Chapter 10 Opportunity? Another trap for thieves!

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As soon as the Zhu Gaoxu brothers left, the anger on Zhu Di’s face dissipated instantly, and instead he showed a satisfied smile.

Although the second child colluded with Jing Nan’s orphan to assassinate Wang Shajia, he still made these little tricks to covet the position of the prince.

But after all, he was not that stupid. He took the initiative to confess to himself and explained everything honestly.

Just now, Zhu Di took the opportunity to test the two sons again, and he was very satisfied with the result.

At least in the heart of the second child, Zhu Gaoxu, there is still family affection, and he still values the family affection between father, son, and brother.

When he thought of this, Zhu Di suddenly felt better.

It’s just that the second child has always been evil-minded, and he also knows how to retreat to advance and join the feudal vassal, which makes Zhu Di a little dissatisfied.

Symbolically, the two of them knelt for half an hour before Zhu Di raised his brows and shouted, ‘Little snot, let them get in.’


Soon, Prince Zhu Gaochi and King of Han Zhu Gaoxu walked in dejectedly and knelt on the ground.

Zhu Di sat on the soft couch, squinting at the two brothers, wondering what he was thinking.

After a long time, he told the big fat guy, ‘Boss, go back. You have nothing to do here.’

The prince was stunned, ‘But dad… the second brother…’

Seeing Zhu Di’s eyes widening, Zhu Gaochi gave in on the spot, got up and left honestly.

This big fat guy has been scared to death by his own father since he was a child!

Seeing his appearance, Zhu Gaoxu couldn’t help laughing.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Di kicked him again, but this one was obviously much lighter than before.

Zhu Gaoxu didn’t hide either and allowed Zhu Di to vent his anger.

Kick it.

As long as this matter is turned over, it will be done.

Otherwise, if you leave this hidden danger behind, you may end up trapping yourself to death.

When Zhu Laosi saw him looking like a knife, he immediately laughed angrily and lost interest in trying to deal with him.

‘Second brother, don’t say that dad won’t give you a chance.’

‘Dad will hand over the Five Cities Military and Horse Division to you, and we will track down Jianwen’s whereabouts from tomorrow.’

‘If you successfully find Jianwen, dad can forget everything. If not, just wait until you are assigned to Fengyang Gaoqiang!’

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned for a moment, and he was dumbfounded on the spot.

Your mother!

Sent to Fengyang High Wall?

Isn’t this too harsh?

Fengyang was the place where the royal family of Zhu Ming Dynasty flourished. Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang could not bear the life-and-death fight between his descendants for the throne, so he built the Fengyang High Wall so that the princes and grandsons could survive even if they committed a taboo.

Therefore, most of the useless commoners who were sent to Fengyang Gaoqiang were because they had committed serious crimes. In terms of the deceased, their descendants were also affected more or less, and in terms of the deceased and the object of the imperial court’s fear And their descendants will be executed or imprisoned forever, such as the descendants of Jianwen.

The common people and their descendants who are distributed under the high wall will be given a certain amount of food and salary to survive. This only guarantees that you will not starve to death, let alone enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

Zhu Gaoxu was afraid that if he left such a life-long confinement life, he would hit the wall and die in a matter of minutes.

Zhu Di sneered a few times when he saw it, and then told Zhu Gaoxu to get out.

Baby, I can’t cure you anymore?

I still want to go to Yunnan and enjoy the blessings of a feudal lord. I, the emperor, have not even enjoyed a few days of happiness!

In desperation, Zhu Gaoxu had no choice but to accept the title of admiral from the Wucheng Military and Horse Division and walked out of the palace worriedly.

Looking at the admiral badge in his hand, Zhu Gaoxu felt very hot.

The Wucheng Bingma Division is not one yamen, but the collective name of five yamen. They are divided into the Central City Bingma Division, the East City Bingma Division, the West City Bingma Division, the South City Bingma Division, and the North City Bingma Division. They divide the capital into five Each area is managed separately.

The Wucheng Army and Horses Division only has one official position of ‘admiral’, and ‘admiral’ here is a verb, not a noun. For example, Zhu Gaoxu is now ‘admiral of the Wucheng Army and Horses Division’, and the Han king Zhu Gaoxu is the temporary superior of the Wucheng Army and Horses Division. .

This military department with a small official position has more than 4,000 patrol soldiers.

And the most frightening thing is that these patrol soldiers are not the handymen of the middle and late Ming Dynasty. Instead, they are elite soldiers from the three major battalions of the capital.

All of them are strong men with big shoulders and round waists. They can shoot big bows and fight hand-to-hand with swords. Their fighting prowess is extremely amazing.

Zhu Gaoxu held the admiral badge in his hand and looked back at the solemn Forbidden City, feeling heavy in his heart.

Zhu Laosi, Zhu Laosi, is this another test?

Leave this elite soldier to me and wait for me to join forces with Zhao Wang Zhu Gaosui to rebel?

Admiral Zhu Gaoxu, King of Han, was in charge of the Five Cities Military and Horse Division, and there were many direct troops in the army. King Zhao Zhu Gaosui was in charge of the Imperial Guards, and could cut off the emperor’s eyes and ears at any time and trap him in the deep palace.

If Zhu Gaoxu is still the same Zhu Gaoxu as before, and gets this admiral card, he may really get hot-headed and fall into Zhu Laosi’s trap.

Zhu Gaoxu couldn’t help but sigh when he thought of this.

The emperor’s thoughts are really hard to figure out!

Jinyiwei, Fusi, Beizhen.

Zhu Gaosui sat on the chair with a headache and couldn’t help but sigh.

The Jingnan orphans who were captured in the assassination case were each tougher than the last. They were tortured for so many days, but their mouths were not pried open.

It is actually inappropriate to say that these assassins are the orphans of Jingnan.

Jianwen’s old ministers are more in line with their status.

Many of them were even civil servants of the Jianwen Dynasty, not Qiu Ba, a warrior.

But it just so happens that these civil servants have the hardest bones and the strictest mouths.

‘Oh, the moral integrity of a scholar? I have learned a lot today.’

At this time, a person came to report, ‘Sir, there is someone asking to see you, claiming to be your old friend.’

Lao Tzu’s old past?

Zhu Gaosui frowned and ordered him to bring the people in.

After a while, a handsome young man walked in.

‘Third uncle, what’s going on? Are you so angry?’

Zhu Gaosui glanced at his frivolous nephew and showed a strange smile.

‘If you have anything to say, please tell me. Your third uncle is worried about me right now!’

Zhu Gaosui had always disliked this thoughtful little wolf cub and found him very unpleasant.

Zhu Zhanji was not angry when he saw this. He cupped his hands and smiled and said, ‘My nephew heard that Jingnan’s orphans are rampant, so he came to Jinyiwei to ask for an errand to share the worries of his third uncle.’

Share my worries?

Forget it!

Zhu Gaosui was not stupid. He refused directly and said, ‘Eldest nephew, the third uncle’s Jin Yiwei is not the place you should come to. If the old man finds out, he won’t strip your third uncle’s skin.’

His Majesty, the great grandson, hangs out with executioners like Jin Yiwei. How can he inherit the throne in the future if word spreads about it?

Unexpectedly, Zhu Zhanji took out the royal gold medal from his arms and shook it slightly. Zhu Gaosui immediately understood.

This is what the old man meant!

Why did he let this little wolf cub come to Jinyiwei?

Even if Zhu Gaosui didn’t understand, he had to give Zhu Zhanji a position.

After all, this was the emperor’s wish, and he did not dare to violate it.

However, there are some opinions on the level of this position.

‘Eldest nephew, since the old man knows what’s going on, I can rest assured, third uncle.’

‘How about I give you a position in a hundred households?’

Zhu Zhanji was stunned for a moment, then became furious.

Hundreds of households?

Is my grandson worth a hundred households?

I still have the gold medal of royal destiny in my hand?