Chapter 48 Northern Expedition? I, Zhu Gaoxu, firmly oppose it!

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Qianqing Palace, Fengtian Palace!

From Fengtianmen to the square in front of the palace, all civil and military officials were arranged in order and arranged neatly.

Although the scene was solemn and solemn, the officials could not help but whisper.

Because today’s morning dynasty is only a day dynasty, not a big dynasty or a lunar dynasty.

According to the rules set by Emperor Taizu Gao, the emperor held morning court every day, which was called the Japanese court, and was mostly held in the main hall of Qianqing Palace.

The Great Court is a ceremonial court meeting, held on the three days of the Winter Solstice and the Wanshou Holy Festival every year. Because envoys from the vassal countries participate, the Great Court is the most important, and the venue is chosen to be held at Fengtian Hall.

Shuowang refers to the first and fifteenth days of each month, when all officials bow down and salute, also in Fengtian Hall.

Both the Dachao and Shuowang dynasties were held in the Fengtian Hall. They were more of a ritual, with the purpose of congratulating each other, but not without discussing political affairs.

Then, here comes the problem.

Why did the emperor hold a daily morning court meeting in Fengtian Hall?

Could it be that the emperor has something big to announce?

Today, the emperor was uncharacteristically attending court in the Fengtian Palace. Many courtiers felt a little uneasy.

The civil servants are on the left and the military attachés are on the right.

In the front position on the left, two ministers in crimson robes were talking in low voices, their faces a little solemn.

One person’s name is Yang Yu, whose courtesy name is Shiqi. He is a lecturer in the Hanlin Academy and Zuo Yude. The other person’s name is Huang Huai, whose courtesy name is Zongyu. He is a minister in the Hanlin Academy and a bachelor of Zuo Chunfang.

Zhan Shifu was in charge of the political affairs of the Fufang Bureau to provide guidance to the prince, while Zuo Chunfang was subordinate to Zhan Shifu.

Yang Shiqi and Huang Zongyu were staunch supporters of Crown Prince Zhu Gaochi, and they shared Wenyuan Pavilion.

The emperor had just beaten the crown prince recently, and today he held a morning court meeting in Fengtian Hall for the first time. As princelings, the two princes naturally looked very good.

‘Shi Qi, the emperor is making such a big fuss today, doesn’t he want the King of Han to…’ Huang Huai lowered his voice, with a worried look on his face.

Yang Shiqi stroked his beard, shook his head lightly and said, ‘Probably not. Your Majesty is so wise and powerful, how can you be deceived by traitors?’

The king of Han supervised the country?

Where to put the prince?

Where should I place my great-grandson?

How could the emperor make such a foolish decision?

‘I hope so!’ Huang Huai sighed and ended the conversation.

The next moment the sound of whips sounded, and all the officials stood in awe, and filed in amidst the sound of ritual music, and entered the Fengtian main hall.

After receiving the gift and thanking him, Zhu Di was sitting on the dragon chair at some point.

In Fengtian Hall, hundreds of officials stood at attention.

Zhu Gaojiu stood obediently behind the prince. Behind him were the third child Zhu Gaosui and the eldest nephew Zhu Zhanji.

It’s just that the prince and grandson both stood on the left side of the civil servants, while the King of Han and King Zhao stood on the right side of the military attache. This inconspicuous detail exactly represents the current situation in the court.

Zhu Di successfully ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor after the Battle of Jingnan. As a result, multiple political factions faced off in the Yongle Court, forming a delicate political situation.

The most hostile factions were the Northern Civil Service Group that supported Prince Zhu Gaochi and the Jingnan Heroes Group that supported the Han King Zhu Gaoxu. There was great opposition between the two groups.

During the Battle of Jingnan, Zhu Gaochi, the eldest son of King Yan, stayed in Peiping and handled the logistics and government affairs in an orderly manner, which solved Zhu Di’s worries and successfully won the recognition and support of the civil service group, such as the black prime minister Yao Guangxiao, the Minister of War Jin Zhong and others.

The second son of King Yan, Zhu Gaoxu, accompanied his father in the war. Not only did he achieve outstanding military exploits, but he also forged a deep friendship with Jingnan generals, such as Duke Qiu Fu’s consort Yongchun Hou Wang Ning and other Jingnan generals.

The four greatest qualities of a man are that we have carried a gun together, shared a window together, shared dirty laundry together, and visited prostitutes together.

Zhu Gaoxu, Qiu Fu and other Jingnan generals fought bloody battles together on the battlefield and forged a deep comradeship. They naturally hoped that Zhu Gaoxu could be established as the prince, so that the military group could make more profits.

For the same reason, the civil servant group naturally supported the eldest son Zhu Gaochi, so both parties were in the same situation.

In the second year of Yongle, Zhu Di discussed the issue of establishing a crown prince in the court. It was Qiu Fu and other military attachés and generals who wrote letters requesting to establish the second son Zhu Gaoxu as the crown prince.

Even surrounded by these generals, Zhu Di wavered in his determination to make Zhu Gaochi the prince.

If it hadn’t been for the persuasion of Jin Zhong, Jie Jin, Huang Huai and other court officials, I’m afraid that the position of the prince would really be nothing.

Unfortunately, in the seventh year of Yongle, Qiu Fu, the first man of the Wu Ban, led his army to the Northern Expedition to the Tatars. He led more than a thousand troops to advance. Because he underestimated the enemy and advanced rashly, he was defeated and captured and later killed. Together with the Marquis of Wucheng, Wang Cong, the Marquis of An, Huozhen, Jing’an, Wang Zhong, and the Marquis of Anping, Li Yuan, etc. All the famous generals who criticize Jingnan died in battle.

After this incident, the vitality of the Jingnan Xungui Group was severely damaged, and Zhu Di had to start his own expedition to the Northern Expedition.

With these messy thoughts appearing in his mind, Zhu Gaoxu became more determined to go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan.

He no longer had the capital to compete with the crown prince, and he continued to stay in the capital to fight for the heir. In the end, he would definitely not be able to escape the fate of being made into a crock pot of chicken and barbecue.

At least no matter what happens, we can’t accept this mess like Supervisor!

On the dragon chair, Zhu Di looked around at the civil and military officials of the court, and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

In the second year of Jianwen, he was besieged during the Battle of Dongchang. Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng fought into the siege to rescue him. In the end, Zhu Neng and himself broke through the siege, but Zhang Yu died of exhaustion at the age of fifty-eight.

In the fourth year of Yongle, when Zhu Neng was ordered to conquer Annan, he died of illness on the way. He was only thirty-seven years old.

In the seventh year of Yongle, Qiu Fu went to the north to conquer the Tatars, but he was greedy for power and advanced rashly. As a result, one prince and four princes died in battle outside the Great Wall, and his entire army of 100,000 fine cavalry was wiped out. He was sixty-seven years old at that time.

The three generals under his command who could act independently passed away one after another without realizing it.

Among the remaining military attachés, only Zhang Yu’s son Zhang Fu has the demeanor of a general and can lead an expedition on his own. However, he is trapped in the Jiaozhi rebellion and is still campaigning against the Jiaozhi rebels.

As a result, now I have no commanders to use, so I have to lead the Northern Expedition to the Tatars, which is really sad!

When he thought of this, Zhu Di couldn’t help but glance at Zhu Gaoxu, his eyes filled with relief and a hint of guilt.

This second child looks most like me!

And in recent days, I have become more enlightened and have achieved a lot.

It’s just that he is the second child!

It’s a pity that he is the second child!

Zhu Gaoxu noticed the emperor’s gaze, trembled immediately, and immediately lowered his head.

This thief has no idea what he is planning.

Zhu Di was very amused when he saw this, but when he thought that when the Northern Expedition was announced later, the civil servants would jump out to oppose it, his good mood disappeared instantly.

‘Emergency military information came from the front line, and the Oara army stationed at Luqu River, intending to peek into the Central Plains!’

‘I am determined to conquer Wala personally again, destroy the foundation of Wala, and destroy their species and clan.’

As soon as these words came out, all the officials immediately started talking and whispering among themselves.

Yes, this emperor has just returned to Beijing, and he is determined to conquer the country himself and start the Northern Expedition to Wala.

Is this addictive?

Zhu Di watched this scene with cold eyes. He had long expected that the civil servants would definitely oppose the Northern Expedition.

Sure enough, Xia Yuanji, wearing a second-grade scarlet robe, walked out slowly.

When Zhu Di saw this, he immediately felt a headache, because if Xia Yuanji, the Minister of Household Affairs, jumped out now, any fool would know what he was going to say.

You want to fight?

No money!

However, the next moment, Zhu Gaoxu walked out first, and his words shocked the entire court.

‘Dad, I think the Northern Expedition to Wala is… extremely inappropriate!’