Chapter 8 Showdown, I am the mastermind of the assassination!

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The cheap son Zhu Zhanhe is gone.

With Zhu Gaoxu’s encouragement, he went to Beizhen Fusi uneasily.

But after he left, Zhu Gaoxu’s expression suddenly became serious.

Because this fatal hidden danger left by the original owner is not easy to deal with!

After all, colluding with Jingnan’s orphan to assassinate the king and kill him is a grave crime!

Moreover, Zhu Gaosui, who seems to be the third oldest member of the Han Dynasty Party, has actually always been the Emperor Party.

Jinyiwei, a notorious secret service agency, has served as the emperor’s eyes and ears since its establishment.

If Zhu Zhanhe, his cheap son, hadn’t reminded him, Zhu Gaoxu wouldn’t have reacted yet.

Now how to do?

Keep pretending and act with Zhu Laosi?

Or should I enter the palace now to face the saint, and be lenient if I confess, and be strict if I resist?

No matter what, Zhu Gaojiu could not escape, and he would bear the infamy of throwing dirty water on the prince Zhu Gaochi.

How could the wise and mighty Emperor Yongle fail to see through the profound meaning of his small actions?

It is false to assassinate the king and kill the king, but it is true to throw dirty water on the prince and take advantage of the opportunity to seize power.

After touching his chin and pondering for a long time, Zhu Gaoxu decided to go to the palace immediately to face the saint and confess everything.

Because he suddenly realized a problem. The longer this matter dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for him.

If you continue to postpone and allow Zhu Gaosui to investigate and report secretly, I am afraid that in the end, Zhu Di really thinks that he is going to rebel!

The most ruthless emperor’s family.

Qianqing Palace, Imperial Study Room.

Zhu Di was leaning on the soft couch, reading the memorial from time to time.

There are piles of memorials on the record now, all of which were reviewed and processed by Prince Zhu Gaochi when he was supervising the country.

Zhu Di still quite recognized the boss Zhu Gaochi’s ability to govern the country.

He examined some symbolically and was very pleased with his son’s abilities.

The review of the prince’s memorial when he was in charge of the country was not a distrust of him, it was just a pretense.

Zhu Di performed this good show himself, so there must be an audience in the audience.

When he thought of this, a strange smile appeared on Zhu Di’s face.

At this moment, a young eunuch came in and reported, ‘Your Majesty, His Highness the King of Han wishes to see you.’

Zhu Di raised his eyebrows, feeling a little surprised.

‘Not King Zhao?’

‘When I return to the emperor, it is His Highness the King of Han.’

Jinyiwei has been tracking down Jingnan’s orphan these days, and the third child will come every night to report on the latest progress.

But why did this person become the second child tonight?

Entering the palace late at night to meet the Holy Spirit, what does this guy want to do?

Zhu Di put down the memorial and suddenly became interested, ‘Let him come in.’

After a while, Zhu Gaoxu walked into the hall alone and knelt down directly on the ground.

Seeing this, Emperor Yongle smiled gently and said, ‘We are all one family. How come you, kid, become so formal after being injured?’

However, Zhu Gaoxu did not get up. He directly touched his forehead to the ground and said loudly, ‘Dad, my son feels that he has sinned deeply and has no face to face you. Please allow me to go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan.’

Zhu Di ‘???’

Your mother!

It’s endless, right?

Could it be that you are really hurting your brain and thinking only about joining the feudal clan?

Zhu Di suppressed the anger in his heart and said slowly, ‘Second brother, you made great achievements in the northern expedition, and after returning to Beijing, you also made great achievements in escorting me. What’s wrong?’

The Northern Expedition was successful, and the military achievements were real.

But the escort has merit, and this merit is a life-saving talisman!

Zhu Gaoxu stopped pretending and said directly, ‘Father, this great victory has returned to the court. Those Jingnan orphans who assassinated the king and killed the king were actually instigated by his son.’

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked, and all the palace people fell to their knees in fear.

The air in the entire Qianqing Palace suddenly turned cold, and fell into a terrifying silence, so quiet that it was frightening.

I don’t know how much time passed, but Zhu Di looked at Little Nose and other palace attendants and shouted coldly, ‘Get out and wait!’

As if they had received an amnesty, all the palace people bowed and left in a hurry, only hating that their parents had given them two fewer legs.

After all the palace people had retreated, Zhu Di looked at Zhu Gaoxu and shouted coldly, ‘Do you know what you are talking about?’

Indeed, Zhu Di knew from the beginning that this was the second child’s little move.

As for the purpose, it is nothing more than to throw dirty water on the prince of the prison country, so that the second son can take the opportunity to fight for power.

Because he was well aware of Lao Er’s little moves, Zhu Di didn’t panic at all. He even deliberately pretended not to know and put on a good show in front of Lao Er.

Zhu Di wanted to see what his brave and capable son would do to fight for the throne!

Fighting against each other, fighting against each other?

Or are you going crazy and rebelling?

Zhu Di thought about many possibilities, but never thought about this situation.

The stage was set up for him, just waiting for these clowns to appear on stage, but in the end, he, the protagonist… took the initiative to confess?

Emperor Yongle was feeling a little suffocated now. The feeling of being punched on cotton made him very unhappy!

After Zhu Gaoxu took the initiative to confess, he suddenly felt a lot more relaxed.

He raised his head and looked directly into Emperor Yongle’s eyes, and said seriously, ‘Dad, these Jingnan orphans took the initiative to find his son a few years ago and wanted to cooperate with him. The son thought that he could follow them to find Jianwen’s whereabouts, so he Make excuses with them.’

‘My son did participate in the assassination a few days ago. He was obsessed with throwing dirt on the boss, so he allowed them to carry out the assassination and made arrangements in advance to prevent you from being in danger.’

‘It’s just that my son didn’t expect that these Jingnan orphans are so crazy. My son’s cooperation with them is tantamount to seeking the skin of a tiger. My son is stupid. Please punish me and expel me from the capital to join the vassal…’

Zhu Di’s breath suddenly suffocated. For a moment, he felt that this bastard was deliberately stirring up trouble.

If you don’t leave for three rounds, you will be defeated!

Originally, when Zhu Di heard his previous explanation, although he was angry, he also felt warm.

Zhu Di knew the whole story of the assassination case. He was very sure that the second child had no murderous intentions towards him.

In addition, now that the bastard took the initiative to confess that he did all this just to throw dirty water on the boss, Zhu Di found it both angry and funny.

This guy is so brave and stupid!

If you use Jingnan’s orphan as a shuriken, you don’t even know what you are!

In the end, he was tricked by those stinky rats in the gutter and almost died!

It’s really… dumbfounding.

‘You stinky Qiu Ba… you are really…’

‘Dad, my son knows that colluding with Jingnan’s orphan is a capital crime, and the assassination of Sha Jia has caused a bad impact. No matter how my father punishes his son, he will never complain.’

After Zhu Gaoxu said this, he touched his head to the ground again, waiting for the emperor’s decision.

But time passed by, but Zhu Di’s answer was not heard for a long time.

The whole room was eerily silent, and the only sound that could be heard was Emperor Yongle’s violent breathing, obviously very angry.

The more this happened, the more frightened Zhu Gaoxu felt.

After all, the person he is facing now is Emperor Yongle!

The King of Yan, Zhu Di, who took the throne from his nephew through the Battle of Jingnan and almost killed his nephew’s entire family!

In front of such a cruel and mature emperor, it seems to be a wrong thing to hope to warm him up with affection.

Under his nose, the original owner colluded with Jing Nan’s orphan to assassinate Wang Shajia, and also threw dirty water on the prince of the prison country. Will Zhu Di really spare him?

‘Dad, if you let me go, I’ll be in charge, and I’ll save you the trouble all day long…’

‘Bastard thing!’

The next moment, Zhu Gaoxu was kicked to the ground, with a row of shoe marks on his face.