Chapter 18 Zheng He, will you return home with a full load?

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:30:28 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:7566

Qianqing Palace, Imperial Study Room.

Zhu Di held the memorial in his hand, but he couldn’t read it at all.

He stood up and walked around from time to time, looking a little restless.

‘Little Sniffle, is Zheng He back?’

‘When I return to the Emperor, the Crown Prince has already personally led all the civil and military officials to greet him. He is expected to enter the palace soon.’

Little Snot bowed and replied, unable to help but secretly smile.

This emperor’s martial arts skills were comparable to those of Emperor Taizu Gao. When had he ever looked so anxious?

After Zhu Di heard this, he nodded repeatedly, but thoughts were racing in his mind.

On June 15, the third year of Yongle, Zheng He was ordered to sail to the West for the first time. He hurriedly returned to China on September 13, the fifth year of Yongle.

This first trip to the sea was just an attempt by Zhu Di to break the ancestral motto of Emperor Gao that ‘nothing is allowed to go into the sea.’

When Zhu Di ascended the throne as emperor, he couldn’t wait to implement the New Deal.

He was in an unfair position and desperately wanted to revive the Ming Dynasty and regain its glory.

He also vowed never to be a frog in the well who could live without food and clothing. The Yongle New Deal was to start from the fundamentals of national policy and lay the foundation for a prosperous era.

However, there were many contradictions in the court, the situation was turbulent in the early days of taking the throne, and the courtiers had their own strange thoughts.

Under this situation, Zhu Di understood that there was still a long way to go before the world could return to its heart.

If he wants to rule the world, he must find a new way.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. The key to Yongle’s new policy is how to take the first step.

At this time, Zheng He proposed to spread his power overseas. Zhu Di believed that this was the most suitable breakthrough at that time, completely breaking through the ice that was not allowed to go into the sea. Only in this way can he be enlightened and powerful!

He, Zhu Di, wanted to use the Western Ocean to buy Yongle Zhongxing’s new car and make a great contribution to strengthening the country and enriching the people!

Therefore, Zheng He’s first voyage to the West went in a hurry and came back in a hurry, and the effect was very gratifying.

Zheng He and others passed through small overseas countries such as the Maharaja Paxie Kingdom, Sanvijaya Old Port, and easily killed Chen Zuyi, the largest bandit leader on the sea, successfully promoting the great power of tomorrow.

It was just that he spent a lot of money to go to sea but brought nothing of value back, which made the courtiers extremely dissatisfied.

But it’s pretty good if you don’t make any mistakes on your first try.

After Zheng He returned to China, he immediately made preparations for his second voyage and went to sea again in the same year.

However, the main purpose of this voyage was to send foreign envoys back to their countries. It was a small scale voyage, but it brought a lot of supplies for charity. It brought even less overseas supplies, and the courtiers were furious.

At that time, the national treasury was empty, and Zhu Di had to postpone Zheng He’s trip to sea. It was not until September of the seventh year of Yongle that Zheng He was able to go to sea for the third time.

Only this time, I am going for the wealth on the sea!

Zhu Di resisted the great pressure of opposition from his ministers and forcefully supported Zheng He to go to sea, just for this moment, waiting for Zheng He to bring back a large amount of wealth from the sea to fill the almost empty treasury!

If Zheng He went to sea again and spent a lot of money, wandering at sea for two years and returned empty-handed, not to mention Xia Yuanji and other court officials would be furious, Zhu Di would chop off his head with his own hands!

If you don’t have money, what can you use to repair the Imperial Capital of Heaven, how to make a northern expedition to the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty, what to use to compile the ‘Yongle Dadian’, what to use to dredge the Grand Canal…

If Zheng He returned empty-handed, most of the Yongle New Deal would have to be suspended!

Zhu Di felt anxious when he thought of this.

‘Little Sniffle, do you think Zheng He can return home with a full load this time?’

The great eunuch was stunned and said, ‘Your Majesty, Master Zheng has already delivered the news. This time, a total of more than thirty envoys from the vassal states paid tribute to the Ming Dynasty. Counting those small tribes and chiefs, it can really be called a tribute from all nations. The grand occasion of the imperial dynasty, isn’t it true that we are returning home with a full load?”

Zhu Di’s eyes widened and he wanted to kick him.

Is this what I mean when I say ‘return with a full load’?

What should we do if the extraterritorial artifacts paid tribute by overseas vassals are worthless?

When Little Nose saw Zhu Di’s unhappy expression, he immediately reacted and slapped himself lightly.

‘Aiya… I am a slave who is stupid, but I remember that Prince Han once said that there is countless wealth on the sea.’

‘Master Zheng’s trip to sea this time is larger than the previous two, and the trip lasts longer, so he will definitely gain a lot!’

It was okay not to mention Zhu Gaoxu, but when he mentioned this bastard, Zhu Di became angry.

‘Go and call that beast here, I don’t even know, he knows nothing!’

Little Sniffle smiled and left. He understood that the emperor was anxious and wanted to get some comfort from the King of Han.

Half an hour later, Zhu Gaoxu walked into the imperial study room with a suspicious look on his face.

Seeing Zhu Di sitting on the bed, he took the initiative and said, ‘Dad, why is it so urgent? Can’t we wait until the banquet of all nations is over tomorrow to talk about it?’

He was ordered to arrange the banquet of all nations tonight, and he had to contact the Ministry of Rites, Taichang Temple and other departments, so he was extremely busy.

When Zhu Di saw him sweating profusely, his heart softened, and he rarely scolded him.

‘Second brother, have you made arrangements for the banquet of all nations tomorrow night?’

Zhu Gaoxu knew clearly that he was not asking about the banquet, but about the fake assassination plan.

‘Don’t worry, Dad, don’t worry when I do things. My son has experience in assassinating me!’

Zhu Di was speechless.

Listen to what this beast is saying?

‘Dad, if it’s okay, I’ll leave first. The Ministry of Etiquette is still waiting for me to finalize the banquet list…’

Zhu Gaoxu noticed Zhu Di’s frown with sharp eyes, and immediately got ready to leave.

However, Zhu Di just glanced at him lightly, and Zhu was so frightened that he stopped and did not dare to move an inch.

‘Last time you said there was countless wealth at sea. Is this true?’

‘Dad, won’t you know it when you meet Zheng He later?’

Zhu Di glared, ‘I want to hear your explanation. How can you prove that the wealth on the sea is endless? Otherwise, you will be sent to Fengyang High Wall!’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘???’

Oh my god!

You are crazy!

Under the threat of being punished by the high wall, Zhu Gaoxu had no choice but to step forward, grab a pen, ink, paper and inkstone, and start drawing quickly.

Zhu Di was very curious when he saw this, and even Little Sniffle poked his head forward. They wanted to see what King Han was drawing.

In just a moment, Zhu Gaoxu threw away the pen, and Zhu Di was shocked to realize that this was an unworthy map.

‘Second brother, did you draw it wrong? Why am I so stupid?’

Zhu Di looked at the small circle and couldn’t help but let out anger from the depths of his soul.

Zhu Gaoxu had no choice but to popularize geographical knowledge.

‘Dad, look, this is our Ming Dynasty. The Yellow River and the Yangtze River follow the sky. To the north are Tatar and Oara. To the west are the small vassal countries in the Western Regions. To the east are Korea and the Japanese country. To the south are small mountainous countries such as Siam.’

Zhu Gaoxu pointed to the Kanyu map and pointed out the Yi countries surrounding the Ming Dynasty.

Although Zhu Di nodded after hearing this, because the Kanyu picture was very accurate, but the Ming Dynasty was a bit small.

‘Let’s not mention anything else for now. Dad, do you know the Japanese country in the east? In the Ming Dynasty’s impression, this is a barbarian land outside China. It is extremely barren and poor, but the resources of the Japanese country are extremely rich!’

Zhu Gaoxu picked up his pen and marked a black spot in the Japanese circle, ‘This is Iwami Silver Mountain, containing more than 100 million taels of silver, and this is Sado Jinshan, containing more than 10 million taels of gold, and more than one million tons of silver…’

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Di suddenly stood up and shouted angrily, ‘This is impossible. How can there be so much silver in the world? Hundreds of millions of taels of silver and tens of millions of taels of gold. Our annual tax in the Ming Dynasty is only 30 million taels of silver!’ ‘

Hundreds of millions of taels of silver, what a terrifying number is this?