Chapter 27 Xu Bin I really didn’t arrange this!

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While drinking and drinking, Zhu Di began to meet with envoys from various countries.

Accompanied by Zheng He, he first summoned the overseas vassals who had traveled across the ocean.

Because Zhu Di has always had expectations in his heart, whether what his second son said is true.

‘This is the country of Luzon, which is rich in gold. This is the island country of Molucca, which is especially rich in spices such as sandalwood, cloves, cardamom, and pepper. It is known as the ‘land of spices.’ In addition, there is gold and pepper from Sumatra, camphor from Borneo, and Timor.’ of sandalwood…”

When these overseas specialties with their own characteristics were met in the two countries, they were personally confirmed by Zhu Di.

Emperor Yongle’s little heart also began to beat wildly!

Could it be that what the second child said that day was all true?

Compared with things like golden spices, Zhu Di was more concerned about the words behind his second son at the moment.

‘Dad, if I told you that there are three kinds of food crops hidden in those small overseas countries, which can easily reach a yield of twenty, thirty or even forty stones per mu, what would you do?’

Although gold and spices are precious, the most precious thing is food.

People can live without gold or without spices, but they cannot live without food.

A miraculous crop that yields twenty or thirty stones per mu is enough to create the divine seed of Yongle’s prosperous age!

So Zhu Di couldn’t wait to ask about the matter, and even took the trouble to meet with envoys from overseas countries.

However, the ideal is very full and the reality is very skinny. These envoys have never heard of this kind of god at all. In fact, they were so shocked that they thought it was a specialty of the Ming Dynasty. They were so excited that they asked the Holy Emperor for a gift.

Zhu Di was greatly disappointed when he saw this. Even Zheng He, who was always by his side, couldn’t help but said, ‘Your Majesty, how could there be such a miraculous crop? I have traveled to overseas countries and gained a lot of knowledge and horizons, but… I have never heard of such a divine species!’

After hearing this, Zhu Di couldn’t help but sigh.

But he still didn’t give up. When he saw Zhu Gaoxu drinking and having fun with the prince, he immediately ordered someone to call him over.

As soon as Zhu Gaoxu stepped forward, he saw Zhu Di looking unhappy and wondering what he had done wrong.

Fortunately, Zheng He was very thoughtful and lowered his voice to explain the cause and effect.

After hearing this, Zhu Gaoxu realized that Zhu Di had been keeping this matter in mind and couldn’t wait to find the whereabouts of the divine seed.

The so-called ‘divine seeds’ are actually potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and other common crops in later generations.

But now in the Yongle period, these crops are still in America, waiting for Columbus to discover the New World!

Zhu Gaoxu looked at Zheng He with a warm smile. Although the Ming Dynasty did not have Columbus, it did have the navigator in front of him!

‘Dad, the gods I mentioned are not in the West or Southeast Asia, so it is normal for Zheng He to not be able to find them.’

‘Let’s not mention this now. The Wan Guo Banquet is about business. When we get back, I will draw a map and ask Zheng He to follow the map to find it. We will definitely succeed!’

Zhu Di pondered for a moment and could only nod helplessly.

After such verification, he was convinced of Zhu Gaoxu’s words.

After all, the specialties of all countries are available, and there are even places that Zheng He has never been to.

Emperor Yongle was no longer too lazy to think about how this second child knew. He valued the results more.

‘You should take this matter to heart and draw up the Kanyu map as soon as possible.’

Zhu Di gave another warning before continuing to receive the envoys of the feudal state.

The next person Zhu Di called was the envoy Wu Liangha who was born to be rebellious.

Zhu Gaoxu saw a strong, bald man walking forward impatiently, and then fell to his knees.

‘Commander Duoyan Weidu, Zhi Ha’er has come to see His Majesty!’

After the success of the Jingnan, Zhu Di continued the previous dynasty’s control over the three guards of Duoyan and granted the three guards hereditary noble positions.

However, the three Uuliangha guards rebuilt by Emperor Yongle this time were headed by Duoyan guard and Taining guard was reduced to the last. Even with the support of the imperial court, Duoyan guard had gradually annexed the two guards.

Although Hargai was very polite, his unruly and ferocious look made Zhu Di very unhappy.

Barbarians are barbarians. Even if they were granted official positions in the Ming Dynasty, they still could not change their despicable nature of treating hair like hair and drinking blood.

Zhu Di smiled self-deprecatingly and said calmly, ‘In this Northern Expedition to the Tartar Arutai Tribe, you, the Ulliangha Tribe, have made great contributions in the expedition. What reward do you want?’

Ha’er didn’t hesitate at all and opened his mouth.

‘Your Majesty, I sincerely request your Majesty to allow the Uliangha Tribe to be stationed in Daning. The Uuliangha Tribe is willing to be the border fence of the Ming Dynasty and the eyes and ears of the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty forever.’

After hearing this, Zhu Di’s eyes suddenly became sharp.

‘Oh, Daning!’

‘It’s no longer just a day or two for you to obtain the pastoral rights in the Daning area!’

‘But Daning is outside Xifeng Pass, the land of ancient Huizhou, connected to Liaodong to the east and Xuanfu to the west. It is actually a giant town of Youyan. It has been our territory of the Ming Dynasty since Emperor Taizu Gao!’

‘My Ming Dynasty has been running Daning for so long. If I give Daning to you, how can I have the dignity to go see Emperor Taizu Gao?’

Ha’er was a little angry, because during the Battle of Jingnan, they helped the emperor charge forward because Zhu Di promised to give Daning to the Uuliang Ha tribe as pasture land after the incident was completed.

However, after the Jingnan success, the emperor never mentioned the matter!

‘Your Majesty, this is what you personally promised us back then…’

‘That’s enough! How can we allow others to snore on the side of the bed?’

Zhu Di was furious and scolded without any doubt, ‘Don’t mention this matter again!’

Seeing the emperor’s anger, Harbin could only lower his head and remain silent, but there was a trace of resentment in his eyes.

Seeing him bowing his head, Zhu Di’s expression softened slightly, and he comforted him and said, ‘I hope you have served well in the battle, so go down to the prince and ask for more rewards.’

‘Thank you, Your Majesty!’

Haru suppressed his anger and was about to get up and leave.

But at this moment, a sharp sound broke through the air, which seemed inconspicuous amidst the din.

Only Zhu Di and Zhu Gaoxu, who were informed, knew it well and watched helplessly as the sharp arrow shot towards the emperor!

After all, Sun Ruowei was born as an assassin. The moment she heard the sound of breaking through the sky, she realized that an assassin was assassinating the emperor.

There was almost no doubt that Sun Ruowei subconsciously thought that Xu Bin and others were mixed up in the Banquet of All Nations to assassinate Zhu Di!

In a flash of thought, Sun Ruowei made a decision that shocked everyone. She stood in front of Zhu Di without hesitation!

The emperor cannot die!

If he dies, Nuergandusi’s brothers and sisters will be in disaster!

If he dies, the world will be in chaos again, and the people will still suffer!

This sudden and shocking change stunned everyone present.

Zhu Di was a little moved when he saw this. He really didn’t expect that Sun Ruowei would really give up her hatred and risk her life to save herself!

It seems that the second child is indeed right!

Zhu Gaoxu had been watching quietly and was not surprised.

Because this scene is what will happen.

However, the next moment, Prince Han screamed, ‘You bastard, get out of the way!’

When Zhu Di took a closer look, his expression suddenly changed, and he no longer looked calm.

Everyone saw that a sharp arrow suddenly struck through the air and pierced into Zhu Zhanhe’s body.

It turned out that at that moment, Zhu Zhanhe stood in front of Sun Ruowei and took the arrow!

Zhu Di was dumbfounded, Zhu Gaoxu was stunned, and they were all confused.

What was a good plan, why did it become like this?

Not only the two of them were confused, but also Xu Bin and other ‘Japanese assassins’ who were ready to make a move.

Nie Xing ‘Brother Xu, have you arranged for other people?’

Xu Bin ‘???’

Nie Xing ‘Brother Xu, how can Ruowei block Zhu Di’s arrow?’

Xu Bin ‘…’

Nie Xing ‘Brother Xu, Ruowei is still holding Zhu Di’s grandson and crying…’

Xu Bin ‘!!!’

I’m so depressed!