Chapter 22 Realization? Sorry, half of them are from Fanshang!

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The King of Han, Zhu Gaoxu, is the prince who has been cooperating with the organization?

This shocking news completely shocked Sun Ruowei.

She only knew before that there was an emperor in the capital who had been secretly supporting them, the old ministers of Jianwen.

Money, food, supplies, food, clothing, housing and transportation were all arranged by this prince.

The emperor never showed up easily, so he only sent a liaison person, Huangfu Yunhe.

Only Xu Bin knows the true identity of this prince.

Sun Ruowei had previously doubted whether the so-called emperor was an unwilling person like Prince Ning Zhu Quan.

But she never expected that the emperor would be the favorite son of Han Wang Zhu Gaoxu, the traitor Zhu Di!

When she thought of this, Sun Ruowei’s face quickly turned cold, and she raised her head and looked directly at Zhu Gaoxu.

‘What does the King of Han mean by this? Zhu Di wants to tear us apart. How could this traitor pardon the brothers and sisters of Nuer Gandusi so easily?’

Zhu Zhanhe looked a little ugly when he saw her mouthing ‘traitor’.

Zhu Gaoxu didn’t take it seriously and just replied calmly, ‘It may be dangerous for you to go to the Banquet of All Nations, but I have said that this is the only chance to make my father change his mind and pardon Jingnan’s orphan.’

‘I will not force you. The choice is yours. If you want to go, you can stay in the palace tonight and let the princess teach you some basic court etiquette. If you don’t want to go, you can leave now.’

Seeing the calm look of King Han, Sun Ruowei became even more angry.

‘What if I go? Do you want me to kneel down to the traitor Zhu Di in front of the envoys from all countries and ask him to pardon the 30,000 Jingnan orphans?’

‘That’s enough! Ruowei, you just talk about being a ‘traitor’. Where do you put the majesty of the Tian family?’

Zhu Zhanhe couldn’t bear it anymore, and before Zhu Gaoxu could speak, he shouted angrily.

When Zhu Gaoxu heard this, he suddenly thought something was wrong.

Sure enough, Sun Ruowei had always been resentful towards Zhu Zhanhe, but now that she was suddenly scolded by him, she felt even more sad and miserable inside, so she turned around and was about to leave directly.

‘You unlucky kid, get out of here!’

When Zhu Gaoxu saw this, he kicked him directly, knocking his cheap son into confusion.

Zhu Zhanhe noticed that Sun Ruowei’s eyes were red, and he immediately reacted. He scratched his head and tried to explain, but he couldn’t hold back a word for a long time, so he could only retreat out the door dejectedly.

‘This kid is too honest, don’t take it to heart.’

Zhu Gaoxu then said in a pleasant tone, ‘The reason why I let you go to the banquet of all nations tomorrow night is because you have a special status. You are the daughter of Jing Qing, an old minister of Jianwen, and the adopted daughter of Sun Yu, the hero of Jingnan. If my father pardons you, That’s a good sign, you should understand what I mean.”

After hearing this, Sun Ruowei thought for a moment, then gritted her teeth and said, ‘Your Majesty, I’ll go.’

Sun Ruowei is very conflicted now. She doesn’t know why she agreed to this plan.

Because Zhu Di was the enemy who killed her whole family, she had no way to forgive Zhu Di.

However, she didn’t want Jingnan’s orphans to be freed from their crimes, and those brothers and sisters could return to their hometown to live peacefully from the barbaric land of Nuergandusi.

Perhaps Qitai Huang Zicheng and other old ministers of Jianwen were guilty, but the grievances of the previous generation should not be implicated in the next generation.

Jianwen’s old minister and Jingnan’s orphan are two different generations.

Sun Ruowei has always acted resolutely, and once she has made up her mind, she will not change.

‘Your Majesty, in what capacity should I participate in the Banquet of All Nations?’

Zhu Gaoxu was a little surprised when he heard this, and then he pursed his lips towards the door.

‘Isn’t it obvious?’

Sun Ruowei’s expression froze, and then Xiafei spat on her cheeks.

‘My silly son can’t speak, but you must see his feelings for you. Don’t regret it for the rest of your life because of your anger!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Gaoxu stood up and came to the door. Seeing Zhu Zhanhe still standing stupidly, he was so angry that he kicked him again.

‘Why are you still standing there? Go in and apologize! I’m so smart all my life, how come I have such a stupid son like you!’

Zhu Zhanhe smiled and then walked in.

Looking at the enemies, Zhu Gaoxu smiled like an aunt.

Zhu Zhanji, oh Zhu Zhanji, don’t blame the second uncle for cutting Hu, the main thing is that the man is in love and the concubine is interested!

Qianqing Palace.

Zhu Di was sitting on the soft couch with his eyebrows flying. Xia Yuan, the Minister of the Ministry of Revenue, the Minister of the Ministry of War, Zhan Shi, Jin Zhong, the Minister of the Ministry of Official Affairs, and Zhan Shi Jianyi, a bachelor of Zuo Chunfang and a scholar of the Imperial Academy, Huang Huai, Zuo Yude, a minister of the Imperial Academy, Yang Shiqi and other important ministers All here, there is also Zheng He who has just returned home with a full load.

On the royal desk, there are coral agate and other rare treasures, shining with dazzling brilliance.

‘Now that I have called you to discuss matters, I want you to draw up a charter on how to turn the goods brought back by Zheng He into money.’

Although Zheng He’s voyage to the West this time, it can be said that he returned with a full load.

But how to cash in the goods that Zheng He brought back became a problem.

Because Emperor Taizu Gao had issued a ban, the court was not allowed to use foreign goods for fear of bringing about extravagance.

It is precisely because of this prohibition that trying to turn this shipload of goods into money has to be put on heavy shackles.

After all, Zhu Di was not in the right position. He regarded the ancestral precepts as extremely important and did not want to see his officials accuse him of violating the ancestral precepts.

Xia Yuanji reminded him in time, ‘Your Majesty, the spices, sumac, pepper, medicinal herbs and other spices brought back by Zheng He’s fleet from overseas are still piled on the dock after being unloaded from the ship. If there is heavy rain, the loss will be very difficult.’ Counting, we have to dispatch dedicated personnel to monitor and care for them all day long.”

Zheng He also nodded and was about to speak, but unexpectedly Xia Yuanji pointed the finger at him directly.

‘Your Majesty, Zheng He spent a total of more than two million taels of silver on the national treasury in raising supplies before going to sea, and it has not yet been replenished. I dare to ask Lord Zheng He if there is a solution?’

Zheng He was stunned. When did I owe you two million taels of silver?

Isn’t this all for Daming?

Xia Yuanji added, ‘I remember that when the emperor first sent Lord Zheng He to sea, he said that Lord Zheng He could bring back a large amount of silver, but what about now? He brought back a lot of lustful things, but no silver. On the contrary, We still have to spend manpower and money on management…’

‘That’s enough! It’s the same old tune again. That’s what you said back then, and now it’s here again!’

Zhu Di was angry and his eyes widened.

‘I asked you to come here to figure out how to monetize the goods and fill the treasury, not to complain!’

Xia Yuanji was also angry. Taking care of the emperor’s money bag was really a fatal job!

‘Your Majesty, since Lord Zheng He brought the goods back, what should we do? Why don’t we ask Lord Zheng He!’

These words were well-founded, and Zhu Di could not refute it. He could only look at Zheng He who was standing aside.

Zheng He was helpless at this moment and said tentatively, ‘Your Majesty, my lords, there are only three kinds of goods that I have brought back.’

‘The first is the tribute from overseas, which is very small in quantity. The tribute envoys present it to the emperor on behalf of their kings. It is the pile of rare treasures and those rare and exotic animals in front of them. The second is the attachments carried by the kings and envoys of various countries on their ships. The imported items were actually private items, often dozens of times more than the tribute items, but they were sold by merchants at the Daming Port to earn private profits.’

‘The third type is the income obtained from my business with merchants and people from overseas countries. We can handle it ourselves, either cash it out or reward officials.’

When Zhu Di heard this, he frowned immediately.

He thought that the goods on the hundreds of ships were all his own, but he never thought that most of them belonged to the overseas envoys!

In this case, it will be troublesome to realize it.

Most of the joy in Zhu Di’s heart dissipated in an instant. Not only did half of the goods belong to others, but it was also hard to sell them. What should we do?

‘My dear friends, do you have any good ideas?’

As soon as he finished speaking, no one answered, and the hall became eerily quiet.