Chapter 17 Female rebel? That is my granddaughter-in-law!

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After Zhu Gaoxu left, Zhu Di could not calm down.

Soon he summoned Zhu Gaosui and paced back and forth in the hall.

Zhu Gaoxu was a little uneasy at the moment. He didn’t understand why the old man was looking for him again.

After all, this biological father had just had a big quarrel with his second son, and Zhu Gaoxu was really afraid that he would bring evil fire to him.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhu Di finally asked, ‘Lao San, what has Zhan He been busy with recently?’

Looking at the valley?

The old man is interested in this child?

Zhu Gaoxu immediately changed his mind and started to blow a rainbow fart.

‘Dad, Zhanhe is a simple and honest boy. His son gave him a position as a guard and governor, but he has been playing with Jingqing, the girl, to relax in the past few days.’

Zhu Di nodded, which was exactly what Lao Er said.

‘Where have you been? How did the girl react?’

After all, he was his own grandson, so Zhu Di was really worried about him risking his life.

Zhu Gaosui reported the itinerary of the two of them, and said with a smile, ‘This kid is too honest. He took the girl to eat noodles in a noodle shop, drink tea in a teahouse, and listen to books under a bridge. You name it.’ A shabby place.”

Zhu Di was stunned for a moment, then smiled happily.

From this point of view, this kid Zhan He really had no idea and was acting in his true colors!

‘Where is this kid Zhanji? What are you busy with?’

Zhu Zhanhe was so outstanding, Zhu Di couldn’t wait to know what achievements he had made for his great saint grandson, who had high hopes for him.

However, the result disappointed him.

Zhu Gaosui pondered for a moment, and then said solemnly, ‘My eldest nephew has dug a lot of hidden stakes in the past few days, and arrested them all and sent them to prison for interrogation.’

‘This kid has very strong interrogation skills. He seems to have discovered that the second child is related to the assassination. He is interrogating the rebels all night long, trying to dig deeper to find evidence.’

After hearing this, Zhu Di was startled, and then sighed.

This kid has gone astray!

He asked him to take the golden waist card and go find Jingnan’s orphan, with the purpose of finding Jianwen’s whereabouts.

But now he is doing well, focusing on digging up evidence of his brother’s collusion with the rebels!

This child is much crueler than his father!

‘How is that girl Jingqing? Is her appearance and knowledge acceptable?’

Zhu Gaosui was stunned and glanced at his father suspiciously.

‘Dad, there’s nothing to say about that girl’s appearance. How can a knowledgeable son know about her?’

‘But she is a female rebel. Dad, please don’t let your mind wander…’

Zhu Di’s eyes widened and he laughed angrily and cursed, ‘Female rebel? That’s my grandson-in-law!’

‘Guangguangguan, you are a person who fails to achieve anything but fails. I will be upset when I see you.’

Zhu Gaosui was dumbfounded and walked away dejectedly with full of doubts.

Female rebel?


What is this?

Han Dynasty Palace.

Zhu Gaoxu walked into the study and saw his son painting.

When I got closer, I saw that the person in the painting was a beautiful woman.

There is no doubt that the person in this painting must be Sun Ruowei.

‘Hey, son, are you in love for the first time?’

Zhu Zhanhe was so embarrassed that he hurriedly blocked the painting with his hands.

‘Dad, why do you make no sound when you walk!’

‘That’s because your mind is on this girl, so how can you still care about your father?’

Zhu Gaoxu smiled and cursed angrily, and then sat opposite him.

‘Son, do you like this girl?’

Zhu Zhanhe blushed with embarrassment and neither confirmed nor denied.

Sun Ruowei is naturally beautiful, with excellent appearance and figure. The most fascinating thing is that she has been traveling around the world for many years, exuding a trace of heroism in her speech and behavior.

This was completely different from the frail ladies Zhu Zhanhe had seen, and naturally it had a fatal attraction for him.

Seeing him looking so shy, Zhu Gaoxu didn’t understand what this cheap son was thinking.

‘Why are you blushing? A manly man. If you like him, you just like him. You are my son, Zhu Gaoxu. Why don’t you even have this courage?’

Zhu Zhanhe was silent for a long time, then smiled and shook his head, ‘Dad, I like you, but she is a rebel. Even if your son likes her, he can’t be with her…’

‘Silly son, what are you afraid of? Dad has already told your grandpa about this. Your grandpa wants to see her and check it for you. You can bring her to your house tomorrow.’

As soon as these words came out, Zhu Zhanhe was ecstatic, and with his slow brain circuit, he didn’t think deeply about it at all.

‘Dad? Are you serious about this? Does grandpa really agree?’

‘Well, your grandfather is not a man of small measures.’

Zhu Zhanhe showed a sincere smile and looked at the pretty woman in the portrait, his eyes full of love.

Zhu Gaoxu looked at this silly son with some affection, but he didn’t feel any shame in his heart.

After solving the case of Jingnan’s orphan and uncovering Jianwen who was hiding outside, this silly boy also got a wife for nothing. Now, if he deceives him, it won’t be a big problem.

I just pity Zhu Zhanji’s eldest nephew, who doesn’t even know he was cut off.

‘Son, what is that boy Zhu Zhanji busy with these days?’

Upon hearing this, Zhu Zhanhe’s expression changed, and his good mood disappeared instantly.

‘My cousin has been interrogating the rebels he dug out from hidden piles these past few days. According to my third uncle, he is suspicious of you, dad.’

‘Dad, what should we do?’

Looking at his anxious son, Zhu Gaoxu smiled strangely.

‘What are you worried about? This is a good thing! Let him continue to investigate, he is on a narrow path!’

Zhu Di has two major concerns one is Jianwen’s whereabouts, and the other is fratricide.

Now Zhu Zhanji has forgotten that Zhu Di’s purpose of letting him join Jinyiwei was to track down Jianwen’s whereabouts. Instead, he is focused on tracking down evidence of his own crime, hoping to take this opportunity to bring himself down.

In Zhu Di’s eyes, this kind of behavior is irrefutable evidence of fratricide!

Instead of taking the right path, he insists on taking the crooked path. This kid is so smart that he is mistaken for his cleverness!

The Prince’s Mansion in the East Palace.

Zhu Zhanji strode into the door.

Although his face was tired, his eyes were bright and clear.

After being tortured for so long, I finally got some favorable evidence.

But these evidences are not enough to overthrow the King of Han Zhu Gaoxu.

But Zhu Zhanji believed that as long as he continued to dig deeper, sooner or later he would find conclusive evidence that the King of Han colluded with the rebels!

The prince was rocking on the recliner, stroking his beloved son, the bachelor of Baimao Pavilion.

Seeing Zhu Zhanji’s hurried appearance, he couldn’t help but remind him, ‘Son, Zheng He will be back soon. By then, all nations will come to celebrate together. As a grandson, you show the majesty of the country. Don’t go to Jinyiwei in the near future.’ , just calm down.’

Regarding his father’s kind reminder, Zhu Zhanji just yawned tiredly.

‘Dad, you are kind-hearted and don’t fight for anything, but your son can’t do that.’

‘You are currently confining yourself to the East Palace and turning your back on what is going on outside the window. Your second uncle has already taken the military power to stir up trouble. If you continue to let it go, the East Palace will change hands in the future!’

As soon as he finished speaking, before the prince could speak, Zhu Zhanji turned around and left, returning to his room to sleep.

Zhu Gaochi looked at Aiko’s back and couldn’t help but let out a long sigh, as worried as a fat man weighing three hundred pounds.

‘My good son, you better be obedient!’