Chapter 85 Pao Ze’s spirit! Poor quality salt!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 18:28:07 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6997

Finally, the ten-kilometer cross-country journey ended.

Jin Yiwei, who was in charge of supervision at the finish line, also recorded the results, which surprised everyone.

Zhu Gaoxu did not expect that his eldest nephew would win first place.

His team had a fat man whose size was not inferior to that of the prince, and two dandy boys.

Under such a disadvantage, he was still able to win first place, which really surprised Zhu Gaoxu.

But that was the fact. Zhu Gaoxu immediately announced that the first place was Wang Fugui’s team, and the last place was Guo Sheng’s team.

Of course, the first person to reach the finish line is naturally very unconvinced.

‘His Royal Highness the King of Han, the villain is obviously the first to reach the finish line, why is it Wang Fugui’s team…’

All the recruits looked at Zhu Gaoxu with doubts in their eyes.

After all, where is Wang Fugui’s figure? For such a fat man, let alone being number one, it would be good if he wasn’t number one from the bottom.

Zhu Gaoxu did not get angry and explained in a deep voice, ‘Before I answer you, I would like to ask, do you still remember the rules set by me?’

The man was stunned for a moment, and then said, ‘Ten kilometers of cross-country, the first place will have meat for every meal that day, and the last place will clean the toilets of the entire army that day!’

Zhu Gaoxu was dumbfounded and asked you to listen to whatever you like!

‘Yes, but you forgot one sentence, platoon is the basic unit!’

After hearing this, the man’s expression suddenly froze, and then he understood.

Many recruits looked surprised and shook their heads in annoyance.

‘This means that in the ten-kilometer cross-country run, the last place in your team’s performance is the performance of your entire team. Do you understand now?’

‘The army is a team. Not only in daily training, but also on the battlefield, we need to rely on the army to win the battle!’

‘Ask yourselves, did you take care of your teammates when we were only ten kilometers away? If we were on the battlefield just now, you would have died hundreds of times!’

Zhu Gaoxu scolded everyone until they were dejected and did not dare to refute.

After all, he was the one who told the rules in public, so he had to blame himself for not listening.

What’s more, what he said is not unreasonable. When it comes to the battlefield, hand your back to Pao Ze, so that you can safely kill the enemy with blood.

‘Every time you suffer, you gain wisdom. Future assessments will be based on group results. I hope you will remember this sentence!’

After a pause, Zhu Gaoxu shouted, ‘Take a rest and get ready for breakfast!’

‘Wang Fugui, take your brother into the dining hall first and eat meat!’

Zhu Zhanji and others were immediately overjoyed and rushed into the dining hall cheering.

The smell of meat kept coming, making everyone’s eyes turn red with envy.

‘Guo Sheng, take your unfair brothers and clean the army’s latrines first. When they are cleaned, when will you come back for dinner! If it’s past the time, then don’t eat!’

After hearing this, the people in Guo Sheng’s team instantly grimaced and looked at Guo Sheng with unkind eyes.

It was because this dandy fell behind, that not only did they have to clean the latrines of the entire army, but they were also likely to have no food to eat.

Guo Sheng’s face was livid, and he clenched his fists as he endured everyone’s teasing and ridicule.

This is no longer a question of whether to clean the latrine or not, but whether to eat or not, but a question of a man’s self-esteem!

Although he, Guo Sheng, was an ignorant and ignorant dandy, he came from a family of generals and still had blood in his bones.

Seeing the other recruits starting to line up to enter the canteen, Guo Sheng looked at the brothers in his team, bowed to them and said, ‘I, Guo Sheng, am the loser today. I have caused trouble to the brothers and made them suffer with me. I’m sorry!’

Upon seeing this, most of the anger in the hearts of several people dissipated. A prince’s son took the initiative to bow his head and apologize to them, which actually made them feel flattered.

‘Forget it, it’s not a big deal.’

‘Let’s go, brothers. There aren’t many latrines. Just finish cleaning and come back for dinner.’

‘Brother Guo, you will coordinate the command for the ten kilometers tomorrow and strive to come out on top, from last place to first place!’

Guo Sheng froze in place, looking at their sincere smiles, his eyes were a little moist.

This was the first time in his long life that he felt this warm feeling of being trusted.

‘Okay, brothers, I, Guo Sheng, will definitely live up to you!’

This scene happened to fall into Zhu Gaoxu’s eyes, and he just smiled happily.

The army can change a person the most. These dandy boys used to do evil things without learning or skills, but they just failed to find their life goals.

After they undergo this special training, not only will they become pillars of talent, they will at least be able to change their appearance and be a new person.

Zhu Gaoxu sighed and walked into the dining hall with the instructors and Jin Yiwei.

In order to convince the crowd, the officers were not given any special treatment, and Zhu Gaoxu and others also queued up to get meals honestly.

But when it was Zhu Gaoxu’s turn, his expression changed.

The breakfast was very simple, consisting of two multigrain pancakes, a bowl of clear porridge and rice soup, and a small pile of pickles.

However, some recruits are born with a huge appetite, so they can eat multigrain pancakes and clear porridge and rice soup, but they are not allowed to take more pickles.

Zhu Gaoxu was suddenly surprised and asked curiously, only to learn that the problem was with the salt.

In the Ming Dynasty, salt, like iron, was an official monopoly, and the price has always been very expensive!

In Zhu Gaoxu’s memory, when it was the cheapest, a pound of salt cost more than 40 Wen, and when it was the most expensive, it sold for hundreds of Wen per pound!

Originally, the price of salt was not cheap. In order to fill the emptiness of the treasury in the Yongle Dynasty, Xia Yuanji and others vigorously advocated the opening of the Chinese law and gave the right to sell salt to merchants. This caused the price of salt to fluctuate greatly and differed from place to place.

But it is undeniable that the people who suffer in the end are the ordinary people who live in poverty.

Zhu Gaoxu sighed, took the food and found a seat at random to sit down. He first took a bite of the cooking cake and drank a sip of rice soup. He could barely swallow it, but when he took a mouthful of pickles, he vomited it out. .

In addition to the salty taste, there were all kinds of strange smells that made him want to die.

After drinking two bowls of rice soup to rinse my mouth, the strange smell subsided.

Is this fucking salt?

This is clearly poison!

Lei Xiong saw something strange and whispered, ‘Your Majesty, what’s wrong? The food is hard to swallow…’

‘What are these pickles made of? Why does it smell weird?’

Lei Xiong was startled, took a sip, and wondered, ‘No problem, Your Majesty, it just tastes like this!’

When Zhu Gaoxu saw that his expression did not seem to be hypocritical, he immediately fell silent.

Only then did he remember that all the salt used in the Han Dynasty and even in the palace was snow-white refined salt.

Refined salt is as white as crystals, has a pure taste, without a trace of strange smell, and the price is naturally ridiculously high.

However, the common salt consumed by the people is coarse salt, which has a messy taste such as astringency and bitterness, making it difficult to swallow.

When he thought of this, Zhu Gaoxu couldn’t sit still.

Daming’s current method of making salt is too crude, and he can definitely improve it.

Not only to benefit the people of the world, but also to at least improve the quality of one’s own life.

Otherwise, if he eats this stuff in this military camp all day long, he is really afraid that he will be poisoned one day.

‘Lei Xiong, I am going back to the capital. In the past few days, you will lead them to practice according to the outline. Don’t relax at all!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Gaoxu left in a hurry.

Lei Xiong looked at his back and sighed, not surprised.

He had been watching the way His Highness the King of Han was finding it difficult to swallow just now.

Yes, you are a noble person, you usually have fine clothes and fine food, how can you eat these chaffy vegetables.