Chapter 62 Rich! It turns out there is such a way to provide disaster relief!

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Three days later, the Jin Yiwei found out all the people involved in the case. In addition to the forty-three censors, there were also hundreds of local officials involved.

Zhu Di was furious and ordered that all those involved in the case have their homes confiscated and their dirty money confiscated, and be imprisoned for prosecution.

The first offenders, Liu Guan and Wuzhong, the censors of both left and right, were brutally tortured by skinning and pulling grass. The He clan exiled their slave Gandusi.

Forty-three censors involved in the case were sentenced to beheading, their homes were confiscated, and they were exiled. They were not allowed to take scientific examinations for three generations.

The new imperial censor Gu Zuo hurriedly returned to Beijing and led the team that Jian Yi temporarily set up for him. He launched a vigorous anti-corruption campaign and purged the court, successfully reversing the situation where official corruption had become common since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. .

A shocking case came to an end.

After Zhu Yunwen ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor, in response to the shortcomings of Zhu Yuanzhang’s strict policies during the Hongwu period, he carried out reforms and implemented the Jianwen New Deal, implemented a style of benefiting the people, educated the people, lenient sentences and prisons, and reduced killings, forming a new atmosphere of ruling the world with benevolence.

However, things must be reversed at the extremes. Emperor Jianwen’s excessive generosity and his emphasis on civil servants made the civil servants arrogant, and the corruption that had been suppressed to the extreme in the Hongwu Dynasty rebounded violently.

By the Yongle Dynasty, corruption was even more prevalent.

Instead of serving the country with loyalty, officials entertained each other with prostitutes and even competed for luxury.

The literati and officials spend their days immersed in the Qinhuai River. The awe-inspiring righteousness accumulated by the Confucius Temple for thousands of years cannot cover up the smell of powdery powder in Qinhuai, which is ten miles away.

Until the Han Dynasty King Zhu Gaoxu investigated Liu Guan’s shocking case, the emperor used thunderous means to eliminate all those involved. The new imperial censor Gu Zuo impeached dozens of corrupt officials one after another, causing everyone in the civil and military officials to feel in danger and to walk on thin ice.

The corruption in Yongle Court was finally put to a halt.

However, Zhu Gaoxu, the greatest hero, was very troubled at the moment, because after Zhu Di solved the case, he just left and left. He still used his illness as an excuse to let him, a big enemy, imprison the country!

Supervise the country, so let’s just supervise the country. After all, the finances are not so tight, and there are few things that require Zhu Gaoxu’s concern.

In this major corruption case, the total value of the stolen money confiscated by the court was more than three million taels, which could barely support the expenses of the Ministry of Household Affairs for some time.

But what troubles Zhu Gaoxu the most is that Gu Zuo and Gu Liqing, a big troll, are always hostile to him for some reason.

If Zhu Gaoxu doesn’t go to court to supervise the country, blame him!

Zhu Gaoxu went to court and sat on a small bench and sprayed him!

When Zhu Gaoxu went to court, he picked his nostrils and sprayed him again!

Prince Han was almost speechless. You bastard was recommended by me after all. Even if you don’t reciprocate, you don’t have to be so disgusting, right?

At this moment, he and Gu Liqing were staring at each other, while Xia Yuanji, Jin Zhong and others were watching the show, almost laughing out loud.

This is an upright and upright minister, worthy of being compared to Bao Zheng of the Song Dynasty!

Now that the Ministry of Household Affairs has money, Xia Yuanji’s brows are relaxed and he is in high spirits. He smiled and said, ‘Your Highness, the disaster relief money has arrived in Shandong and Henan. We can finally breathe a sigh of relief.’

Previously, the King of Han issued a military order and forced Xia Yuanji to use the only two million taels he had to provide relief to the victims, while he himself raised food, wages and military supplies for the Northern Expedition.

If anything goes wrong, he, the King of Han, who oversees the country, will be solely responsible for it.

Then came the shocking case of Liu Guan, and the Han prince successfully confiscated more than three million taels of stolen money, which was enough to support the emperor’s Northern Expedition starting next spring.

So now, they can breathe a sigh of relief.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Gaoxu’s expression changed slightly after hearing this.

‘Old Xia Tou, in the past, what methods did the imperial court use to provide disaster relief? Do you just open a tent to provide porridge and distribute food?’

After hearing this, Xia Yuanji was stunned and nodded subconsciously.

‘Yes, Your Highness the King of Han, this has been done since ancient times! Is there any problem?’

‘Well, there is a problem, and it’s a big problem. Your thinking is too conservative and limited, and your approach is too stupid. Is it right to do this since ancient times?’

Zhu Gaoxu sneered angrily, but Gu Zuo, the big troll, glared at him angrily.

Seeing this big troll and wanting to start trolling, Zhu Gaoxu hurriedly explained, ‘You old guys must have never been to the disaster area in person and experienced disaster relief, right?’

Old thing?

Are you speaking too rudely?

The faces of all the giants turned red and they glared at Zhu Gaoxu.

Gu Zuo coughed, but Zhu Gaoxu was the first to take the lead and sighed, ‘When a famine breaks out, the victims don’t eat one meal at a time. They just open a tent to give out porridge and distribute food. The effect is often very poor!’

‘Most of these disaster victims have become refugees. Those who are well-fed have nothing to do, breed trouble and develop dependence, while those who are not well-fed take desperate risks, steal and plunder, and their hearts are unstable. This is why disaster areas are often infested with robbers and disaster relief is nowhere to be seen. The reason for the effectiveness.”

Xia Yuanji stroked his white beard and nodded subconsciously.

I have to admit that these words of King Han are not unreasonable.

But they have all become victims of the disaster, what else can they do?

‘Then what do you think, His Highness the King of Han?’

‘I can’t speak highly of you. The imperial court can use work as a relief. What a big deal.’

Zhu Gaoxu was a little helpless and blurted out without thinking.

‘Credit for work? What does that mean?’

When Jin Zhong, Gu Zuo, Xia Yuanji and others heard this, they immediately looked at each other in a daze.

They are all virtuous ministers and officials who are well-read in poetry and books. Not to mention rich in knowledge, at least they are all well-read people.

But they had never heard of ‘relief for work’. This was the first time they heard of it.

Xia Yuanji frowned, thought carefully for a moment, and then took the initiative to ask, ‘Your Highness, the King of Han, what does work-for-relief mean?’

‘Relief for work means that after a famine breaks out, when providing relief to victims in the disaster area, it should not just distribute food, but also find ways to organize the victims to work, such as building embankments, dredging rivers, building city defenses, and building new houses. Category.’

‘This has several advantages. First, it provides disaster relief and the people have enough to eat. Second, after the victims have jobs, they will be more peaceful and self-sufficient, which can reduce the occurrence of illegal things. Third, it also does a lot for people’s livelihood. work to enhance the people’s cohesion towards the court, and fourth, it can be counted as labor for the people in the disaster area…’

Zhu Gaoxu read out several advantages of working-for-relief in one breath, which made Xia Yuanji and others stunned.

Throughout the ages, all dynasties have provided relief to victims of disasters by directly distributing food.

Disaster relief is disaster relief, and labor is labor. These are two different projects.

They did the same thing, never having thought of such a novel and mutually beneficial way.

After thinking for a moment, Xia Yuanji nodded happily.

‘This is a very novel method, and it is very effective. During the famine years, people’s hearts were moved. The imperial court not only exempted them from taxes and labor, but also provided them with meals, and even helped them rebuild their homes and develop people’s livelihood!’

‘His Royal Highness the King of Han’s method of using work for relief is indeed very good!’

Several other people nodded one after another and agreed.

Gu Zuo glanced at Zhu Gaoxu with some surprise, but said coldly, ‘If the King of Han wants to use this to win people’s hearts and develop undesirable thoughts, I will definitely report to the emperor to impeach you. He will show no mercy!’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘???’

Your mother!

To win people’s hearts?

Are you sick?

The King of Han was dumbfounded and the officials suppressed their laughter. It was really interesting to see these two fighting each other.