Chapter 25 Banquet of All Nations! Xu Bin’s mentality collapsed!

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That night, the Fengtian Hall was brightly lit, there were great rituals and music, and there was an endless stream of officials coming and going, making it look like a glorious and prosperous time.

The banquet was held in the main hall of Fengtian, with colorful dragons flying over the eaves, glazed tiles, and gold bricks paving the floor. It was a place where the emperor gave banquets to envoys from foreign vassals to show the majesty of the country.

At this moment, the lights in the palace are brightly lit, just like daytime, and the maids coming and going in colorful clothes are all busy preparing delicacies and fine wines, which can be said to be a favor to all the overseas envoys.

It seems that it is precisely because of this that the kings’ envoys from overseas countries all have smiles on their faces.

Zhu Gaoxu dressed in a bright python suit early and stood chatting with the prince Zhu Gaochi and the king of Zhao Zhu Gaosui. Big Fatty was accompanied by Zhu Zhanji, a good saint grandson.

Zhu Gaoxu had already arranged all the regulations for the Banquet of All Nations in advance, so when it was about to be held, he had some free time.

Zhu Gaosui smiled and nodded with all the officials with beaming eyebrows, his face full of pride.

‘Second brother, I heard that you issued a military order in front of the old man to cash out the goods within three days?’

‘What do you think? This is such a hard job! Even people like Xia Yuanji don’t have an idea, but you come out to take over this mess yourself!’

Hearing this, Big Fatty and Zhu Zhanji both looked at Zhu Gaoxu, with scrutiny and suspicion in their eyes.

Zhu Gaoxu just smiled faintly and retorted angrily, ‘You think I do? The old man came up with the bad idea of exchanging goods for salary. If he did it, he might be stabbed in the back by the courtiers behind his back. I didn’t do that either. It’s a matter of method.”

‘Boss, you are here too, why don’t you stop the old man?’

Tiehanhan’s chubby face was suddenly full of sorrow, ‘Do I dare? You don’t know the old man’s temper. Whenever he has nothing to do, he always scolds me to vent his anger. Hey…’

Zhu Gaoxu and Zhu Gaosui were amused by his aggrieved look.

It is true that Zhu Di, a thief, is really nothing!

Prince Zhu Gaochi was born with obesity and had difficulty moving. It can be said that he has been scolded by him since he was a child.

As a result, Zhu Laosi liked to scare the prince when he was fine. As a result, Big Fatty had no confidence at all in front of Zhu Di, just like a mouse meeting a cat.

Zhu Zhanji, however, took a deep look at Zhu Gaoxu and interrupted inappropriately, ‘Second uncle, how do you plan to deal with those foreign goods? Can you teach your nephew?’

Asking for advice is false, but testing is true.

Based on his impression of Zhu Gaoxu as a brave and foolhardy Qiu Ba, Zhu Zhanji simply did not believe that he could really process that batch of goods in three days.

Don’t talk about him, I’m afraid no such person can be found in the entire Ming Dynasty!

Zhu Gaoxu glanced at the boy lightly, then ignored him and stood up to greet him.

Zhu Gaochi and others looked along his line of sight, and their eyes suddenly lit up the next second.

The person who came was none other than Zhu Zhanhe, the eldest son of the Han Dynasty. He was dressed in brocade and rich clothes, showing his handsomeness.

But beside him, there was a stunning beauty.

This woman has a bun in her hair, plain clothes and light gauze. Her facial features are exquisite and beautiful, and her body is slender and graceful. With her phoenix crown and green clothes, she looks like a fairy who has been banished to the world. She has a fairy-like beauty that is beyond the reach of all living beings. state.

Zhu Zhanji just glanced at it and couldn’t move his eyes away. At the same time, a trace of sourness and anger rose in his heart.

Why was such a stunning beauty captured first by a fool like Zhu Zhanhe?

Moreover, Zhu Zhanji took a serious look at the woman’s face. He felt that it was very familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember it in a short time.

Zhu Gaoxu led the couple to the crowd and took the initiative to explain, ‘Boss and Lao San, come and see your niece-in-law.’

Zhu Gaojiu knew this very well, but he did not expect that Zhu Gaojiu would be so courageous and dare to bring the female rebel into the palace openly!

‘My nephew has good eyesight. He is much better than us at this point. Third uncle admires him.’

These meaningful words made Zhu Zhanhe’s complexion change slightly and he forced a smile.

Zhu Zhanhe looked calm on the surface, but actually he was panicking inside. After all, Ruowei was still a rebel, and if they saw through it, Ruowei would be in real danger.

Big Fatty didn’t know anything about this, so he joked sincerely, ‘Zhan He, this kid, usually seems honest and honest, but I didn’t expect that he would strike faster than Zhan Ji!’

When everyone heard this, they laughed again.

Sun Ruowei felt uncomfortable looking at them, and she dealt with it a little uneasily.

Fortunately, Zhu Zhanhe tightened her little hand, and the beauty felt a touch of warmth and seemed less nervous.

Just at this moment, Little Sniffle came over.

‘Your Highnesses, the banquet is about to begin. You may take your seats.’

After hearing this, Sun Ruowei’s heart tightened for no reason, and her palms became sweaty.

Zhu Zhanhe stepped forward and whispered comfortingly in her ear, ‘Don’t be afraid, I will always be with you.’

When others saw it, they thought the pair were flirting, and they kept teasing them.

Zhu Zhanji was the only one who felt very unhappy, but could not break out, so he could only walk into Fengtian Hall gloomily.

Everyone walked into Fengtian Hall chatting and laughing, which naturally caused a commotion.

‘Eh? How come His Highness the Crown Prince is chatting and laughing with Prince Han?’

‘Isn’t it rumored that they are brothers? Why do they seem to be brothers and sisters?’

‘The Ming Dynasty has a wise and powerful Holy Emperor, and there are successors who are brothers, friends and brothers. God bless the Ming Dynasty!’

All of a sudden, all kinds of compliments came pouring in, except for the good relationship between the three brothers.

There were only a few pairs of eyes, but when they saw the heavenly beauty Sun Ruowei, they were full of shock and anger.

The rebel Nie Xing wore Japanese costumes, his hair was combed like a Japanese pirate, and he even shamefully wore a classic mustache.

After he failed in the assassination that day, he was captured by the Jin Yiwei and sent to prison. Because of his identity as the little boss, he was severely tortured by the Jin Yiwei.

Just when Nie Xing thought he was going to be punished in the imperial prison, the Jin Yiwei inexplicably released him and his brothers and threw him directly out of the imperial prison, seemingly leaving them to fend for themselves.

After Nie Xing got rid of Jin Yiwei’s spy, he took his brothers back to Sun’s antique shop, but only saw Sun Yu.

After questioning him, he learned that Sun Ruowei was entangled with Yi Jinyi Wei Zhenfu, and it seemed that it was the Wei Zhenfu’s work that allowed them to get out of prison.

The next moment, Xu Bin rushed to Sun’s antique shop in person and arranged the assassination operation at the Banquet of All Nations.

Nie Xing originally wanted to ‘rescue’ Ruowei, but the action was imminent, so he could only postpone the rescue.

Immediately under the arrangement of the emperor, they became envoys from the Japanese country, and all five people in total infiltrated the banquet.

As soon as the banquet reached its climax and after three rounds of drinking and the security was relaxed, he took action to assassinate the traitor Zhu Di and avenge the unjust deaths of his brothers and sisters.

However, he didn’t expect to see the dazzling Sun Ruowei here!

‘Brother Xu, I think I saw Ruowei!’

Xu Bin was stunned for a moment, then lowered his voice and reprimanded, ‘Don’t talk nonsense, Ruowei didn’t come at all and is still waiting for us to rescue.’

Nie Xing’s face was full of dissatisfaction, and he pursed his lips towards the door of the palace.

‘Brother Xu Bin, I just suffered some skin injuries, not blindness.’

Xu Bin was stunned. Looking along his line of sight, he suddenly saw the beautiful Sun Ruowei!

‘Baga! We agreed to become rebels together, but you entered the palace and became a concubine!’