Chapter 5 Brother, jump up

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-24 / 1:35:47 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6574

King of Han, supervising the country?

The Prince’s Mansion in the East Palace suddenly fell into an eerie silence.

Zhu Gaochi’s eyes flashed with solemnity, then he blinked his small eyes a few times and started sobbing again.

‘Okay, this is really great… Son, let’s pack up now and ask Dao Enzhi to go back to Shuntian early tomorrow morning… to make room for others…’

‘Yingtian can’t accommodate us anymore…make room…make room…’

Upon seeing this, Zhu Zhanji was speechless and put his hand on his forehead, then waved his hand to signal the palace people to take him away quickly so as not to be embarrassed outside.

Tiehanhan was sobbing while being pushed in by several palace people.

After they left, Zhu Zhanji stepped forward, pretending to be calm and asked with a smile, ‘Second uncle, does the old man really want you to supervise the country?’

Zhu Gaoxu looked at this handsome and handsome nephew and replied with a half-smile, ‘Aren’t you the old man’s sweetheart? Ask him yourself!’

Hitting a soft nail, Zhu Zhanji could only laugh with him.

After all, he is only fifteen or sixteen years old now, and he is still just a handsome young man. He does not have the magnanimity and magnanimity of Emperor Xuande in the future.

Zhu Gaoxu sighed and suddenly asked an inexplicable question.

‘Eldest nephew, do you like barbecue?’

Zhu Zhanji was stunned, ‘Second uncle is talking about ‘grilled meat’, right? Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the meat is delicious and has a unique flavor.’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘!!!’

Your mother!

This little bastard!

Too lazy to talk nonsense with him, Zhu Gaoxu walked into the back room.

Standing alone with Zhu Zhanji, he always felt a chill coming over him.

Prince Zhu Gaochi was sitting on the bed. An ordinary chair really couldn’t bear his tonnage.

Seeing Zhu Gaoxu follow him in, Tiehanhan began to sob again, and he didn’t forget to wipe a few tears.

Seeing his appearance, Zhu Gaoxu sighed, and then drove everyone out of the palace.

‘Okay, boss, who are you pretending to cry for? I’m upset right now!’

Zhu Gaochi stopped sobbing in embarrassment and stretched out his chubby hand to stroke the bachelor of Baimao Pavilion.

‘Second brother, you are already in prison, what are you still bothering about?’

Tie Hanhan didn’t quite understand. Did he, the second younger brother, come to visit today just to show off?

But looking at the sad look on his face, it really doesn’t look like him.

Zhu Gaoxu snorted angrily and sat down opposite the Crown Prince.

‘Supervise the country? As a prince, what kind of country should I supervise?’

‘Don’t you know what the old man is thinking? He wants to fight, but he doesn’t want to be restricted by you, so he took away your power to supervise the country through excuses!’

‘But what’s the matter with you two trying to get angry and involving me? Anyway, I won’t take over this mess, so I can do whatever I want!’

Zhu Gaochi’s expression changed and he looked at Zhu Gaoxu again.

This second child seems a little different today.

If it were in the past and the old man asked him to supervise the country, I’m afraid he would jump up and down with joy.

But now this performance really doesn’t seem to be fake!

Thinking of this, Zhu Gaochi couldn’t help but comforted and said, ‘The emperor has given the order, so just do it first. Do you still dare to resist the order and disrespect it?’

‘It just so happens that my body is weak and I finally have a few days of rest.’

Seeing his lazy look, Zhu Gaoxu was even more angry.

‘Anyway, I don’t care. I won’t accept this mess. I will go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan tomorrow morning!’

‘You two can make trouble as much as you like, but you can’t bully others like this!’

Tie Hanhan was completely shocked and looked at Zhu Gaoxu in disbelief.

Is this still my second child?

Can you even say that if you go to Yunnan, you will become a vassal state?

Are you lying here to cheat?

‘Second brother, what on earth do you want to ask? Don’t be careless, my bones can’t stand the torture!’

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu’s eyes suddenly flashed with light.

The prince Zhu Gaochi was benevolent and loved the people, and he also protected his second brother. Unfortunately, he was born obese and frail, which resulted in a very short reign of only eight months.

If he could lose his weight, let Emperor Hongxi live a few more years, and Emperor Xuande would appear later, then his future life of freedom would be just around the corner!

When he thought of this, Zhu Gaoxu looked at Big Fatty excitedly, with a fiery look in his eyes.

Zhu Gaochi was frightened by his look. He hurriedly blocked his chest with the Baimao Pavilion’s bachelor, and shouted in a panic, ‘Boy, what do you want to do? Don’t mess around!’

Why is this guy so crazy? Why does his look look like a gangster seeing a pretty girl?

‘Brother, I recently learned a set of ‘Genghong Gymnastics’, which is very helpful for burning fat. Come and dance with me!’

‘What’s Genghong? What’s gymnastics? What’s fat burning? Brother, are you crazy? Don’t do it… don’t come over!’

Half an hour later, a luxurious woman in her thirties walked quickly with several palace maids. It was Crown Princess Zhang.

Because of the deep relationship between Emperor Yongle and Empress Xu, and for some special reasons, after Empress Xu died of illness, Zhu Di also followed the example of his father Zhu Yuanzhang and decreed that he would never establish a queen.

There is no queen in the palace, and the princess is the most noble woman in the palace, so Zhang has to deal with all kinds of things in the harem every day.

After she finished handling the trivial matters in the harem, she learned the shocking news from the palace people that ‘the King of Han was about to supervise the country’, and she hurried over immediately.

Seeing her precious son in a daze outside the door from a distance, Mrs. Zhang hurriedly walked up.

‘You kid, what are you doing here? Where is your father?’

Zhu Zhanji turned around with a stiff face, raised his hand and pointed toward the room.

Zhang followed his gaze and froze in place the next second.

What are you doing…?

‘Brother, this first set of titles is called ‘Compendium of Materia Medica’…’

‘Second brother…please let your elder brother go…’

‘Five, six, seven… let’s go… eh, right… lift your legs… come and kick your feet up…’

‘Second dick…I’m sweating…it seems…it really works…’

Zhu Zhanji, mother and son, watched silently as the two brothers danced and danced to the beats spoken by the King of Han. They were speechless for a long time.

King of Han Zhu Gaoxu, what happened?

Qianqing Palace.

Zhu Di was surprised by Zhu Gaoxu’s change and was a little unsure for a moment.

The second brother took the initiative to request to go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan. Is he sincere or fake?

If he was sincere, why didn’t he wake up until today?

If it was a lie, then why did I let him supervise the country and let him make trouble, but he tried to shirk it in every possible way?

Zhu Di was confused for a moment, stroking his beard and thinking silently.

At this moment, a figure hurriedly entered, knelt down and reported, ‘To inform the emperor, the officials of the Crown Prince’s Palace have arrested him. Please issue an order from the emperor.’

This man has a gloomy face, hawk-beaked eyes, and a cold expression. He is Ji Gang, the commander of the Jinyiwei.

Zhu Di glanced at him and said calmly, ‘What’s the prince’s reaction?’

Ji Gang was shocked, but he still bravely described the scene and even told the prince’s original words intact.

Zhu Di was not angry after hearing this, but found it very interesting.

The boss is like this every time, he has long been used to it.

Only children who cry will get milk.

It’s just that the second child went to the Prince’s Mansion in the East Palace. What was he going to do?

To show off?

Or go and ask for advice?

‘Go and see why the King of Han went to the Prince’s Mansion.’