Chapter 81 Xishan! Second generation training base!

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Western Hills.

With Zhu Di’s consent, Zhu Gaoxu immediately returned to Xishan with his men and began to build a training base.

The Xishan area is very large, and the coal plant only occupies a small part of the area.

Such deep mountains and old forests are most suitable for cultivating his ideal special elite.

Zhu Laosi finally nodded and agreed to let those second-generation dudes join the young army.

Have no idea!

Most of these second-generation dandies are the younger sons or even concubines of the noble families.

According to the laws of the Ming Dynasty, only the eldest son can ascend the throne, and the other descendants generally do not have the right to ascend the throne.

This resulted in the second generation having no hope of becoming a nobleman and having no worries about food and clothing. Naturally, they did not need to study literature and martial arts to practice political affairs. Instead, they spent all day wandering around and doing nothing, making friends and companions, and losing the face of their fathers and ancestors.

Zhu Gaoxu took the initiative and asked those distinguished ministers and relatives to send his nephews to the young army for training. Zhu Di was very satisfied after thinking about it.

In this way, driving all these annoying guys to Xishan for training will not only make the capital peaceful and the people live in peace, but also temper these second-generation dudes and make them curb their arrogance.

As for whether Zhu Gaoxu can suppress these second generations, that is not something Zhu Di should worry about.

Are you kidding me?

The prince of Han can’t suppress the second generation of nobles?

Is there a second generation in the world who is more arrogant than the prince?

He, Zhu Gaoxu, was so ruthless that he even dared to beat his grandson!

Zhu Gaoxu led the palace guards and hastily built a training base based on the memories of later generations.

Soon the day came when the young army was established, and Xue Lu also led a large number of troops to settle in Xishan.

‘Xue Lu has met the prince!’

The first time he saw Zhu Gaoxu, Xue Lu knelt down on one knee and called him ‘Prince’.

It is not difficult to see from this title that he is also a member of the Han Dynasty, otherwise he would only be called ‘His Royal Highness the King of Han’.

Zhu Gaoxu looked at the tall man in front of him and enthusiastically stepped forward to help him up.

This Xue Lu is a famous general in Jingnan, and he is also a brave and skilled general.

I think that during the Battle of Jingnan, Xue Lu participated in both major and minor battles, and made great military exploits. He was promoted from Xingwuqiuba all the way to Governor Qianshi.

When Zhu Di was on his own expedition, Xue Lu served as a hussar general, accompanied Zhu Di in the Northern Expedition, and was promoted to the right governor.

Cavalry General, this is the second-ranking military attache position.

The first is the general, the second is the hussar general, the third is the cavalry general, the fourth is the guard general, and then there are the front, rear, left, right, and miscellaneous generals.

Xue Lu served as a hussar general, which showed that he was brave and good at fighting and was highly valued by Zhu Di.

However, he has not yet been granted the title of Marquis, and has always been a pity that he has an official position but no title.

‘Your Majesty, since ancient times, people must be educated first. If you don’t educate the military ministers’ children in your free time, I’m afraid no one will be able to appoint them when there is a war in the future.’

‘So this time the young army was formed, many nephews and nephews of old brothers were sent over. You see…’

Zhu Gaoxu sat on the Grand Master’s chair and said with a smile, ‘It’s a good thing, it doesn’t matter. Tell our old Jingnan brothers that if you have incompetent nephews at home, you can send them to Xishan, and I will personally help train them!’

‘You must also understand the meaning of the young army. Let these nephews become dandy, why not seek a bright future, maybe they will become the mainstay of our Ming Dynasty in the future.’

Xue Lu nodded hurriedly, and his heart immediately returned to his stomach.

The King of Han is worthy of being the King of Han, and he can see through his inner thoughts at a glance.

‘Then let’s get started, bring everyone up, and your errand will be over.’

Zhu Gaoxu spoke with a smile, a smirk on his lips.

Compared to the boring life of supervising the country, he prefers to torture these second-generation dudes.

Moreover, although the Ming Dynasty’s current military training method is unique in the world, it is far from comparable to that of later generations.

The reason why Zhu Gaoxu took over the training of this young army was to train these young soldiers into modern soldiers for future generations, and then let them go out of the Xishan Mountains and disperse to various battle divisions.

A single spark can start a prairie fire.

In the near future, the combat power of the Ming Dynasty warriors will increase more than ten times and a hundred times!

Although Xue Lu didn’t know why Prince Han didn’t go to supervise the country and govern the country, but instead came to mess around with a group of young people, he didn’t ask too much, but ordered someone to bring the young army up.

These young men were all young men no more than fifteen or sixteen years old. They all came from various guards. Many young men were the sons of the generals of the guards and the second generation of minor officials.

‘Your Majesty, there are a total of 7,231 people, and other places are still selecting…’ Xue Lu reported in time.

Zhu Gaoxu looked at these young faces, waved his hand and said, ‘Stop the selection first. More than 7,000 people are enough. After this batch graduates, we will send the next batch over.’

Xue Lu was stunned for a moment, then nodded.

The emperor means that the limit for the young army is 20,000, but it does not mean that it must be 20,000.

After all, Xue Lu was not optimistic about this young army.

A group of kids who have never even been on the battlefield, even if they practice all day long, what kind of combat effectiveness do they have?

But they were just playing house with His Highness the Grandson.

‘Hey, Prince, Lao Xue, are you all here?’

Ningyang Marquis Chen Mao walked over calmly, followed by two slightly frightened young people.

Zhu Gaoxu also greeted with a smile and looked at the tiger general curiously.

Chen Mao, the Marquis of Ningyang, was the son of Chen Heng, the Duke of Jing State. He was a famous general in Jingnan. He later controlled Ningxia and was famous in Mobei for his five Northern Expeditions.

Chen Mao has a burly body, a beautiful beard, and a voice as loud as a bell. He looks like a heroic and handsome man, who makes people fall in love with him at a glance.

‘Your Majesty, these are my two useless sons, Chen Zhao and Chen Sheng…’

Chen Mao spoke frankly, without the slightest hint of shyness.

Seeing this, Zhu Gaoxu nodded with a smile, ‘It’s okay, leave it to me to train you.’

After hearing this, Chen Mao was immediately overjoyed, ‘Thank you, Your Majesty!’

With Marquis Ningyang’s good start, other ministers and nobles also followed suit, shamelessly taking their nephews with them and rushing to Xishan.

Li Xian, the son of Li Bin, the Marquis of Fengcheng, Yuan Rong, the son of the Marquis of Guangcheng, Yuan Zhen, the son of Guo Liang, the Marquis of An, Li An, the son of Li Yuan, the Marquis of Anping…

The second-generation children were sent to Xishan one by one. Some of them were sent personally, while some were sent letters from Northern Xinjiang.

In short, the formation of the young army gave them a great opportunity to seek a bright future for their unfilial sons and nephews.

In fact, the honorable ministers and nobles themselves also have a headache for these second-generation dudes.

Naturally, they focused on training the eldest sons as their future successors, but these second sons and concubines simply did not have the extra energy and time to discipline them, so that they became uneducated and useless dandies.

But no matter what, they are still his sons. If they are allowed to continue to be ignorant and dissolute, how will they survive after his death?

The eldest son can inherit everything, but the youngest son may not even be able to take a sip of soup.

Therefore, in order to find a bright future for these incompetent nephews, these honorable ministers and noble relatives sacrificed their dignity and accepted a favor from King Zhu Gaoxu of Han Dynasty.

Zhu Gaoxu did not reject this. On the contrary, he accepted it completely and even said that the more the better.

So much so that all the dignitaries in the capital looked at the situation and packed up all their useless nephews and sent them to Xishan.

It doesn’t matter whether they succeed or not, they just hope that these unscrupulous descendants can cause less trouble.

As a result, the atmosphere in the capital was quiet, but Xishan was bustling with excitement.

The second generation of Xun, the second generation of officials, and other demons and ghosts gather in Xishan, and a good show is about to be staged.