Chapter 42 Ridiculous! Emperor Yongle with his elbows turned outward!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:35:14 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:7183

In the imperial study room.

The atmosphere fell into a strange state.

Faced with this huge sum of 10 million taels, Emperor Yongle actually wanted to become a human being.

Xia Yuanji had no choice but to smile bitterly and reminded, ‘Your Majesty, after all, all the goods belong to Fanshang. I’m afraid it’s unjustifiable not to pay, right?’

‘Besides, hasn’t the Emperor always preached the virtues of being friendly to neighbors and being gentle and benevolent?’

Zhu Di was choked by him and couldn’t speak. He glared and said, ‘I just said it casually, and you still go online…’

Zhu Gaoxu suddenly smiled and said, ‘Father, if we don’t give it to them, there is actually nothing we can do about it.’

After hearing this, Zhu Di and Xia Yuanji were both stunned, wondering what kind of medicine was being sold in Hanwang’s gourd.

‘Second brother, dad just said it casually, please don’t do anything random!’

‘Your Highness the King of Han, this is related to the majesty of our country tomorrow, and you will not be allowed to act arbitrarily.’

Yes, I started to act ‘arbitrarily’ again.

Zhu Gaoxu spread his hands and asked innocently, ‘The goods of the Fan merchants are only worth four million taels of silver. His son gave them an extra one million taels of silver as a premium. Mr. Xia felt that these Fan merchants took the money. What’s next?”

Xia Yuanji was startled and said tentatively, ‘Shangs are also businessmen. According to the profit-seeking nature of businessmen, they will definitely buy a large amount of our Ming Dynasty specialties and bring them back to their home countries to sell them to make huge profits.’

‘Then if that’s the case, why can’t I hold another tasting party, a tasting party for merchants?’

Tasting session for merchants?

Auctioning Ming Dynasty specialties?

Xia Yuanji’s eyes lit up and he understood immediately.

‘Your Highness, King of Han, although this plan is feasible, those merchants have other ways to purchase it, so why do they have to attend your tasting party?’

It is true that the tasting will take the form of an auction, so the price will naturally be much higher than the market price.

In this case, those merchants are just trying to make profits, so why do they have to pay more to buy the same goods?

What’s more, the imperial court will also give back goods such as silk, tea and other goods to overseas merchants, and their demand for these goods is not very large.

Zhu Gaoxu smiled when he heard this, pulled his beard and said, ‘What if they can’t buy it in the capital? And what if the imperial court won’t reward these goods?’

Zhu Di was stunned when he heard this and frowned tightly.

‘Second brother, what do you mean…’

‘Dad, my son has learned that among the specialties of the Ming Dynasty, porcelain, tea, and silk are the three most popular, and they are highly sought after by nobles and royal families from overseas countries.’

Zhu Gaoxu listed the three treasures of the Ming Dynasty and said seductively, ‘In this case, the return gift given by the court can greatly reduce these three items, add other specialties to make up for the value, or directly subtract one or two of them!’

‘As a result, overseas envoys can only choose to buy at high prices to make up for the needs of their own royal families.’

‘Most of the silk teas in the Gyeonggi region are now in the Lou Jiangnan Pavilion. What else can they do besides participating in the tasting party?’

‘After all, once these three treasures of the Ming Dynasty go to sea, their prices will increase hundreds of times, and they also have huge profit potential!’

‘Now it’s just asking them to spend a little more cost, which is still acceptable.’

Zhu Di listened quietly, his brows gradually relaxed.

I have to admit, Lao Er’s method is really a good one!

Although the price of silk, tea, and porcelain, the three treasures of the Ming Dynasty, was a bit expensive in the Ming Dynasty, once it went to sea, it became a rare treasure more expensive than gold!

In this case, why not reduce the number of the Three Treasures of the Ming Dynasty in the reward?

‘Dad, things are rare and valuable. You can definitely define these three items as national products of the Ming Dynasty and strictly limit their quantities. Only in this way can there be huge profits.’

Xia Yuanji’s breathing was stagnant, and he suddenly felt that his brain was not working hard enough.

As the Minister of Household Affairs, he had always opposed the emperor’s lavish spending, and the rewards he gave to overseas envoys were outrageously generous.

However, the emperor was bent on making good friends with overseas countries and would not listen at all.

He really never thought that he could adopt such a method, which would not only reduce expenses, but also make profits!

Xia Yuanji took a deep breath, suppressed the restlessness in his heart, and said with cupped hands, ‘What does His Highness, the King of Han, mean… to let those merchants leave their money and take away my Ming Dynasty specialties?’

‘Our Ming Dynasty’s silver output is very small. If we let these overseas merchants take it away, we will only lose more than the gain.’

Zhu Gaoxu smiled slightly, and then said calmly, ‘Only by draining them dry and letting them promote silk tea and other specialties of the Ming Dynasty can the mutually beneficial and friendly exchanges between the two countries be a good thing.’

Zhu Di rolled his eyelids and seemed a little hesitant.

Although this method is excellent, if it is really done, I am afraid it will cause dissatisfaction from overseas countries.

Seeing this, Zhu Gaoxu understood the concerns of this thief and sighed deliberately, ‘If dad is not happy and does not take this method for the sake of face, then the worst he can do is give them five million taels of silver.’

‘I watched helplessly as they came to my country, ate my food, lived in my country, and slept with my girls. When they were done, they made a lot of money, and finally went home with a lot of money… Gee, my country is really Huairou Yuanren, I’m afraid everyone will know that there is a silly son of a landlord here!’

‘Bastard, who are you calling the stupid son of a landlord?!’

Zhu Di’s eyes widened and his face was full of anger.

Zhu Gaoxu curled his lips and only dared to hum and beep in a low voice.

‘Isn’t it rough to say so? It’s just…’

‘Guizi, what did you say?!’

Xia Yuanji laughed angrily when he saw the father and son staring at each other again.

‘Your Majesty, there is a severe drought in Henan and a severe drought in Shandong. The Ministry of Revenue can no longer provide money.’

‘If you still insist on having your own way, then the old minister has no choice but to resign and return to his hometown. I sincerely ask for the emperor’s permission!’

The treasury can’t even take the blame, and the people in the disaster area can’t afford to eat. Why do you still insist on pretending to be fat and making a profit at a loss?

Why are envoys from overseas just human beings, but your own people at home are not human beings?

Of course, you can only think about these words in your heart. Xia Yuanji said it tactfully after all.

Zhu Di was startled when he heard this, paced back and forth with his waist in his hands, and finally let out a long sigh.

‘That’s all, let’s do what the King of Han wants. This time, we will reduce the quantity of silk and tea, and let those merchants go to the Lou Jiangxi Pavilion to participate in the tasting party.’

‘That’s it, King Han will stay!’

Xia Yuanji nodded, got up and left knowingly.

Zhu Gaoxu touched his head in confusion, not understanding what this thief wanted to say.

Zhu Di looked at Zhu Gaoxu with a half-smile, and saw that Zhu Gaoxu’s scalp was starting to feel numb. Then he said faintly, ‘Do you also think that it is wrong for me to treat those overseas envoys with courtesy?’

Zhu Gaoxu hesitated for a moment and replied without hesitation, ‘Dad, my son understands your thoughts. He just wants to prove himself.’

Zhu Di was startled and a little moved.

This was the first time he felt understood by others.

‘But the problem now is that the court can no longer expose the blame. No matter how kind you are to outsiders, which satisfies your personal cultural, political and military achievements, the victims of the disaster area will only call you a fool…’

The words stopped abruptly before he finished speaking.

Zhu Gaoxu subconsciously covered his mouth, his face full of panic.

Your mother!

What did I say?

However, Zhu Di was not angry, but only twitched the corners of his mouth.

‘Is there any reply from Jianwen?’

Seven days have passed since the letter was sent.

‘Well, three days later, Lingshan Temple Pagoda.’

‘Go get ready!’