Chapter 3 Lie, keep lying!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-24 / 1:35:05 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:8256

‘Asshole! Why are you talking to me?’

Zhu Di’s old face darkened and he shouted immediately.

What does this guy mean today?

What went crazy all of a sudden?

Let him make trouble according to his wishes, and let him serve as a prisoner of the country. He still looks like his biological father…his biological mother is dead?

Zhu Gaoxu swallowed his saliva and glanced at this cheap old man with a chill down his spine, feeling extremely aggrieved.

No wonder the princes of Han in history were so audacious that they dared to fight for the throne, but it turned out that they were all tricked by this biological father!

From time to time, he would say in your ear, ‘Oh, your eldest brother is in poor health and doesn’t expect to live for a few more years. You have to keep working hard!’

Who can withstand this? !

I have seen people cheating on their fathers, but I have never seen people cheating on their sons like this!

Zhu Gaoxu, the king of Han in history, was deceived by Emperor Yongle!

Fortunately, Zhu Gaoxu is no longer the same Zhu Gaoxu. He is now an outstanding and progressive young man.

Zhu Di asked him to supervise the country. Can he take on this job?

I will jail your grandma!

It is the prince’s prerogative to supervise the country!

Does the Ming Dynasty have a crown prince now?

Not only one, but two more!

Prince Zhu Gaochi!

Grandson Zhu Zhanji!

If you let me supervise the country, what will the prince and grandson think?

This is simply pushing yourself into a pit of fire and pushing you towards a dead end!

Once Zhu Gaoxu is in charge of the country, both the government and the public will know that he has the intention to seize the direct heir, and he will inevitably be liquidated by the new emperor in the future.

The eldest brother of the prince is kind and kind and will not attack him, but that great nephew is as ruthless as Zhu Di!

In fact, it was Zhu Gaoxu who was made alive into a clay pot chicken and barbecue by the great sage Zhu Zhanji!

Zhu Gaoxu suddenly shuddered when he thought of such a miserable way of death.

‘Dad, my eldest brother has always been in charge of supervising the country. My son has never taken over government affairs and has no experience…’ Zhu Gaoxu was so anxious that he almost shed tears.

Seeing this, Zhu Di smiled half-heartedly and said, ‘You can learn without experience. The boss is not born knowing how to handle government affairs.’

I will learn from your grandma!

You are a thief who cheated your son!

‘No, dad, during the period when my eldest brother was supervising the country, the government affairs were handled properly and there were no mistakes. What you are doing is unfair to my eldest brother!’

In desperation, Zhu Gaoxu could only change his mind and try to use warmth to soften this thief.

However, and, egg.

It would be better not to mention the prince. When he mentioned the prince, Zhu Di became angry.

‘There are no mistakes? I personally conquered Arutai and returned to the court with a great victory. I fought bloody battles for a year without incident. I didn’t expect to be assassinated in front of my own house!’

‘There are powerful enemies outside and rebels within the party, and they almost got you involved. How do you think the prince is managed in this country?’

Zhu Di shamelessly belittled the prince Zhu Gaochi, and Zhu Gaoxu almost laughed when he listened.

Ah, yes, yes!

Didn’t you pass the throne to the boss in the end?

This face is outrageous!

Zhu Gaoxu secretly gave him the middle finger without leaving any trace, and then he figured out why Zhu Di wanted him to supervise the country.

It’s just a trivial matter for someone to rebel against the party. Those orphans who are in trouble can’t make big trouble except jumping out from time to time to disgust Zhu Di.

There are powerful enemies outside, which is the real reason why Zhu Di took away the power of the prince to supervise the country.

Zhu Gaoxu had almost forgotten that Zhu Di was a war fanatic!

Why is this happening?

Because Zhu Di was not in the right position.

No matter how he tampered with the history books, no matter how he tried to cover up his mistakes, future generations would know that he, Zhu Di, relied on the Battle of Jingnan to usurp the throne from his nephew Zhu Yunwen!

Zhu Di is now like Li Shimin of the Li Tang Dynasty. One has robbed his eldest brother of the throne, and the other has robbed his nephew of the throne. They also have an unfair position.

Therefore, they all eagerly want to prove to the world that they are the destiny, and through outstanding political achievements, they can gain legitimacy for their accession to the throne and be recognized by the world.

So, for the evaluation of an emperor, the most important criterion is civil and military skills!

In terms of culture and governance, Zhu Di dredged the Grand Canal, drained the treasury to build the Yongle Grand Ceremony, and as for martial arts, he conquered Mobei five times, Annan the prefecture and county, and made seven voyages to the West…

Zhu Di, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, controlled the Jurchens in the east, Tufan in the west, Jiaozhi in the south, and Mongolia in the north. It had a vast territory. During his twenty-two years in office, he created the prosperous Yongle era and laid the foundation of the Ming Dynasty. It is recognized that the Ming Dynasty was founded by Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang , achieved by Zhu Di, historical evaluation, the Han and Tang Dynasties were far away, and could not be combined by hundreds of kings.

Like Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty, he was in the wrong position, but through his own efforts, he became the emperor of the ages!

It is now the eleventh year of Yongle, and there is less than a year left before Zhu Di’s second personal expedition.

However, the war madman Zhu Di is a good fighter, but his political ability is far inferior to that of his prince Zhu Gaochi.

If Zhu Gaochi hadn’t been supervising the country and taking care of logistics for him over the years, how could Zhu Di have beaten Meng Yuan to the point of fleeing.

So this creates a very embarrassing situation.

Emperor Zhu Di wanted to go to war, and Prince Zhu Gaochi cried for poverty.

He wanted money but no money, he wanted food but no food, which made Zhu Di very annoyed.

Military reports came from the front line. The Ming Dynasty severely damaged the Tatar tribe. The Oara tribe took the opportunity to rise and spy on the Central Plains.

Zhu Di was definitely preparing to launch a northern expedition to Oara next spring, and he was worried that the prince and a group of civil servants would oppose him, so he used the assassination case as a reason to give the prince a beating.

Zhu Gaoxu sighed in his heart, but Zhu Di looked at him with a half-smile.

In fact, in Zhu Di’s heart, he prefers the brave and capable second son Zhu Gaoxu, and he doesn’t like the fat Zhu Gaochi who is out of breath when walking.

However, the second child was a brave and foolish bastard, and the eldest son gave birth to a good grandson. That’s why Zhu Di reluctantly made the eldest son the prince, and established the good grandson Zhu Zhanji as the grandson.

But in this way, Zhu Di inevitably felt a little guilty for Lao Er.

Therefore, he gave Zhu Gaoxu a chance to supervise the country, even if it allowed him to experience the status of the prince, this would at least reduce some of the guilt in his heart.

Moreover, he also wanted to see what kind of trouble this second child could cause.

Zhu Gaoxu pretended to think deeply for a long time, and finally gritted his teeth and refused, saying, ‘Dad, my son can’t take this job.’

‘Why can’t you pick it up?’ Zhu Di was angry.

Zhu Gaoxu looked at him and said in a deep voice, ‘If the son is to supervise the country, how will the eldest brother deal with himself, and how will the eldest nephew deal with himself?’

There are two princes there, and you let a prince supervise the country. What will the courtiers think?

How about playing?

What’s going on?

Playing house?

In fact, Zhu Gaoxu knew in his heart that the Ming Dynasty’s finances were in a mess, and whoever took over would have to find ways to raise money to solve the problem of food, wages and supplies for Zhu Di’s Northern Expedition.

However, the Ming Dynasty has entered the Little Ice Age. Natural disasters have continued in various states and capitals for many years, resulting in reduced food production and tax revenue. The court had to allocate funds to provide disaster relief to the people, which formed a vicious cycle.

In addition, Zhu Di, a war madman, was bent on making great achievements. Every year, half of the court’s tax revenue was allocated to repair the Yongle Grand Ceremony. He himself continued the Northern Expedition year after year, not caring whether the national treasury was empty…

In this way, it is surprising that the imperial court’s finances are not tight.

Prince Zhu Gaochi was able to support himself and let Zhu Di mess around for so long, which is already considered very good.

If someone else had been in charge of this country, Zhu Di would have had his head chopped off long ago.

Only a fool would take over this mess.

Zhu Gaoxu forced a smile, his bearded face full of sorrow.

‘No, dad, just let your son go!’

‘My son really wants to go to Yunnan to recuperate…’

When Zhu Di heard what he said, he nodded and replied with a half-smile, ‘Well… do you want to go to Yunnan to recruit troops, imitate you and me, and raise troops to rebel against you and me?’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘!!!’


Completely numb!

A direct threat!

This old guy just wants to drain himself!

‘In this country, you have to be imprisoned, and you can be imprisoned even if you don’t want to be imprisoned. Why don’t you disagree, so I can’t cure you?’

‘If you are effective in supervising the country and trace Jianwen’s whereabouts, dad will naturally give you the rewards you deserve!’

Lie, you continue to lie!

Zhu Gaoxu sat on the ground helplessly, looking at the raised middle finger in a daze.

What a thief, Zhu Laosi!