Chapter 97 Because it’s true

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:53:48 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6462

‘Let’s go to the antique market first, and then go to the antique shop when we have time.’

Zhang Hao smiled and refused.

If it weren’t for completing the mission, I wouldn’t have brought the baby out.

When I think about this mission, I want to curse.

There is no reward for completing the task, and there is a fine for failure to complete the task.

This system is not only a scam, it is a scam!

Suddenly, the system sound sounded.

‘If the host speaks dirty words, he will be fined 10,000 yuan and given a warning!’

‘I’m a fool!’

Half an hour later.

Zhao Yude drove to the antique market.

In fact, he can be here in ten minutes.

Because there were three cute babies in the car, we didn’t drive fast.

Moreover, there was no overtaking along the way, no yellow lights, and even no overtaking when encountering other cars.

For the safety of your baby, drive at a turtle speed throughout the journey.

Zhang Hao saw it in his eyes and remembered it in his heart.

Unexpectedly, this crooked old man also has a gentle side.

‘Xiao Zhang, we’re here, get off the car.’


After getting off the car, Zhang Hao pushed the baby into the antique market.

Everywhere he went, there were screams of surprise.

‘Holy crap! Triplets!’

‘There are actually triplets in this world, long live to see them!’

‘This is nothing to be surprised about. I saw there were decuplets on the news.’

‘Handsome guy, the baby is so cute. Let’s buy a porcelain doll. The original price was 200,000! The current price is only 50,000!’

Seeing the surprised looks of people around him, Grandpa Zhao smiled.

‘Xiao Zhang, are these three dolls the center of attention wherever they go?’

‘Yeah, I can’t help it, the triplets are so eye-catching.’

Zhang Hao looked helpless, but he was very proud in his heart.

After all, there is nothing happier than praising your baby.

Every time you go out with your baby, you will enter the treasure show mode.

At this time, Grandpa Zhao asked quietly

‘Xiao Zhang, do you have any secret recipe? Tell me.’

‘Although my son is over forty, my daughter-in-law is only thirty and can still have another baby.’

Zhang Hao suddenly became ashamed.

I always ask myself if there is a secret recipe.

Is there any secret recipe for giving birth?

It all depends on personal strength.

‘Sorry Grandpa Zhao, I can’t help you with this,’

‘Because there is no secret recipe, it may have something to do with your physical constitution.’

Grandpa Zhao nodded.

‘Okay, forget it if you don’t have it.’

‘But the baby still has to be born.’

‘You three cute babies are so cute, they melt my girly heart.’

‘In the future, I must let my daughter-in-law give birth to a girl and support her as a little princess.’

‘It’s not okay to give birth to a boy. He will become a naughty boy when he grows up.’

‘If my son doesn’t agree, the seven wolves will serve him directly!’

Grandpa Zhao was talking when he saw Zhang Hao suddenly stopped.

‘Xiao Zhang, why don’t you leave?’

‘I see baby.’

‘Baby! Where is it?’

‘In this store.’

Zhang Hao pushed the baby into an antique shop on the roadside.

It was a blue and white porcelain vase, which looked like a real antique at first glance.

Although the treasure appraisal ability can distinguish the authenticity from the fake, because of the lack of understanding of the market of antiques, it is impossible to estimate the value.

At this time, Grandpa Zhao also came over.

When he saw the porcelain bottle, his pupils suddenly shrank.

But the next moment, his eyes rolled and he began to shake his head and click his tongue.

‘Tsk, tsk, tsk.’

‘Xiao Zhang, you are still too young.’

‘This porcelain bottle is obviously a modern imitation, not an antique.’

Zhang Hao raised his eyebrows and stared.


How can it be!

This can be identified through treasure appraisal skills.

It is a genuine antique.

Could it be that…this old man wants to keep it all to himself?

‘Old Zhao, do you want to…’

Before he could say the word ‘Dutun’, his voice suddenly stopped.

Zhang Hao suddenly realized.

If the porcelain bottle is a real antique, the shop owner will definitely charge a high price.

Sure enough, ginger is still spicy.

‘Grandpa Zhao, you are so discerning that you can tell at a glance that this porcelain vase is fake.’

‘It’s okay if it’s fake. It’s also good to buy it back and use it as a decoration.’

‘Boss, how much does this porcelain bottle cost?’

Grandpa Zhao nodded happily.

I thought that Xiao Zhang’s head was spinning very fast.

If I had leaked the information just now, it would have cost me at least millions more.

At this time, the store owner came over.

He looked at the porcelain bottle and stretched out three fingers ‘300,000.’

Zhang Hao smiled slightly and slashed hard ‘500!’

The shop owner frowned and said ‘500? If there is no ten thousand, then it’s 500 yuan? Go out, don’t make trouble if you don’t buy it!’

Grandpa Zhao appeared.

He quickly smiled and said ‘Boss, children are ignorant, don’t argue with them.’

‘Although your porcelain vase is of good craftsmanship, it’s a pity that it is a modern imitation.’

‘Let’s do this, I’ll give you five thousand, and you don’t have to bargain.’

The shop owner thought for a while and came up with a price.

‘One price, ten thousand!’

‘make a deal!’

Grandpa Zhao endured his inner excitement and quickly agreed.

Because this porcelain vase is blue and white porcelain from the Tang Dynasty.

A conservative estimate is that it is worth at least one million.

How much it is worth will only be known after expert appraisal.

But just when Grandpa Zhao took out his mobile phone to pay, he saw Zhang Hao also took out his mobile phone.

‘I come……’

Grandpa Zhao hesitated to speak.

Although according to industry regulations, antiques belong to whoever pays for them.

But since Zhang Hao discovered it first, it should be his.


Payment successful.

Zhang Hao paid and put the phone back into his pocket.

He didn’t think much about who paid.

Because the task required a consumption of one million, I paid directly.

If you can’t spend one million, you will be deducted one million.

This system is so…

Wait, you can’t say bad words, otherwise your money will be deducted.

In his thoughts, he saw Grandpa Zhao taking the antique and pushed the baby away.

But just before leaving, when he glanced at the antiques in the store, his eyes fell on a cow-shaped bronze.

This is also true!

‘Boss, how much does that bull-shaped bronze vessel cost?’

‘Eight hundred thousand!’


‘The fixed price is only 800,000!’


“I won’t sell it for a penny less, because it’s true.”


Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

I didn’t expect that the boss also knew it was true.

No, this is someone else’s antique shop, and I know better than anyone whether it’s real or fake.


At this moment, Dabao suddenly started crying.

Zhang Hao quickly picked up Dabao and felt that the diaper was heavy.

And based on the weight, it was judged that it was not peeing, but poop.

But the diaper was still in the car.

‘Okay, eight hundred thousand! I bought it!’

In order to change Dabao’s diaper as soon as possible, Zhang Hao directly took out his bank card.

‘Wait! Let me take a look first.’

Grandpa Zhao came over quickly.

Although I believe Zhang Hao’s judgment is true, eight hundred thousand is not a small amount.

It would be nice if I could make money.

If you lose money, it’s like losing your money.

But just as Grandpa Zhao picked up the bronze vessel and was about to look at it carefully, he suddenly heard a ‘beep’ sound.

Looking back, I saw that Zhang Hao had already swiped his card.

‘Xiao Zhang, why are you so anxious to give me money? I haven’t read it yet.’

‘Watch it or not. It’s definitely not fake. If you lose money, it’s mine.’

After saying this, Zhang Hao held Dabao in one hand and pushed the stroller towards the door.


There was a ‘pop’ sound.

A porcelain bottle fell to the ground and broke.