Chapter 65 Zhu Di During my Northern Expedition, you closed down the Ordnance Bureau!

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People are numb!

Xia Yuanji and Song Li never expected that the co-author, the Prince of Han, would not listen at all after they had been persuading them for so long!

He still resolutely ordered the Jinyiwei to seal down the Ordnance Bureau, and let the Jinyiwei capture Li Wenhui and all the officials of the Ordnance Bureau!

Such an approach completely ignored the emperor’s plan for the Northern Expedition. How dare he, Zhu Gaoxu!

Seeing this, Xia Yuanji winked at Song Li and asked him to hold the Han prince, and then he immediately rushed to Jiming Temple to make a report.

It wasn’t that Xia Yuanji intended to be this evil person, it was actually the King of Han who seized the weapons bureau, which involved too much.

The emperor has decreed the Northern Expedition to Oara, and six ministries and hundreds of departments are raising food and wages to mobilize troops to prepare for the war.

At this critical moment, Prince Han, the supervisor of the country, suddenly acted stupidly and insisted on sealing up the Arms Bureau!

How can we fight this war if we can’t supply armaments and baggage?

That would cause big trouble!

Zhu Gaoxu saw Xia Yuanji leaving in a hurry and didn’t pay much attention.

This old man Xia was either going to inform Big Fatty, or he was going to Jiming Temple to find Zhu Laosi.

Seizing the Ordnance Bureau was a last resort done by Zhu Gaoxu.

He originally wanted to use the professional craftsmen from the Ordnance Bureau to pound out the briquettes and sell them to the people of the Ming Dynasty at a fair price, so that as many people as possible could have a warm winter.

Who would have imagined that what they would see when they came to the Arms Bureau was not a group of professional technical talents, but a group of beggars with sallow faces and skinny muscles.

How else to do this?

Moreover, this is the most advanced weapons bureau in the Ming Dynasty. You can already imagine what those local arsenals look like.

The soldiers of the Ming Dynasty took these inferior armaments and tried to beat the Tatars until they ran away with their heads covered. This only proves that the soldiers of the Ming Dynasty were too brave.

Only by sealing up the arms bureau, digging out the morons, and conducting a major blood change can Ming Dynasty embark on the road of industry!

Zhu Gaoxu ignored Song Li’s surprised look and walked up to an old craftsman in front of all the craftsmen.

‘Old man, are you hungry? Can you eat enough on weekdays?’

Zhu Gaoxu forced a smile and tried his best to look friendly. After all, he was wearing a python suit, giving the lowly craftsmen a noble look that would keep strangers away.

‘If I return to His Highness the King of Han, I will tell you that I am not hungry, but fully fed.’

The scrawny old man looked at Song Li cautiously while answering.

They didn’t know Song Li, the minister of the Ministry of Industry.

The biggest official these poor craftsmen usually see is Li Wenhui, the ambassador of the Ordnance Bureau.

But just from the conversation between these big figures, it is not difficult to confirm their identities.

Zhu Gaoxu noticed this detail and calmly said, ‘My father-in-law, don’t be afraid. Old Songtou is a good official. He is also the largest official in your Ministry of Industry.’

‘But Mr. Song is busy with many things on weekdays and has no time and energy to come to inspect, so you are all humiliated by corrupt officials!’

As soon as he finished speaking, he looked at Song Li again and shouted angrily, ‘Master Song, do you think so?’

Song Li was already feeling ashamed because of Li Wenhui’s corruption, and now he was even more ashamed after hearing what Prince Han said.

‘Don’t worry, father-in-law. It’s my fault, Song Li, for my negligence, which has caused you to suffer so much.’

For the first time, the dignified Minister of Industry actually bowed and apologized to the old craftsman.

When all the craftsmen saw it, they were immediately frightened and at a loss. The old craftsman was even ready to kneel to the ground as soon as his knees weakened.

Fortunately, Zhu Gaoxu supported him in time and comforted him, ‘You have to accept this gift, otherwise Lao Song will not be able to escape the crime of negligence.’

After hearing this, the old craftsman accepted the gift tremblingly, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

‘Prince Han, I am old and it doesn’t matter if I am hungry. Don’t blame Master Song.’

The old craftsman sighed. In his whole life, he had never seen an important official bowing and apologizing to him.

Because of Song Li’s gift, the grievance and anger in his heart immediately disappeared, and he even took the initiative to intercede for Song Li.

When Song Li saw this, his face turned red with embarrassment, and he stood nearby not knowing what to say.

Zhu Gaoxu also sighed, ‘No matter how old you are, you shouldn’t be hungry. In the past, no one knew your situation, so you were humiliated by these petty officials. But now that Mr. Song knows, he will definitely not allow this.’ It happens again.”

‘Am I right, Old Songtou?’

Song Li nodded repeatedly, almost patting his chest to assure himself.

Zhu Gaoxu’s sincerity seemed to have touched the already numb hearts of the craftsmen.

A young craftsman plucked up the courage and shouted, ‘Prince Han, is this true? Can Master Song really let us have enough to eat?’

After hearing this, Song Li felt even more ashamed.

He was brazen just now, claiming that these craftsmen would be well fed and clothed, but the real facts gave him a slap in the face.

Zhu Gaoxu sighed, held his father-in-law’s hand tightly, and said, ‘If you can eat well, everyone can eat well. Even if Old Songtou treats you badly, I, the Ming Dynasty, will not treat you badly!’

‘Nie Xing, ask the brothers to go to the best restaurants in the capital and start cooking from now on. Send them all over when they are ready!’

Nie Dabaihu was stunned for a moment, then took the order and left.

Zhu Gaoxu looked at the sallow and thin craftsmen and said loudly, ‘Today, the king is inviting guests to dinner. The money belongs to me. You can eat and drink freely. When you are full, we will redistribute the work and start a new life!’

After hearing this, the craftsmen burst into cheers, and some even knelt down on the ground to express their gratitude to Prince Han.

Zhu Gaoxu’s expression was extremely complicated when he saw this, and Song Li was even more ashamed.

‘Old Songtou, have you seen it? This is the craftsman.’

‘They master the craftsmanship of making weapons and armaments, but they don’t even have enough to eat, and their lives are worse than those of beggars on the street. You, Minister of the Ministry of Industry, are really negligent!’

‘If they starve to death, who will build weapons and armaments without them? Corrupt officials like Li Wenhui? Or you, the Minister of Industry?’

‘The work is done by others, and the credit belongs to you officials. Why don’t you let them have a good meal? What a bastard!’

Song Li was so ashamed that he lowered his head and did not answer.

‘Old Songtou, these are all talents!’

What he saw and heard today gave him, the minister of the Ministry of Industry, a great spiritual impact.

Jiming Temple.

Zhu Di was taking a nap while leaning on the soft couch.

Since Jianwen returned to Beijing, his heart has finally calmed down and his sleep quality has greatly improved.

But soon a eunuch came to report, ‘Your Majesty, Mr. Xia, the Minister of Household Affairs, has hurried over and wants to meet the emperor!’

After Zhu Di heard this, he immediately opened his eyes.

What is Xia Yuanji doing here?

Could it be that something big happened in the capital?

‘Bring him in quickly!’

As soon as Xia Yuanji saw Zhu Di, he immediately fell to his knees.

‘Your Majesty, His Highness the King of Han has sealed off the Arms Bureau, and I cannot stop him.’

Zhu Di ‘???’


The second brother seized the weapons bureau?

What kind of devil is this bastard doing?

I will launch the Northern Expedition to Oara next year. Now you have closed the Ordnance Bureau. What do you mean?