Chapter 78 Cut with a knife! It’s brother, come and chop me!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 18:26:32 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6625

While Qiu Guangde was greeting business, he did not forget to promote ‘Dear fellow villagers, today is the opening of our store, so we are launching an event. Anyone who purchases a coal stove will receive five briquettes for free, which is enough for you to use for several days! ‘

Will you get free briquettes when you buy a coal stove?

Five briquettes is ten cents!

I have to admit that Qiu Guangde is a veteran in business for many years and can easily capture the consumer psychology of the people.

The people are simple and frugal, so they like to take advantage of small things. One penny can’t wait to be broken into two penny and used.

After learning this good news, many people were very excited and took the initiative to ask about the price of coal stoves.

However, when they learned that the coal stove actually cost one penny, their enthusiasm was greatly reduced.

A single-core coal stove costs one denarius, and a three-core coal stove costs two denarii. This is a huge expense for the people who are always frugal.

“Fellows and elders, although you spent a lot of money to buy a coal stove for the first time, you will only have to buy briquettes in the future!”

‘And everyone, look at this single-core coal stove. It’s compact and easy to carry. It’s a must-have when going out!’

‘Everyone will take a look at this three-core coal stove. It can hold three stacks of briquettes at a time. It has full firepower and can be used to boil water for cooking. You no longer have to worry about running out of firewood at home…’

Under the stimulation of Qiu Guangde’s words, many people picked up the coal stove and looked at it carefully, looking quite moved.

‘Seller, is your coal stove durable?’

‘Why isn’t it durable? This is an iron coal stove. You can keep it for ten or eight years without any problem. The materials used are absolutely incredible.’

Qiu Guangde was angry and shouted at the man, ‘His Royal Highness, the King of Han, is not seeking profit, otherwise he would not have set the ultra-low price of two cents. If it were not for the high cost of the coal stove, it would not be so expensive. After all, it is only one cent.’ You get what you pay for!”

The man smiled coquettishly and apologized for his recklessness.

Indeed, salt and iron are a government specialty, and the price is never cheap.

These coal stoves are made of iron, and the quality is not much different if you think about it.

One penny of silver is currently worth one hundred and twenty cents, which is much cheaper than six hundred cents per load of charcoal.

And that charcoal can only be used for heating, and it can’t be burned for a few days. Compared with this briquette, it’s really like the heavens and the earth!

After the waiter in the store demonstrated how to use the coal stove, people around him learned it immediately. It was very simple and not difficult at all, so they started to buy it one after another.

Spending money once and spending money again and again is not a simple account, and people can still calculate it clearly.

But there are still many honest and simple people standing there, wanting to buy but not coming forward, wanting to leave but reluctant to leave.

This briquette is a good thing for heating. For just over ten cents, your family can have a warm winter.

But the price of this coal stove is indeed too expensive for them.

One hundred and twenty coins, this is really a huge expense for the people at the bottom.

When Qiu Guangde saw this, his heart moved, and he once again dropped a piece of bombshell news.

“Fellow folks, if you don’t have enough money left, you can invite your relatives and friends to help you bargain!”


What does it mean?

‘To benefit the people, our store has specially launched the ‘cut off’ activity. If you invite a relative or friend to our store to buy briquettes, you can get 1% off the price of the coal stove.’

‘In other words, for a single-core coal stove that costs one hundred cents, you only have to pay ninety-nine cents. As long as you invite enough relatives and friends, you can even receive a coal stove for free!’

The rules of this ‘cutting a knife’ activity are very simple and crude, and the people watching immediately understood it.

All they know is that if they invite a hundred people, they can take away a coal stove for free!

Therefore, the common people were furious, turned around and ran towards their own villages.

There is no village without hundreds of people. If they all call, it will be for nothing!

In the crowd, Xia Yuanji couldn’t help but look happy when he saw this scene.

‘Your Highness, King of Han, is this ‘cutting a knife’ activity your own initiative?’

The corners of Zhu Gaoxu’s mouth twitched and he nodded silently.

‘His Royal Highness the King of Han is really clever. These common people seem to have taken advantage, but in fact they helped us promote briquettes, which brought immeasurable benefits.’

After all, Xia Yuanji was the Minister of the Ministry of Household Affairs. Although he was not engaged in business, he had been dealing with money and grain all year round, and he could see the profound meaning of this activity at a glance.

Briquettes have just come out, and it’s time to make a name for themselves.

Hanwang launched this ‘cut off a knife’ campaign, taking advantage of people’s love for petty gains, and successfully turned customers into promoters, allowing them to help them promote briquettes for free.

Such business methods are nothing short of genius!

Huang Huai Jianyi and other giants reacted after hearing Xia Yuanji’s explanation, and looked at Prince Han in disbelief.

Zhu Gaoxu’s face was expressionless, and the corners of his mouth kept twitching.

The inspiration for this ‘Have a Knife’ activity comes from Pin Xixi of later generations, who was famous for his ruthless chops.

Huang Huai suddenly frowned and wondered, ‘Your Highness, King of Han, why did you choose the name ‘Hai Yi Dao’? This name is too vulgar and inelegant…’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘???’


I am gentle and you are great!

Reading will make you stupid!

Zhu Gaoxu turned to look at the big boss and said solemnly, ‘He’s a brother, come and chop me down!’

Everyone ‘???’

Your mother!

Are you mentally ill?

Opposite the coal store, private room on the second floor.

Zhu Di smiled and took a sip of tea, and Yao Guangxiao sat opposite him.

There was also a pot-bellied official at the same table, with a rich face and a warm smile.

‘Monk, Gongda, isn’t this trick of yours a wonderful one?’

Yao Guangxiao nodded with a smile but did not answer.

The official named Gongda said, ‘Your Majesty, His Highness the King of Han is indeed a man of great talent, and it is rare that he has a heart to benefit the people.’

‘But in this way, the people only know that His Highness the King of Han loves the people like his own son, but they don’t know that the imperial court also contributes!’

Zhu Di was originally smiling, but after hearing these words, his face changed slightly and he looked a little unhappy.

This official’s name is Yuan Zhongche, and he is the son of Yuan Gong, a master of physiognomy. He has an astonishing and unpredictable physiognomy, and his official rank is Shang Baosi Shaoqing.

Zhu Di was fond of physiognomy, and he had hundreds of questions and answers with this famous physiognomy expert, ranging from princes and nobles to common people. It was later confirmed that every one of them was correct, which is evident from his physiognomy skills.

But Zhu Di didn’t like hearing what Yuan Zhongche said just now.

Why do these people repeatedly slander the second child’s achievements?

Is it true that in the Heavenly Family, there is no family affection?

Zhu Di felt a little depressed, and his interest suddenly disappeared.

‘Go and call the King of Han up!’

He wanted to see what Yao Guangxiao, the prime minister in black, and Yuan Zhongche, a famous physiognomist, would say about his beloved son.

Is he a prosperous wise king who assists Chao Gang?

Or a rebellious minister who brings trouble to the world?