Chapter 96 This old man is so bad!

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Zhang Hao’s face was full of surprise.

The voice on the other end of the phone was very familiar to him.

That was my mother’s voice.

He never expected that the call would be from his mother.

Without any time to think about it, Zhang Hao quickly asked

‘Mom, where are you and my dad?’

‘Why haven’t I been able to contact you before?’

‘How much money does our family still owe?’

After finishing speaking, I eagerly waited for my mother’s response.

Zhang Hao’s mother didn’t answer but asked instead ‘Haohao, calm down first. Mom wants to ask you, are those three lovely babies really your biological children?’


Zhang Hao was slightly stunned and said, ‘She is my biological child. How did you know, Mom?’

‘Of course I saw it from Kuaishou. You are better than your father, and you actually gave birth to triplets!’


Zhang Hao suddenly became ashamed.

Although I know my mother is very humorous, how can I be in the mood to joke now?

‘Mom, tell me quickly, where are you and my dad?’

‘How much money does our family still owe?’

After the words fell, I heard my mother’s response.

‘Son, don’t worry, your dad and I are having a good time outside.’

‘The money owed is not much, just over 100 billion.’

More than 100 billion!

That’s not much!

For a moment, Zhang Hao’s brain short-circuited.

Zhang’s mother continued ‘Son, don’t look for us. When the time is right, we will go back naturally.’

‘Then you just need to take care of your family.’

‘By the way, are you short of money now?’

Zhang Hao shook his head ‘There is no shortage of mothers.’

‘It’s fine if you don’t need anything, and I don’t have anything if you need it, so let’s do this for now and hang up.’

Toot toot.

Listening to the busy signal on the phone, Zhang Hao frowned slightly.

His brain was a little confused.

Because my mother is hiding from debts, she should be feeling heavy.

But her tone when she spoke just now was as if she was joking.

Is it possible that the family is not bankrupt?

Because at that time, my parents told me on the phone that they were bankrupt, and then asked me to sell the sports car and villa to pay off the debt.

But if it hadn’t gone bankrupt, why would it have sold a manor worth one billion?

That’s where my parents often live.

No, you must ask clearly!

Thinking of this, I immediately called back the number just now.

Soon, a female voice sounded.

‘Hello, the number you dialed is unavailable, please check before dialing.’


Zhang Hao was stunned.

what’s the situation? The call I just answered turned out to be empty?

No matter what happens, why should you hide it from yourself?

Are you still your own biological child?

Jingle Bell.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Zhang Hao quickly looked at the screen, only to find that it was a call from Grandpa Zhao.

Although I felt depressed, I still answered the call.

‘Xiao Zhang, I’m at the door of the villa. The gatekeeper Xiao Nizi won’t let me in. Please come out.’


Zhang Hao responded casually and hung up the phone.

Although I was worried about my parents, I couldn’t contact them, and it was useless no matter how hard I tried.

Next, you must find a way to make more money!

After all, that’s 100 billion!

At this time, Su Yuyan walked out of the bedroom with milk powder and diapers.

‘Husband, why don’t I go with you?’

Although it was very comfortable to lie down at home, the thought of Zhang Hao taking the baby out alone made him uneasy.

As the saying goes, the mother worries when her son travels thousands of miles. This sentence is not unreasonable.

When I was working at school, I always thought about what the babies at home were doing.

Did you cry? Did you drink milk obediently? Did you sleep well?

Only a mother can understand this feeling.

Zhang Hao smiled lightly and said ‘Don’t worry, wife, I will take good care of the baby.’

‘It’s rare for you to have some free time, just rest at home.’

After saying that, she took the milk powder and diapers from Su Yuyan’s hand.

Su Yuyan nodded slightly.

Then, I kissed each baby on the forehead, and then put them into the stroller.

Finally, Zhang Hao was told

‘Husband, you must take good care of the baby and call me immediately if anything happens.’

‘I know, wife.’

Zhang Hao pushed the baby out of the house.

After a while, we arrived at the entrance of the villa area.

Suddenly, a beautiful figure jumped out of the security booth.

That is the security lady.

She asked with a charming smile ‘Brother Zhang Hao, why are you alone? Isn’t your wife at home?’

Zhang Hao said calmly ‘I’m at home, please open the door.’


The security girl quickly opened the door.

Although he was turned away by Zhang Hao’s coldness, he didn’t care.

‘Brother Zhang Hao, do you have time tonight? I’ll treat you to a skewer.’

Zhang Hao didn’t say anything and just pushed the baby out.

The security lady was not discouraged.

Because she firmly believes that there is no cat in this world who does not steal fish.

At this time, the door of a Mercedes-Benz Maybach opened next to the door, and Grandpa Zhao got out of it.

When he saw Zhang Hao pushing three babies, he was a little surprised.

‘Xiao Zhang, are you taking the baby with you?’


‘Why? Your wife is not at home?’

‘Here, I want to take the babies to see the world.’

‘If you don’t mind it, just get in the car.’

Zhang Hao walked to the car, first put the three babies in the back seat, and then put the stroller into the trunk.

Sit in the car, take out three pacifiers, and put them into the baby’s mouth.

The three cute babies are holding pacifiers in their mouths, and their little mouths are moving, making chirping sounds, which is extremely cute.

Grandpa Zhao laughed when he saw it.

‘Xiao Zhang, these three dolls of yours are so cute.’

‘Seeing them, I can’t help but think of my grandson when he was young. Unfortunately, he is already eight years old. He is getting more naughty and mischievous every day. He is a typical naughty child. I even whipped two of the seven wolves.’

Zhang Hao smiled slightly.

But when he was about to speak, he suddenly yawned.

I can’t help it because I didn’t get a good rest last night.

In addition, I just had lunch, so I felt a little sleepy.

Grandpa Zhao saw this and asked with a smile

‘Xiao Zhang, did you not sleep well last night?’

‘No, I haven’t slept for almost the whole night.’

‘Hey, let me go, your little body is so powerful?’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

Seeing Grandpa Zhao’s evil smile, I realized that he was thinking wrongly.

‘You are such a bad old man. I stayed up all night taking care of the baby. Where did you think you were going?’

‘Oh, I thought you spent the whole night filming your pelvis.’

‘Slap your pelvis?… Damn!’

Zhang Hao released his words and showed contempt on his face.

This old man is so unruly.

At this time, Grandpa Zhao started the car and said while driving

‘Xiao Zhang, you are such a good husband and father.’

‘Unlike me, when I was young I only thought about making money and ignored my wife and children.’

‘But after I make enough money, my wife will grow old and my children will grow up.’

‘Although I regret not taking time to spend with my wife and children, what’s the use of regretting it?’

“Money is important, but there are many things that money cannot buy.”

‘I am a person who has been here, and what I say is the truth. You must remember it!’

Zhang Hao smiled and said nothing.

Although what Grandpa Zhao said makes sense, it is not realistic.

Because whether it is family, friendship or love, they are all based on money.

You can’t get a wife without money.

Even relatives and friends will look down on you if you have no money.

As long as you have money, some things will come to you without you having to pursue them.

As he was thinking, Grandpa Zhao’s voice sounded.

‘By the way, Xiao Zhang, our antique shop is ready. Do you want to go over and have a look?’

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