Chapter 76 Promote weaving! Zhu Zhanji is stupid!

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The Prince’s Mansion in the East Palace.

Zhu Zhanji was lying on the bed, calling weakly.

Crown Princess Zhang was at his bedside, asking about his welfare while cursing that the King of Han was not a human being.

Even if this child is just idle and fighting crickets and has no desire to make progress, how could he be so harsh on his nephew?

The second brother clearly did this on purpose. He gained the power to supervise the country and deliberately insulted the Prince’s Mansion!

It happened that the big fat man tiptoed in. As soon as the princess saw him, her grievances and anger instantly found a place to vent.

‘Prince, your biological son was beaten like this. Can’t you ask the old man for an explanation?’

Zhu Gaochi was stunned when he heard this, then his fat face turned bitter and he said ‘Hey’ several times.

‘Hey, didn’t you go see the old man yesterday?’

He couldn’t understand why the second child suddenly went crazy and beat the child severely.

His biological father was present that day, but the second child not only ignored him, but even four or five people couldn’t hold him back.

The second child was already physically strong, far better than ordinary people, and his eyes were red at that time. No one would be afraid of him if he saw him!

‘What are you still talking about? Our son is also a grandson conferred by the emperor himself after all!’

The Crown Princess was very angry, ‘My grandson is also a prince, and his second son is only a prince, so what qualifications do he have to educate his grandson? This is the following crime, and you haven’t found an official to remonstrate with him…’

Originally, the Zhang family was filial, docile, and kind-hearted. Even though she knew that the King of Han wanted to seize the throne, she never said anything in front of Big Fatty and always abided by women’s ethics.

But now, her precious son has been beaten like this by the King of Han. No matter how good-tempered the Crown Princess is, she can no longer bear it!

However, Zhang had been in charge of the harem for so many years, and her political skills were not half inferior to those of the Crown Prince, so she easily found a reason to fight back.

Zhu Zhanji was His Highness the Grandson who was conferred by the emperor himself, and he was not an ordinary member of the royal family.

What is a grandson?

The future prince and the future emperor of the Ming Dynasty!

Like the prince, the grandson is also the crown prince!

No matter how arrogant and domineering the King of Han was, he was still a courtier!

But the grandson is the crown prince, the crown prince is also the king!

What qualifications does the King of Han have to educate His Highness Taisun and even beat him up?

Even if the following are guilty, if they are really investigated, it will be enough to make the King of Han irrecoverable!

After hearing this, Big Fatty changed his expression slightly.

This beloved concubine of mine really doesn’t do anything, but when she does, it’s amazing!

She said such a legitimate and vicious strategy casually, which was really unexpected.

However, Big Fatty was not prepared to do this.

After all, it was just a small matter for the second son to beat his grandson.

In the Tian family, it would just be an uncle beating up his nephew, no big deal.

But if you follow the method of the beloved concubine, that is, if someone below the king of Han is guilty of beating the prince, the second child will really become the target of public criticism, and he will be doomed!

Recalling what the second son said to him personally, the prince couldn’t help but let out a long sigh and sternly rejected this method.

Seeing this situation, Zhu Zhanji was completely disappointed in his own father.

‘Father, if you don’t fight or grab, my son won’t blame you.’

‘But now that your son has been beaten like this for no reason, you are not willing to ask for an explanation for your son. My son… is really heartbroken!’

His Highness Taisun has always looked down upon his somewhat cowardly biological father, and at this moment all the grievances, sorrows and indignations came to his heart.

He really wanted to ask that thief Zhu Gaoxu, why did you beat me so badly?

Yes, beat him up and crush him unilaterally!

Zhu Zhanji asked himself that he was good at boxing and kicking, but in front of that thief Zhu Gaoxu, he was as weak as a chicken.

Without even a chance to resist, he was directly pushed to the ground and beaten…

When he thought of that nightmare, countless feelings of humiliation came to his heart, making Zhu Zhanji’s eyes red.

Do you know how much psychological damage a severe beating will cause to my child?

The Crown Princess noticed the strangeness of Aiko and immediately wiped her tears.

‘Son, this sky can’t tolerate us two.’

‘Pack your things and go back to Shuntian with your mother, so as not to stay here and be bullied.’

Zhu Zhanji nodded with aggrieved face, and almost hugged his mother and cried bitterly.

When Big Fatty saw this, he was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. He knew that this was his concubine forcing him to express his position and impeach the second child.

But no matter what, they are still the second child, his flesh and blood brothers!

‘Okay, okay, you two must force me to death, don’t you… I’ll go, I’ll go, why don’t you!’

Zhu Gaochi sighed, turned around and prepared to go to Jiming Temple.

Now that things have come to a point, he is going to go and find out what the old man has to say so that he can give the two women an explanation.

However, at this moment, Little Sniff suddenly arrived at the Prince’s Mansion.

‘Your Majesty the Crown Prince, Your Majesty the Grand Sun, and your servants are here to deliver the Emperor’s orders!’

The old man’s oral instructions?

The family of three were suddenly startled and hurriedly stood up and looked at Little Sniffle.

Zhu Zhanji also pretended to struggle to get up from the bed. He knew that this little snot was the old man’s eyes and ears. The more serious his injuries were, the angrier the old man would be, and the harsher the punishment for the thief Zhu Gaoxu would be.

Seeing this, Little Sniffle smiled and waved his hand, stopping him from getting up from the bed.

‘The Holy Spirit ordered Zhu Zhanji, if you dare to fight with crickets again, I will break your legs!’

Prince ‘???’

What does it mean?

This is your most beloved grandson!

He was beaten up by his dick, and you turned around and scolded him?

Are you too biased?

Upon hearing this, Zhu Zhanji felt as if he was struck by lightning, and collapsed on the bed helplessly.

I don’t love you anymore…

I have a new love…

I am no longer your favorite little baby…

The Crown Princess stopped crying, a trace of suspicion flashed in her eyes.

‘Little Sniffle, are you done? That’s all?’

Little Snot nodded, ‘That’s it, but there is one more thing here. The Emperor ordered His Highness the Grand Sun to read it and then write a self-reflection article.’

Have a look?

Self-reflection article?

What is this all about?

Big Fatty took the paper and read it patiently, his expression gradually becoming weird.

After a long time, he sighed, handed the paper to Zhu Zhanji, and cursed, ‘You bastard, you deserve this beating!’

Zhu Zhanji ‘???’

Your uncle!

What did I do?

I’m just fighting with crickets, is that what you’re doing?

Full of grievances, His Highness Taisun took the paper and stared intently.

This piece of paper contains the recorded dialogue between the King of Han and the Emperor, as well as the bitterly satirical ‘Promoting Weaving’.

After Zhu Zhanji patiently read it, he froze on the spot.

The emperor in ‘Promoting Weaving’ loved fighting crickets since he was a child. After he ascended the throne and proclaimed himself the emperor, he immediately asked all regions to purchase high-quality crickets for Beijing, wasting countless national funds, causing waste to the people and money, causing public resentment, and even destroying small families…

The person who said this seems to be himself!

Could it be that the second uncle beat himself up for this reason?

Zhu Gaochi sighed and said, ‘If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight!’

‘My child, your second uncle is doing this for your own good!’

‘You are the future emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Every word and deed of the emperor will affect the entire Ming Dynasty. Do you want to be a sage and wise king, or an unprincipled and ignorant king?’

Zhu Zhanji didn’t respond. He didn’t speak for a long time, but kept murmuring.

‘If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight!’

After the Crown Princess took the paper and read it, she couldn’t help but feel hot and dry, and realized that she had wrongly blamed the second child.

‘Your Highness, what you said is true. Education should be educated well. What are you doing by beating people? Why do you do so so harshly…’

‘What do you, a woman, know? If you don’t let him have a long memory, will he really harm the people when he becomes emperor in the future?’

‘Yes, I am from a woman’s family, son, let’s pack up our things and return to Shuntian…’

‘Hey… My beloved, what are you doing… If you have something to say, please tell me…’