Gaoxu, however, murmured to himself, ‘If you go to Qiongzhou, stay away from the turmoil of the court, and become a happy and happy prince, and you can still write books if you have nothing to do, wouldn’t this be a bad life?’

After hearing this, Prince Zhao expressed that he felt a little panicked.

‘When the time comes, I will be like those literati and give me a pen name, let’s call him ‘Third Uncle from the Southern School’.’

Zhu Gaosui ‘???’


Definitely sick!

There’s definitely something wrong with the old man’s brain!

Zhu Gaosui no longer dared to chat with him and ran away in despair.

When Zhu Gaoxu saw this, he snorted coldly and went straight to Qianqing Palace.

He can never take over this mess of overseeing the country.

What is a prince?

The prince is the crown prince and the future emperor of tomorrow!

Supervising the country is the privilege of the prince, and only the prince has this privilege!

But now, you want me, Zhu Gaoxu, to be the king of Han to oversee the country?

I’m a brave and unintelligent piece of shit, and I’m supervising a country with hammers!

However, when he arrived at Qianqing Palace, he was immediately dumbfounded.

Because Zhu Di was not in the palace, but went to Jiming Temple.

Jiming Temple?

Prime Minister Yao Guangxiao in black!

Whenever Zhu Di was indecisive, he would go to Jiming Temple to stay and listen to Yao Guangxiao’s opinions and suggestions.

Yao Guangxiao!

When Zhu Gaoxu thought of this person, he felt a little frightened.

The planner of the Jingnan Campaign, the prime minister in black, and the demon monk in troubled times, he was not only familiar with the art of war and used weapons like a god, but he was also proficient in Feng Shui and Kan Yu. He could be said to be Zhu Di’s absolutely trusted confidant.

Zhu Di went to Jiming Temple now. Why?

The Prince’s Mansion in the East Palace.

As soon as the grandson returned to the palace, he angrily scolded several palace officials.

Zhu Gaochi sighed when he saw this, and called him to the back room to sit down.

As soon as Zhu Zhanji entered the room, he said anxiously, ‘Dad, it’s already this time, how can you still sit still!’

‘The king of Han oversees the country, and a prince oversees the country. Those courtiers are not fools. How can they not figure out the holy will…’

Instead of supervising the country, the prince became the king of Han supervising the country!

What kind of country would he be imprisoning for a foolhardy man?

Tiehanhan never said a word, but stretched out his chubby hand to caress the bachelor of Baimao Pavilion in his arms.

Waiting until Zhu Zhanji lost his voice, he asked with a smile, ‘Are you done complaining? When will you change your temper?’

‘Dad has taught you so many times before Don’t be alarmed when things get tough, and don’t change your attitude even if Mount Tai collapses in front of you. You even heard it and went to the dog’s belly?’

The bachelor of Baimao Pavilion seemed very dissatisfied and barked a few words.

Big Fatty immediately hugged and coaxed, ‘Good son, daddy didn’t mean you, be good.’

Faced with the prince’s rebuke, Zhu Zhanji did not say a word.

After a pause, the prince petted the dog and said quietly, ‘Do you really think it’s a good thing for the old man to let the second son now supervise the country?’

‘Isn’t it?’ Zhu Zhanji asked rhetorically. He wanted to say something more, but was directly interrupted by the prince.

Big Fatty sighed, ‘You don’t know how expensive firewood and rice are when you’re not a householder. Now the Ministry of Household Finance has reached its limit. With your second uncle’s ruthless temper, he will definitely cause a lot of trouble after imprisoning the country. What will happen then?’ as a result of?’

From the time he stayed in Peiping, to now, he, the crown prince, has to supervise the country’s governance almost every now and then.

However, the annual tax revenue is only a small amount, and the old man is a spendthrift. The sadness and pain involved in this cannot be explained to outsiders.

The king of Han oversaw the affairs of the country and seemed to have achieved great success.

However, the test the old man set for him has just begun!

Zhu Gaochi knew this very well.

Zhu Zhanji’s eyes lit up and he was about to speak when he saw the Crown Princess slowly walking in.

‘Your Highness, you haven’t done any aerobics today, have you?’

After hearing this, Tie Hanhan suddenly became bitter.

‘My beloved concubine…I just came back from the next morning…’

‘Then don’t eat your lunch.’

‘Just torture me to death… Wuwu… Is it easy for me? I…’

Looking at this scene, Zhu Zhanji felt his brain hurt.