Chapter 15 Pardon the traitor? Do you want to take advantage of this opportunity for your own use?

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:29:51 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:7398

The Prince’s Mansion in the East Palace.

With a little anger in his heart, Zhu Zhanji dug up several hidden plots against the rebels in the past few days, and threw them all into prison, where he would personally interrogate them.

After working hard for a few days, I finally got some results.

Because, he discovered a few fishy things. It seemed that these Jingnan orphans were related to Han Wang Zhu Gaoxu!

The imperial prison was tightly closed, water and fire were inaccessible, and the atmosphere of epidemic disease filled the prison.

Secondly, Jin Yiwei’s group of executioners created a complete range of torture methods with many names, which makes people’s emotions change.

For example, holding a stick on the finger, peeling off the skin, breaking the tongue, breaking the spine, falling into the finger, pricking the heart, playing a pipa, etc. are eighteen kinds.

The most important thing is that Jinyiwei is constantly developing and updating torture instruments and criminal laws, such as playing the pipa, pulling out the intestines and grooming, and other torture methods.

Among those rebels, there were many people of integrity who were loyal to Jianwen, but there were also despicable villains who were greedy for life and afraid of death.

Zhu Zhanji had already learned from them that the person in charge of handling them in the capital was the mysterious ‘Emperor’!

Oh, Your Majesty?

Born in the Zhu Ming royal family and colluding with the rebels, who else besides the second uncle would be so bold and crazy?

As long as we recall the details of the assassination case, Zhu Gaoxu must be the mysterious emperor.

Otherwise, how could he have known in advance that someone was assassinating the king and laid a trap?

This is a vicious plan that kills two birds with one stone!

Not only did he throw dirty water on the Crown Prince, but he also made great achievements in front of the Imperial Grandfather!

Zhu Gaoxu, Zhu Gaoxu, you are so evil!

Zhu Zhanji sneered. He believed that as long as he dug deeper, he would be able to find evidence that the King of Han colluded with the rebels.

When the time comes, as long as the evidence is presented to the emperor to prove that the King of Han has the intention to rebel and seize his heir, even if the emperor prefers his second uncle, he will definitely make up his mind and drive him away to join the vassal.

With this in mind, Zhu Zhanji quickly walked into the Prince’s Mansion, only to see his own father, who weighed 300 pounds, was doing the Genghong Gymnastics with all his strength.

‘Son, are you finally willing to come back? Come and see if your father and I have lost weight?’

Zhu Zhanji interrogated the rebels for several days and was already exhausted.

Hearing this, he immediately sneered and said casually, ‘Yes, yes, I’ve lost weight!’

When the prince saw his appearance, he immediately stopped and took the brocade handkerchief from the palace servant’s hand. While wiping the sweat, he said meaningfully, ‘I see that you have been a little wandering recently. If you don’t make it, something will happen!’

Zhu Zhanji paused when he heard this, then turned to look at his own father. After hesitating for a moment, he still did not tell him the truth.

‘Forget it, I can’t go into details about this with you. I’m tired and I’m going back to the house to rest.’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Zhanji turned around and left, leaving the prince looking at his back worriedly.

Qianqing Palace.

Zhu Di leaned lazily on the soft couch, reading the memorial in his hand.

Beside him, Zhao Wang Zhu Gaosui stood sternly, waiting for the old man to ask questions.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhu Di put down the memorial and suddenly said, ‘Lao San, you just said that Zhan He also went to Jinyiwei, and you also gave him an errand as a guard and governor?’

Zhu Gaosui was shocked and honestly reported ‘Zhan He is different from Zhan Ji. Zhan Ji will be the emperor in the future, but Zhan He can’t just let this child idle, otherwise he will become uneducated and incompetent.’ Rich playboy.’

After hearing this, Zhu Di was noncommittal.

He still has some impressions of Zhu Zhanhe, his grandson. Not long ago, he accompanied the army on the Northern Expedition. He also fought with quite a brave general’s demeanor, just like his second son.

It’s just that this child is honest and honest, so Zhu Di doesn’t pay much attention to him.

‘When Zhan He was young and strong, his ministers thought about training him, so they gave him the position of guard and governor. The boy did a good job. He dug out Jing Qing’s daughter as soon as he took action…’

Zhu Di stood up suddenly and glared, ‘Who are you talking about? Jing Qing’s daughter?’

Zhu Di not only remembered Jingqing, an old minister of Jianwen, but was also deeply impressed by him.

Back then, when he succeeded in defeating Jing Nan and ascended to the throne of emperor, the traitor Jing Qing pretended to surrender, but hid a murder weapon and entered the court, intending to assassinate himself and avenge Ming Hui Emperor Zhu Yunwen, but the matter was eventually exposed.

Zhu Di was furious and ordered Jing Qingzhen to be killed and implicated his entire family. Later, he still refused to forgive his hatred and executed all the villagers and neighbors related to him. As a result, the entire village was reduced to ruins, adding another blood debt to him.

Zhu Gaosui nodded. He originally supported Zhu Zhanhe, so he was doing his part by helping the child speak.

‘After we invaded Yingtian back then, Jing Qing had long wanted to die, so he entrusted his daughter to his old friend Sun Yu!’

Zhu Di was angry again, because this Sun Yu was his old subordinate!

‘Okay, it’s really good. I was also wondering that Sun Yu disappeared after we invaded Yingtian. It turns out that he gave up his glory and wealth and was willing to be the rebel!’

Emperor Yongle looked gloomy and paced back and forth in the hall angrily.

Just at this moment, Zhu Gaoxu walked in with a shy face, but unexpectedly he bumped into the muzzle of the gun.

‘Beast, kneel down for me!’

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned, and when he saw Emperor Yongle getting angry, he knelt down honestly.

‘I ask you, do you know about Sun Yu?’

‘No! You, Prince Han, must know about it! You are the Prince of Han, the emperor in the mouth of the rebels!’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘???’

Your mother!

Didn’t you read the almanac when you went out today?

Or did you take the wrong step when you entered the door just now?

Facing Zhu Di’s stern question, Zhu Gaoxu nodded after hesitating for a moment.

‘Dad, Sun Yu is not a rebel. He was just entrusted by others. He originally wanted to take Jing Qing’s daughter around the world, but that little girl was ignorant and insisted on seeking revenge from you, so he was forced to join the rebels.’

Zhu Di’s face was gloomy, he grabbed the memorial and threw it hard on Zhu Gaoxu.

‘You mean, I killed so many people, so I should commit suicide to apologize, right?’

As soon as these words came out, everyone was so frightened that they all fell to their knees.

Zhu Gaosui winked at Zhu Gaoxu angrily and begged him to shut his mouth.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Gaoxu got angry and stood up.

‘Our family is rebelling. Even if you kill them all, those historians will not write that you are the successor!’

‘Instead of this, why can’t you put aside your hatred, reconcile with Jingnan’s orphan, and completely solve this hidden danger?’

Zhu Gaosui looked at him in disbelief, then immediately touched his head to the ground, not even daring to breathe out.


The second child is absolutely crazy!

Zhu Di was so angry that he was shaking all over. He slapped the table and shouted, ‘Reconciliation? Why should I reconcile with a group of rebels?’

Even if he is not in the right position, so what?

Now that he is the emperor, a group of rebels who want to assassinate the king should all be killed!

Seeing that he was extremely angry, Zhu Gaoxu should not continue to be tough, so he used a euphemistic way of saying it.

‘Dad, you almost killed all the old ministers of the former dynasty, and now these are their orphans!’

‘Jianwen’s old ministers are really hateful, but Jingnan’s orphans are the next generation, so why are they guilty?’

‘Those people are also your people. As long as you pardon them and allow them to return to their hometown, these rebels will be defeated!’

‘And my son promises you that you can use this opportunity to find Jianwen’s whereabouts!’

Zhu Di was startled, but his anger did not diminish.

‘I understand. You are begging for mercy on their behalf now because you want me to forgive them, and then you can take advantage of it for your own use, right?’

Zhu Gaoxu was dumbfounded. Does this traitor have delusions of being persecuted?

‘Whether you want to kill or not, I won’t serve you anymore, what kind of virtue is that!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Gaoxu turned around and walked away, leaving Zhu Di stunned and furious.