Chapter 41 Heartbeat! Zhu Di looks so ugly when he eats!

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With Wang Wenxian’s loud shout, the atmosphere of the entire tasting session instantly reached a climax.

From one person bidding alone, it gradually evolved into several people working together.

And this scene was exactly what Zhu Gaoxu wanted to see.

The three famous merchant gangs in later generations, Shanxi merchants and Hui merchants, have taken shape, while Chaozhou merchants are still busy with maritime trade.

Time passed by and soon the tasting came to an abrupt end.

All the goods areas designated by Zhu Gaoxu were put up for auction, and the highest bid was as high as 350,000 taels of snowflake pattern silver!

Qiu Guangde and Zhou Chen had been frightened for a long time. They were stunned and didn’t know what to say.

The transaction volume of this second tasting far exceeded the first, reaching 7.42 million taels!

In other words, the King of Han Zhu Gaoxu managed to earn more than 10 million taels of silver through two auctions!

Zhou Chen looked at him with horror on his face, his eyes filled with enthusiasm.

Zhu Gaoxu told him calmly, ‘Strictly observe the transaction amount and no one is allowed to disclose it!’

After hearing this, Zhou Chen realized the seriousness of the problem and nodded hurriedly.

Seeing Qiu Guangde stunned on the stage, without saying a word for a long time, Zhu Gaoxu sighed helplessly, walked out of the background in person, and climbed onto the high platform.

When a group of wealthy businessmen saw the King of Han coming, they stood up and fell to their knees.

‘Kowtow to His Highness the King of Han!’

‘Let’s all stay flat, there’s no need to be formal.’

Although Zhu Gaoxu knew that when he contacted merchants, he would tell the truth, but the tasting meeting was about to end, and he had some words to tell these merchants personally.

Only then did Qiu Guangde react and loudly announced the top nine bidders. Wang Fuguang and Wang Wenxian were prominently among them.

This means that they have an opportunity to recommend disciples from the clan to enter the Imperial Academy and change the fate of the family!

‘This is the perfect end of the tasting meeting. However, I have a few words of advice that you must take to heart.’

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked solemn and waited honestly for the King of Han’s lecture.

‘First, cash delivery must be completed within today, and no arrears shall be allowed for any reason.’

After everyone heard this, they didn’t think anything. After all, they had already raised enough silver.

‘Secondly, I don’t want the specific transaction amount of the tasting to be spread. This is actually a bad thing for wealthy businessmen like you.’

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked and immediately reacted.

During the two tastings, the transaction volume was probably no less than 10 million, and most of it was in cash!

If this matter is publicized, wealthy businessmen like them will definitely attract the covetousness of others.

The common man is not guilty, but he is guilty of carrying a jade!

How can a lowly merchant keep his wealth?

Everyone nodded, secretly sighing at the King of Han’s thoughtfulness.

‘Thirdly, tasting sessions will be held from time to time in the future, either for rare treasures or overseas goods. My cooperation with you will start from today.’

‘Of course, since it is cooperation, if you encounter difficulties from the court, you can tell me, and there is no need for trivial matters.’

After hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

Zhou Chen’s expression changed slightly, and he felt a little uneasy.

Does this Prince of Han want to gather these wealthy businessmen for his own use?

He is a dignified prince of the Ming Dynasty. He has no worries about food and clothing. He has made friends with these wealthy businessmen. What else can he think?

Wang Fuguang and others also looked strange. They were neither embarrassed to refuse outright nor willing to answer.

The ambition of this Han prince is obvious. If something happens in the future, I am afraid that he will be implicated!

Zhu Gaoxu couldn’t help but laugh at himself when he saw everyone looking like this.

A group of self-righteous smart people!

He gave Qiu Guangde a look, and the latter immediately announced that the tasting was over.

The merchants said goodbye and left one after another. They still had to deliver the money and check the goods they had taken.

After they left, Zhou Chen looked at Zhu Gaoxu with suspicion.

‘Your Majesty, you are a nobleman of Tianhuang, why should you debase your status and make friends with these merchants…’

‘Don’t worry, I will not do anything treacherous or treasonous. This matter cannot be explained for a while, but you will understand it in the future.’

After a pause, Zhu Gaoxu continued to arrange, ‘Zhou Chen, immediately calculate the specific amount Fan Shang deserves. Lao Qiu, you go to the Lou Jiangnan Pavilion now to prepare for the second auction!’

The two of them were dumbfounded and didn’t understand what the King of Han meant.

Second auction?

What’s being auctioned?

Are all the goods sold for auction?

A bright light flashed through Zhou Chen’s mind, and he trembled and asked in a trembling voice, ‘My lord, what do you mean… to hold an auction for those merchants?’

After hearing this, Qiu Guangde came back to his senses and looked at Zhu Gaoxu with sincerity.

‘My lord, this is such a great move!’

‘No wonder you asked me to tell those wealthy businessmen earlier that if there is insufficient cash, they can use silk tea and other goods to exchange for it. It turned out to be this plan!’

They auctioned overseas goods to the wealthy merchants of the Ming Dynasty, and then auctioned the specialties of the Ming Dynasty to overseas merchants!

During this time, Zhu Gaoxu, the King of Han Dynasty, had figured out how to make money by middlemen!

Zhu Gaoxu smiled angrily and said, ‘Those five million silver are all my Ming Dynasty’s silver. How can I let Fan Shang take it away so easily?’

The two of them were filled with admiration when they heard this and were speechless.

Qianqing Palace.

Zhu Di was discussing matters with Xia Yuanji, an important minister of the Ming Dynasty, when Zhu Gaoxu walked in calmly.

Seeing him barging in, Zhu Di immediately yelled, ‘Go out, there are no rules!’

Zhu Gaoxu was not angry. He held his hands in a smile and said, ‘Dad, isn’t it that the goods have been sold out? Didn’t my son come here to tell the good news?’

As soon as these words came out, everyone in Zhu Di was shocked, and Xia Yuanji even looked in disbelief.

Are all the goods piled up in Tushan on the dock sold out?

Are you lying here to cheat?

In the free trade a few days ago, not even 20% of the sales were sold. Now I ask you to hold a tasting party, and you have sold out everything?

Zhu Di’s face was filled with suspicion and he also found it incredible.

‘Boy, are they really sold out?’

‘Sold out, the total transaction volume is as high as 10.83 million taels. Those merchants will transport the goods themselves and sell them all over the world. They have their own channels…’

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Di stood up suddenly in shock, trembling and asked, ‘Wait a minute! How much money did you say you sold for?’

‘The transaction volume of the first tasting was 3.41 million taels, and the transaction volume of the second tasting was 7.42 million taels, for a total of 10.83 million taels!’

Two people ‘!!!’

Your mother!

One thousand and eight hundred thousand taels!

That’s one-seventh of Daming’s annual fiscal revenue!

If we add a little more, it will be enough to support this year’s Yongle Ceremony!


Completely numb!

Zhu Di took the transaction record and was stunned.

Xia Yuanji accidentally broke his beard, and for the first time he felt the frustration from King Han!

The King of Han, Qiu Ba, had always been a brave and foolhardy warrior, and knew nothing about the government affairs of the court.

As a result, after suffering an injury, his brain became much better, and he achieved such achievements in the blink of an eye!

Suddenly, Zhu Di put his hands on his waist and laughed loudly.

He really wanted to tell the whole world that I was finally rich!

However, at this moment, Zhu Gaoxu poured cold water on him.

‘Dad, this is not all your money, some of it belongs to Fanshang. After all, Fanshuo belongs to others!’

Zhu Di ‘???’


The money you got is not mine?

Is there such a ridiculous thing in the world?

‘Can you think of a way not to give it to those merchants?’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘???’

You are also the Yongle Emperor after all. Do you look so ugly when you eat?