Chapter 2 Supervise the country? are you crazy?

Novel Title:Ming Dynasty: My father Yongle, Yongzhenshanhe Time:2024-1-24 / 1:34:30 Author:I heard about ancient times Word Count:6921

Jinling Imperial Capital, Forbidden City.

The Ming Dynasty Palace is magnificent, with carved beams, painted pillars, and red and green tiles, all shining in the sun.

King Zhu Gaoxu of Han Dynasty looked around and saw palaces and palaces everywhere, patrolling forbidden troops everywhere, and the whole palace was full of grandeur and solemnity.

Looking at the majestic and magnificent palace in front of him, Zhu Gaoxu looked a little dazed.

Although he was hit by a poisonous arrow when he was assassinated that day, thanks to the timely treatment by the royal doctor and the original owner’s strong body, he recovered within a few days.

In the past few days, the entire Jinling Imperial Capital has fallen into chaos.

Zhao Wang Zhu Gaosui led the troops of the five cities and the Jinyi Guards to block the city gates and conduct house-to-house searches throughout the city, hoping to find out the mastermind behind the assassination of the king.

Suddenly, everyone from the important officials in the court to the common people were in panic, walking on thin ice, fearing to be involved in this shocking case.

However, after Zhu Gaoxu leisurely recovered from his injury for a few days, he still made up his mind to enter the palace to face the saint.

After he had thought deeply over the past few days and recognized the reality, he had already made up his mind to go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan.

If you continue to stay in the capital, you will inevitably end up being turned into a crock pot chicken in the future.

In this case…then I won’t play with you anymore!

Wouldn’t it be nice to give up the undue ambition of seizing a legitimate heir and go to Yunnan, a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters, to be a happy prince surrounded by red flowers and lush greenery?

What’s there to sit on in that dragon chair?

It wakes up earlier than a chicken, goes to bed later than a dog, eats worse than a pig, and does more work than a donkey…

I only fight for this position because I have a brain problem.

When he thought of this, Zhu Gaoxu immediately relaxed his brows and walked towards Qianqing Palace with manly steps.

When the people in the palace saw him, they all nodded and bowed in salute, which gave him the dignity of the Han prince.

After all, everyone knows that the King of Han almost died in order to protect his majesty in the assassination case a few days ago. The emperor was furious about this. Not only did he angrily reprimand the prince, but he also took away the memorials he had reviewed during his supervision of the country.

In other words, the emperor is dissatisfied with His Highness the Crown Prince!

Zhu Gaoxu greeted everyone warmly and soon arrived outside the imperial study.

When he walked into the imperial study, he saw Emperor Yongle, who was wearing a bright yellow dragon robe, leaning on the soft couch, holding a memorial in his hand, and seemed to be taking a nap.

‘Second brother, are you here? How are your body and bones? Are they all healed?’

Hearing this powerful voice, Zhu Gaoxu’s heart suddenly moved.

Emperor Yongle, Zhu Laosi.

He couldn’t suppress the curiosity in his heart and looked up somewhat disrespectfully.

Emperor Yongle!

Still flesh and blood!

I saw this great emperor’s face was heroic and strong, but with a hint of fatigue, and his temples were slightly gray. Although he was leaning on the bed, he had an air of mastery over the world.

This is the emperor who created the prosperous age of Yongle, Yongle Emperor Zhu Laosi.

Zhu Di seemed to notice his gaze, looked at his second son suspiciously, and subconsciously tugged on his beard.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Gaoxu immediately prepared to kneel down and salute, but Zhu Di smiled and waved his hand.

‘You kid, I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you are still polite. I want to ask you if your injury is healed?’

‘Dad, it’s just a minor injury, nothing to mention.’

Zhu Di smiled happily after hearing this. He had always been partial to this brave son.

On the one hand, it’s because the prince is gentle and gentle, unlike him who is about to go to war.

On the other hand, Zhu Di has always been a little guilty of Zhu Gaoxu because he made the boss the prince.

After all, it was not the boss but the second child who fought bloody battles and risked his life on the battlefield.

‘What’s the matter with you coming here today? You’ve just had a few days of rest and you can’t be idle anymore?’

Facing Emperor Yongle’s gaze, Zhu Gaoxu winced and said, ‘Dad, now that the world is at peace, the country is prosperous and the people are safe, my son wants to…want to become a vassal in Yunnan.’

Zhu Di suddenly looked surprised after hearing the first half of the sentence.

He is still very clear about the virtues of the second child. Why is he still saying such harsh words after being injured this time?

But when he heard the second half of the sentence, he became furious and sat up straight.

‘Second brother, tell dad what you meant by what you just said?’

Zhu Di’s eyes widened and he spoke coldly with a hard face.

The second child actually requested to go to Yunnan to join the feudal clan?

The sun is really coming out in the west.

In the second year of Yongle’s reign, he was granted the title of King of Han and the vassal state of Yunnan.

But he said, ‘What is my crime? I will be driven thousands of miles away.’ He refused to go to the feudal country.

Zhu Di considered that the Northern Expedition to Mongolia and Yuan Dynasty would require him to fight on the battlefield, so he simply let it go.

This detention has lasted until now, and the second child still often behaves arrogantly and rebelliously.

Zhu Di was naturally very clear about his little thoughts.

Why did you suddenly change your temper today and take the initiative to request to go and join the feudal clan?

Is this what you, the King of Han, Zhu Gaoxu, should say?

Zhu Gaoxu sighed and said with a tired face, ‘Father, my son has been following you to fight on the battlefield since he was a child. At that time, he was not tall enough in stirrups, so he followed you into battle to kill the enemy!’

‘In these years, I have been through life and death, with thirty-seven scars, sixteen arrow wounds, and more than a hundred battles… I experienced life and death a few days ago, and my son almost died… I really feel tired.’


Really tired?

Zhu Di looked a little moved, but still shouted coldly, ‘You said you are tired? The emperor’s son is not punished, so who will help my old Zhu family fight the war?’

‘This Ming Dynasty belongs to my old Zhu family. Now that the war is pending, you can just say that you are tired and want to give up the job. Okay!’

As expected, Zhu Gaoxu was scolded angrily by the old man, and he was scolded bloody.

It is natural for me to scold my son, and Zhu Gaoxu can only accept it.

It’s just that he was slandering Emperor Yongle in his heart. If he kept himself, he would just let himself fight for him. He could say it so grandly. It was really shady!

Zhu Di scolded his second son for a while, and felt a little unbearable. He stood up, walked to Zhu Gaoxu, and patted his shoulder hard.

‘Second brother, dad is getting old, and your eldest brother is not in good health. This great country needs you to continue to work hard!’

Zhu Gaoxu ‘???’

I’m crazy…

Shameless, right?

Zhu Gaoxu felt that these words seemed familiar, and a chill ran down his back.

The prince is often sick, so you should encourage him!

After a pause, Zhu Di said earnestly, ‘Dad knows your little thoughts, and you use retreat to advance, right?’

Zhu Gaoxu was stunned and looked at Zhu Di with a confused face.

‘Now that dad has taken over the power of supervising the country from the boss, and you have done a good job in protecting him, you immediately resigned. This is a wonderful move, second brother…’

‘Dad, no, I really don’t mean that, dad…’ Zhu Gaoxu was anxious and was about to argue.

‘Dad also knows that you feel aggrieved. Don’t you just want to complain?’

‘Let’s do this. I will hand over the Five Cities Military and Horse Division to you, and let you supervise the country for three days. Those officials will be investigated and arrested as they should be. How about following your wishes?’

Zhu Di patted his shoulder, a smile flashed in his eyes.

Zhu Gaoxu stood stunned on the spot after hearing this, and then said angrily, ‘You want me to supervise the country? Old man, are you crazy?’