Chapter 31 Jianwen? This is all planned by you Xu Bin!

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This was a perfect plan that killed three birds with one stone, but at the last moment, Zhu Zhanji jumped out and disrupted it.

Zhu Di was furious and severely reprimanded his great grandson for the first time.

Zhu Zhanji’s lips turned white and his face was ashen. He opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but was forcibly taken away by the prince.

Big Fatty knows his own father’s temper very well, and if he continues to stay, he will only offend Long Yan.

After Zhu Gaochi and his son left, Zhu Di snorted coldly.

He couldn’t understand that the person who had been fighting in the nest before was the second child Zhu Gaoxu.

Why has the situation changed now? The second brother is obsessed with conquering the vassal state, and the person who was fighting in the nest has become the good sage Sun Zhu Zhanji?

Zhu Gaoxu smiled innocently when he saw this, and then reminded him, ‘Dad, I’m still tied up here! Xu Bin and others are still kneeling outside the hall!’

After hearing this, Zhu Di glanced at him coldly, drew out the Emperor’s Sword, and walked over with the sword in hand.

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned for a moment, and his face turned pale with fright.

‘Dad…no…it’s fine if I’m tied up…’

He was really afraid that the angry Zhu Di would kill him with a sword.

Fortunately, Zhu Di was the heroic Yongle Emperor after all, so he was not carried away by anger and cut off the rope with a sword.

‘Then if the child makes such a fuss, will it affect the plan?’

Zhu Di let out a long sigh, unable to conceal his disappointment in his tone.

Zhu Gaoxu smiled and replied confidently, ‘It’s not a big problem. The worst thing they can do is tell them that when your uncle and nephew meet, let someone come over and be their hostage.’

‘Hostage? Are you going?’

Zhu Di glanced at him coldly, feeling inexplicably tense in his heart.

This hostage must be of sufficient weight, otherwise Xu Bin and other rebels will not accept it.

Zhu Gaoxu, the king of Han, had been in contact with them and was the emperor in their mouth, so he seemed to be the best candidate for hostage.

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned. This was something that could not be done without losing his head.

He is not a fool, so why would he be willing to be this hostage?

‘Ahem, Dad, my portion is too big, so I’d better let Zhan He go!’

‘Zhan He is injured, and since he is the prince of the Han Dynasty, I’m afraid he doesn’t have enough weight.’

Zhu Di was angry. How could anyone cheat his son like this?

Unexpectedly, Zhu Gaoxu smiled indifferently and said, ‘If Zhan He is not enough, then add the child Zhan Ji and two good saints as hostages. Our sincerity is enough.’

Zhu Di was startled, and then looked at him deeply.

‘Forget it, just do what you want, take this gold medal with you!’

Zhu Gaoxu took the Holy Order gold medal and left immediately.

When they arrived at the gate of Qianqing Palace, they saw five people from Xu Bin being tied up and kneeling on the ground.

There were soldiers from the Forbidden Army guarding the surroundings, and the five of them could only wait angrily and aggrievedly for the outcome of the decision.

Seeing Zhu Gaoxu’s arrival, Xu Bin and others became even more angry. They kept making sounds in their mouths, seeming to be scolding him for setting up a frame-up.

Zhu Gaoxu was too lazy to talk nonsense with them and directly showed his gold medal. When the leader of the forbidden army saw it, he had to let him go on the spot.

When Xu Bin and the other five saw this, they were surprised and inexplicable, but they did not dare to say anything.

‘Follow me and I will take you out of the palace!’

With the Holy Order Gold Medal in hand, the group’s journey out of the palace was extremely smooth, and the martial law in the city had no impact at all.

Arriving at Sun’s Antique Shop, Sun Yu frowned when he saw Zhu Gaoxu, King of Han Dynasty.

He was a hero of Jingnan, so he naturally knew Zhu Gaoxu, King of Han Dynasty.

‘Xu Bin, what is going on?’

Xu Bin did not answer, but led everyone into the antique shop, and then looked at Zhu Gaoxu.

‘Your Majesty, now you can tell what Zhu Di’s intentions are.’

Xu Bin is not stupid. They were all caught on the spot, but they were able to leave the palace struttingly. This can only prove that Zhu Di deliberately let them go.

But why did Zhu Di, a traitor who wanted to usurp the throne, let himself go?

He must have some intention!

Zhu Gaoxu looked calm and said calmly, ‘The old man let you out because he wants you to make an appointment with Jianwen!’

‘Oh, no wonder, it’s absolutely impossible!’

Xu Bin flatly refused without any hesitation.

‘Xu Bin will not do anything for a seller to seek glory, even if the Dog Emperor kills us right now.’

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu did not get angry, but looked at Xu Bin with a smile.

‘Xu Bin, you, an old minister of Jianwen, cannot represent Jingnan’s orphan.’

‘I would like to ask you, did Jianwen know about the assassination of the king and the assassination of the king, or was it your own actions, Xu Bin?’

As soon as these words came out, Nie Xing and others’ expressions suddenly changed.

They have always followed Xu Bin’s orders because Xu Bin was the only one who could contact Jianwen.

Why does it sound like Jianwen doesn’t know what they are doing at all now, so what’s the point?

Xu Bin’s expression changed slightly and he didn’t reply.

Zhu Gaoxu then asked, ‘The 30,000 Jingnan orphans of Nuer Gandusi are still struggling to survive in the ice and snow.’

‘I thought it was strange before. You have repeatedly assassinated the king and angered the Emperor of Heaven. Aren’t you afraid that my old man will kill them directly?’

‘Furthermore, Emperor Jianwen has always been merciful, and the Yongle Dynasty has established a crown prince and grandson. Even if you succeed in assassinating him, it will not be Jianwen’s turn to take the throne. So what’s the point of him instructing you to assassinate the king?’

‘Now it seems that Jianwen doesn’t even know about these stupid things you did. It’s all your Xu Bin’s handiwork!’

Nie Xing and others’ expressions changed drastically, and they looked at Xu Bin in disbelief.

‘Brother Xu, tell me this is not true.’

‘Yes, Brother Xu…’

After a long time, Xu Bin sighed.

‘Yes, it’s me. The emperor doesn’t know.’

‘Eating the emperor’s salary, being loyal to the emperor, and killing the traitor Zhu Di are what we should do as ministers.’

After hearing this, Sun Yu’s expression changed drastically, and he angrily yelled, ‘Xu Bin, you are confused!’

‘Emperor Jianwen has always been kind and generous, and he loved his people like his own son, but you used his name to assassinate Emperor Yongle, causing anger and resentment, and the destruction of all lives!’

‘How can you show your loyalty to him and the righteousness of a minister? You are clearly trying to frame Emperor Jianwen for being unkind and unjust!’

Xu Bin sighed and did not refute Sun Yu’s statement.

As long as they don’t assassinate the traitor Zhu Di, what’s the point of living for these old officials of Jianwen?

Emperor Jianwen could give up everything and become a Zen monk who traveled around the world.

But what about these old officials of Jianwen?

Is it possible to let go of the bloody feud?

Seeing that the fire was almost done, Zhu Gaoxu said at the right time, ‘Xu Bin, you are an old minister of Jianwen, but Nie Xing and the others are not. They are the orphans of Jingnan.’

‘There is no need for the grievances of the previous generation to be extended to their generation.’

‘If you continue to insist on your own way and drive these Jingnan orphans to assassinate the king and kill the king, you will only waste their lives and kill more innocent people!’

‘And the old man in my family is not a patient person. If you continue to persist, you will only end up completely angering the emperor and ordering the massacre of 30,000 Jingnan orphans in Nuer Gandusi!’

‘If things really develop to this point, then you, Xu Bin, are an unfaithful and unjust fool. You have harmed your old master, your colleagues, and even the orphans, and you will be infamy for ever!’

Xu Bin was startled and felt lost.

Two assassinations failed and many brothers died. Xu Bin didn’t understand this.

But if he was asked to just give up and choose to reconcile with the traitor Zhu Di, he couldn’t do it!

‘Even so, I will not make an appointment with Jianwen for Zhu Di and put Emperor Jianwen in danger!’

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu smiled and took out the autographed letter.

‘I have said that you cannot represent Jianwen. You must give this letter written by Emperor Yongle to Jianwen and let him make his own choice.’

‘As for the safety guarantee for the meeting between the two emperors, it can be discussed later.’

Zhu Di’s autograph letter?

Is this dog emperor really willing to reconcile?

Everyone was shocked and looked shocked and excited.

Even Xu Bin was a little moved and tremblingly took the letter.

‘Okay, I will definitely bring this letter!’