Chapter 7 Assassination? It turns out I am the mastermind!

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-25 / 0:28:16 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:7245

Zhu Gaoxu returned to Prince Han’s Mansion and slowly smoothed over the memories in his mind.

Zhu Di’s biggest worry now is that his sons are fighting for power and there are signs of fratricide. Second, Jianwen’s whereabouts are unknown, and those Jingnan orphans are plotting to assassinate the king and kill him.

Unless Zhu Di’s problem is solved, it will be basically impossible for Zhu Gaoxu to become a happy prince who relies on red and green.

The son’s struggle for power was easy to solve, but Zhu Gaoxu had a dark eye on the whereabouts of Emperor Jianwen.

After the Battle of Jingnan, a fire burned down the entire Forbidden City. No one knew whether Zhu Yunwen was dead or alive.

Some people say that Zhu Yunwen was burned to death and burned himself to death.

Some people said that he escaped by chance and went to sea. The world is so big and he wanted to see it.

Some people say that he lived in seclusion among the people, became a monk, and practiced meditation.

Some people also say that he became a Taoist priest and realized the Taoism.

There are different opinions and endless disputes, and the mystery of Zhu Yunwen’s whereabouts has become the first unsolved case in the Ming Dynasty!

Seeing that the situation was over, Zhu Yunwen set fire to himself. Zhu Di quickly sent people into the palace to look for Zhu Yunwen. He wanted to see his body alive and his body after death.

As a result, several unrecognizable charred remains were found. According to the eunuch, these were the bodies of Zhu Yunwen, his wife Queen Ma, and the prince Zhu Wenkui.

Several charred corpses that were beyond recognition could not be identified at all, and there was no way to confirm that this was Zhu Yunwen’s corpse.

Of course, Zhu Gaojiu also maliciously guessed that Zhu Yunwen had died in Zhu Di’s hands long ago, but Zhu Di didn’t want to bear the infamy of killing his nephew to seize the throne, so he pretended to have Jianwen absconding.

All in all, Jianwen’s whereabouts are really a mystery.

Even though Zhu Gaoxu has been a man for two generations, he is somewhat helpless about this.

Just at this moment, a voice came ‘My lord, you are in good health, don’t work too hard.’

The visitor was none other than Concubine Wei, who was now the mother of two children, with a beautiful face and a plump body.

The King of Han was born in the military and had a violent temper, but he doted on Concubine Wei, and the relationship between the couple had always been very good.

‘My beloved, it’s my fault for making you miss me.’

Concubine Wei put down the soup in her hand and said angrily, ‘My lord, what are you worrying about every day?’

‘Look at that kid Zhan Ji. He hangs around in front of the old man all day long. Now he’s a great-grandson. We Zhan He have also fought and studied. How can we not compare with him?’

After Zhu Gaoxu heard this, he felt that one was as big as two.

Can the cheap son Zhu Zhanhe compare with the inherited grandson Zhu Zhanji?

Zhu Zhanji was born in the first year of Jianwen. The new emperor Zhu Yunwen had already begun to reduce the feudal vassal and sent a large army to besiege Beiping. The situation of Yan King Zhu Di was in a precarious situation.

On the night when Zhu Zhanji was born, Zhu Di, who was still King of Yan at the time, once had a dream. He dreamed that his father, Emperor Hongwu Zhu Yuanzhang, gave him a big gui.

In ancient times, Dagui symbolized power. Zhu Yuanzhang gave Dagui to him and said to him, ‘The descendants of the descendants will be prosperous forever.’

After Zhu Di woke up, he was recalling the scene in his dream and felt it was very auspicious.

Suddenly someone reported that his grandson Zhu Zhanji was born, and Zhu Di immediately realized that the scene in his dream was reflected in his grandson.

He immediately ran to see his grandson and saw that Xiao Zhanji looked very much like him, with a heroic look on his face. Zhu Di was very happy after seeing it and said, ‘This is the blessing of the Ming Dynasty!’

It was the birth of Zhu Zhanji, the handed down grandson, that completely strengthened Zhu Di’s belief in launching an army to quell Jingnan.

Therefore, Zhu Di loved this good saint grandson very much. Whether he was touring Beijing or conquering Mongolia, he took Zhu Zhanji with him to teach him through words and deeds, and cultivated him as a prince.

As for Zhu Zhanhe’s grandsons, Zhu Laosi didn’t have time to take a second look at them.

When Concubine Wei saw that he was silent, she immediately complained, ‘Your Majesty is busy working on the emperor’s orders and doing his best for the Ming Dynasty, but I don’t see him asking you to be the crown prince.’

‘Now we, Zhan He, are just like you. We followed you into battle to kill the enemy when we were only a few years old. In the end, we didn’t even get a decent compliment. This kid is already shy. How can he continue like this?’

I pity the hearts of parents in the world.

Concubine Wei was so proud when she saw Zhu Zhanji being crowned grandson that she could not help but feel unfair to her son.

When Zhu Gaoxu heard these words, he could only grin and did not dare to refute them at all.

But Concubine Wei was unwilling to give in, and her venomous nature was fully exposed.

Zhu Gaoxu was so annoyed by the endless chatter that he could only surrender and said, ‘Okay, okay, dear concubine, please stop talking. I’ll go see that little brat, okay?’

‘That’s pretty much it.’ Concubine Wei smiled with satisfaction.

When I arrived at the study room of the palace, I saw Zhu Zhanhe, the cheap son, sitting upright in front of the desk, reading ancient books with relish.

‘Ahem, son, are you in a bad mood lately?’

Zhu Gaoxu coughed twice, but received no response.

After a full quarter of an hour, Zhu Zhanhe finally woke up from a dream and turned around to look over.

‘Dad, why are you here?’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘???’

Your mother!

Is there something wrong with this cheap son?

The reflex arc in his brain is too long, right?

‘I have nothing to do. Come and see you. I heard your mother-in-law say that you are a little disappointed?’

Zhu Gaoxu sat down opposite him and looked at the child carefully.

The genes of Lao Zhu’s family are still very good. Zhu Zhanji was born handsome and handsome, and Zhu Zhanhe was not much different.

But compared with the frivolous and cunning Zhu Zhanji, this cheap son is a bit more stable.

Perhaps it’s because of his ultra-long reflex arc that gives people the illusion of being calm and mature.

It’s a pity that this dull gourd has no chance of getting ahead even with his grandson in front of him.

After a while, Zhu Zhanhe smiled slightly and said, ‘I can’t say I’m disappointed, but the child is a little worried.’

After a pause, he looked at Zhu Gaoxu with a solemn expression and asked an astonishing secret.

‘Dad, was this assassination your own work?’

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned and subconsciously retorted, ‘How could your father and I collude with Jingnan’s orphan to assassinate the old man…’


its not right!

It seems like it was really me who did this!

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Gaoxu’s expression changed drastically, and he suddenly thought of this fact.

This time, it seems that the assassination of the king and the emperor was really the work of Zhu Gaoxu.

In order to throw dirt on the prince and arouse Zhu Di’s fear of Zhu Gaochi, the original owner colluded with Jingnan’s orphan and planned the assassination.

Oh my god!

No wonder the old man doesn’t believe in himself. It turns out that the root cause lies in this matter!

You colluded with Jingnan’s orphan to assassinate King Shajia, but you took the initiative to resign and join the feudal vassal. Even a fool would not believe it, not to mention the wise and powerful Zhu Di!

When Zhu Zhanhe saw his strange behavior, his face instantly turned pale.

‘Dad, colluding with Jingnan’s orphan to assassinate the king and kill him is a grave crime of disloyalty and unfilial piety and beheading!’

‘If the old man finds out by then, our Han Palace will be in catastrophe!’

Collude with rebels, assassinate the king and kill the driver.

This is a serious crime of decapitation, and it will be reviled by the world and will be infamy for thousands of years!

Can Zhu Zhanhe not be afraid?

But now Zhu Gaoxu is numb, and everyone is numb.

Could Zhu Di not know?

He is Emperor Yongle!

And there is an informer, King Zhao Zhu Gaosui!

This incident has made us go further and further down the road of being misunderstood.

‘Good son, you go find your third uncle tomorrow, join the Jinyi Guards as a servant, and work with him to track down Jingnan’s orphan.’

Zhu Zhanhe was stunned. He couldn’t react at first, and now he was even more confused.

Zhu Gaoxu chuckled and tugged on his beard, his eyes constantly flashing.

‘Let me, father and son, help your grandpa solve his problem.’