Chapter 94 Craftsmen are the foundation of a strong country!

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With the temptation of the Royal Salt Merchant in front of them, in order to show their strength, each and every wealthy businessman actually sold the price for a sky-high price that was much higher than expected.

The originally deserted tasting event suddenly became lively.

A famous and wealthy businessman took action one after another, smashing money like crazy, which made Qiu Guangde a little scared!

The tasting ended successfully, and with the last state capital auction, the curtain came to an end.

Qiu Guangde smiled and said, ‘Everyone, His Highness the King of Han has seen your performance. After the new salt law is implemented, His Highness the King of Han will make a decision.’

‘Well… by the way, the winner of the auction should not forget to pay the money before leaving!’

After everyone heard this, they laughed again.

However, Wang Fuguang smiled and smiled, but he couldn’t stop laughing.

Damn it, something seems wrong!

Why was all the money spent here in the end?

The last time I bid for overseas goods and the qualification to donate to prison.

This time we are bidding for the right to sell honeycomb briquettes…

I finally got some money in my hand, but the King of Han snared it again…

Wang Fuguang touched his chin and his eyes became a little blank.

Calculating it this way, can I be considered as doing long-term work for His Highness the King of Han?

Qianqing Palace.

As soon as Zhu Gaoxu walked into Nuan Pavilion, Zhu Di threw the memorial in his face.

‘You traitor, look at the good things you have done!’

‘These facts are all impeaching you for your willful behavior and lawlessness. They are almost piling up!’

Zhu Gaoxu was a little confused. He picked up these memorials and saw that it was Zhao Yi and other officials from the Ministry of Industry who collectively impeached him.

Zhao Yi and other officials were very aggrieved these days. After all, they were also officials of the imperial court, but they were forced by the King of Han to enter the workshop and start working as craftsmen.

It’s not enough not to go. The dog thief Zhu Gaoxu issued an order that they must be allowed to work in the workshop for a month!

If you don’t want to go, you can wait for the imprisoned country to be liquidated by the Han prince!

In desperation, Zhao Yi had no choice but to unite all the bullied officials to impeach Han Wang Zhu Gaoxu.

Letters of impeachment memorials kept coming. After reading them, Zhu Di became furious and called Zhu Gaoxu over.

‘Sir, what on earth do you want to do?’

Zhu Di crossed his waist and widened his eyes.

Zhu Gaoxu curled his lips indifferently and said with a smile, ‘If you want to impeach, just impeach. They have to work in the workshop anyway.’

Zhu Di was stunned and confused on the spot.

‘Second brother, how unbecoming is it for you to ask a court official to be a craftsman’s apprentice and to forge iron for the craftsman?’

‘I don’t know how many people in the government and the public are watching our old Zhu family’s jokes!’

Scholars, farmers, industry and commerce, this is an unchanging social class.

Throughout the dynasties from ancient times to the present, craftsmen have never been seen riding on the heads of officials.

Zhu Gaoxu’s behavior not only tortured officials like Zhao Yi, but also humiliated them.

‘If you want to improve the status and treatment of craftsmen in the world, I have no objection. After all, craftsmen are the foundation of a strong country. Your father and I know this very well.’

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu’s eyes lit up.

He really didn’t expect that Zhu Laosi would have such foresight.

Craftsmen are the foundation of a strong country. This is so true!

‘Dad, since you know, you should understand what your son is doing.’

Zhu Di sighed after hearing this, ‘How do you want me to understand you? Today’s Ming Dynasty is dominated by Confucian scholars. If you humiliate Zhao Yi and other officials for the sake of those craftsmen, you are not helping them but harming them…’

‘Humiliation?’ Zhu Gaoxu was startled, and then sneered, ‘Is it humiliation to let them enter the workshop to make iron? These self-proclaimed things are really ridiculous!’

After a pause, Zhu Gaoxu took out a small notebook from his arms and handed it to Zhu Di.

‘This is the performance list of the Ordnance Bureau. Dad, please take a look at it.’

Zhu Di took it subconsciously and couldn’t believe the numbers in front of him.

‘The Ordnance Bureau’s production efficiency this month has increased more than ten times compared to last month!’

‘And in addition, material loss has also been reduced by a full 20% compared to last month!’

‘This impressive achievement is all the work of the craftsmen of the Ordnance Bureau. Why should Zhao Yi and others comment on it?’

The efficiency of the Arms Bureau has been greatly improved, and losses have been greatly reduced. This has created a lot of wealth and value for the court.

Zhu Di looked at the performance list and was speechless for a long time.

Whatever Zhu Gaoxu did in the Ordnance Bureau, the Jin Yiwei would report to him in detail.

When Zhu Di heard the news at first, he just thought that the second child was acting like a monster again and didn’t pay too much attention.

However, he never expected that after the second son’s troubles in the Arms Bureau, the Arms Bureau would actually break out such an amazing production efficiency, which was more than ten times higher than before!

The efficiency has improved, and more weapons and baggage can be produced in the same time. This is great news for Zhu Di, who is about to launch his Northern Expedition!

‘Dad, the Ordnance Bureau has not yet been reorganized and perfected, but it is just getting a little better. When the Ordnance Bureau gets on the right track, the production efficiency will increase more than a hundred times, and weapons and even firearms can even be improved, and new types of armaments can be developed!’

Zhu Di ‘!!!’


Completely numb!

This dick is so evil!

The efficiency of the Ordnance Bureau has been increased a hundred times. What is the concept?

No matter how sharp the Mongol Tatars’ scimitars are, they can’t stop the endless rain of arrows!

Thinking about it, Zhu Di took a deep breath and said excitedly, ‘Second brother, if I hand over the Staff Bureau to you, can we also increase the production?’

Zhu Gaoxu nodded and did not refuse.

‘Dad, in fact, as long as we treat the craftsmen better and let them live with dignity, the craftsmen will naturally work hard and devote themselves to production with passion…’

‘My Daming Firearms has always stopped making progress. It’s precisely because the living conditions of the craftsmen are so poor. I want the horses to run but don’t let them eat grass. How can there be such a reason in the world?’

Zhu Gaoxu’s rebuttal made Zhu Di speechless. He opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he sighed.

‘Dad knows what you mean. I’ll leave the Ordnance Bureau and the Staff Bureau to you. As for idiots like Zhao Yi, don’t torture them.’

‘Son, how is this torture? It’s clear that officials from the Ministry of Industry took the initiative to invest in front-line production for the emperor’s Northern Expedition plan. It’s admirable!’

Zhu Gaoxu smiled and raised the corners of his mouth slightly, ‘Dad, my son suggested issuing a decree to commend Zhao Yi and others to appease the ministers.’

Zhu Di glared at him angrily, then waved his hand to tell him to get out.

Also issued an order to commend him?

This is just rubbing salt into other people’s wounds!

With Zhao Yi’s stupid nature of wanting to save face, Zhu Di was really worried about sending him away directly with a decree of commendation.

Zhu Gaoxu walked out of Qianqing Palace and put away the smile on his face.

‘I originally wanted you to experience the hard work of the craftsmen, so that you can have some compassion.’

‘I didn’t expect that you actually think this is a humiliation!’

‘Then I will have to humiliate and humiliate you!’