Chapter 98 Life is like a play, it all depends on acting!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:54:00 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6269


The sound of the porcelain bottle breaking made the three cute babies tremble.

The next second, he started to cry loudly.

Zhang Hao was a little at a loss.

After all, I am not Nezha. I don’t have three heads and six arms, so I can only hold Er Bao in my arms to comfort him.

Fortunately, Grandpa Zhao came over at this time.

He quickly picked up Sanbao, stroked Sanbao’s little head and said

‘Touch your hair, you won’t be scared. Rub your belly and open a shop.’

At this time, the store owner showed a bright smile.

He just saw that the porcelain bottle was broken by Dabao accidentally hitting the ground.

‘It’s okay, isn’t it just a bottle? If it breaks, it will break. May you be safe every year.’

Upon hearing this, Grandpa Zhao couldn’t help but give a thumbs up.

As expected of the store owner, he is indeed bold and generous.

Zhang Hao was also very moved and immediately decided to spend one million in this antique store.

But then, the store owner said again ‘I bought this porcelain bottle for 50,000 yuan, so you can just pay 48,000 yuan.’

Lying on grass?

The owner of this store is such a jerk.

The porcelain vase was obviously fake, but he asked for 48,000!

Not to mention 48,000, 4,800 is not worth it.

Zhang Hao did not argue with the store owner for the time being, because he was still in a hurry to change Dabao’s diaper.

‘Grandpa Zhao, please wait here for a while while I go to the car to change Dabao’s diaper.’

‘Go ahead and give you the car keys.’


Zhang Hao took the car keys and walked out with Dabao and Erbao in his arms.

Grandpa Zhao held Sambo in his arms and began to bargain with the shop owner.

He said displeasedly ‘You are so unkind. It’s just a fake porcelain vase, but you dare to ask for 48,000!’

‘The porcelain vase is mine, I can pay whatever you want!’

‘I’ll give you 3,000, do you want it?’

‘No, not even one cent less. If you don’t give it to me, call the police!’

‘You call the police and I…I’ll take care of it for you.’

Grandpa Zhao had no choice but to compromise.

There is no way, who can let us ignore it.

The baby broke the porcelain bottle and should bear full responsibility.

The only blame is that the shop owner has a dark heart.

In his thoughts, Grandpa Zhao took out his mobile phone and muttered.

‘You are so heartless, you even make money from the baby!’

‘It’s hard enough for Xiao Zhang to take care of three babies by himself, and you’re cheating them of their money!’

‘In order to raise three babies, Xiao Zhang delivers food during the day and runs a taxi at night, sleeping only eight hours a day!’

‘If he has no money, he can only send the three babies to the orphanage.’

‘Sigh~ How pitiful!’

After speaking, Grandpa Zhao sighed.

He even looked at Sanbao with some sadness and wiped the corners of his eyes.

The shop owner frowned slightly.

Knowing Zhang Hao’s situation, I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

Suddenly, he thought of something and asked quickly ‘Didn’t he spend 800,000 just now? How could he have no money?’

Grandpa Zhao ‘That’s the money he got from selling the house.’

Store owner “What about the baby’s mother?”

Grandpa Zhao ‘As soon as the babies were born, their mother eloped with someone else.’

The shop owner was silent.

I didn’t expect Zhang Hao’s experience to be so tragic.

I almost cried when I heard it.

If Zhang Hao was cheated of his money, he would no longer be a human being.

‘Old man, if this is not the case, you can just pay 1,000.’

‘1,000! This is Xiao Zhang’s salary for two days! Can you bear it?’

‘Okay, then there’s no need to pay.’

‘That’s pretty much it. Your conscience is still intact.’

Grandpa Zhao looked pleased, but his heart had already blossomed with joy.

I have eaten more salt than you have ever eaten rice.

Fight with me? You are still a little young.

At this moment, Zhang Hao walked in holding Dabao and Erbao.

He said directly to the shop owner ‘This porcelain bottle of yours is fake, the fixed price is 2,000!’

The shop owner smiled and waved his hand ‘No, no, no, no need to pay.’

‘Need not?’

Zhang Hao’s face was immediately filled with questions.

Just now the store owner said he would be compensated 48,000 yuan, why don’t you use it now?

Even if Grandpa Zhao bargains, he will still have to pay at least a few hundred yuan.

‘Little brother, it’s really hard for you.’

‘How can I ask for your money when I work two jobs and take care of three babies?’

Hearing what the shop owner said, Zhang Hao became even more confused.

Grandpa Zhao quickly came over with Dabao in his arms.

He smiled and said ‘Xiao Zhang, actually we misunderstood the owner of the store. He is a very kind person.’

‘Let’s go, let’s go somewhere else.’

After saying that, he pulled Zhang Hao and walked outside.

If he didn’t leave quickly, he would be in trouble if Zhang Hao spilled the beans.

If the store owner knew that Zhang Hao lived in a big villa and had a beautiful wife, the painful drama just now would be in vain.

‘Wait a moment!’

Suddenly, the shop owner’s voice sounded.

‘Little brother, something suddenly occurred to me. The bronze you bought was not 800,000 yuan, but 600,000 yuan, so I will refund you another 200,000 yuan.’


Zhang Hao was stunned again.

What’s happening here?

The store owner even refunded the money!

Was he kicked in the head by a donkey?

After all, it has been sold for 800,000 yuan. Even if it is only worth 600,000 yuan, isn’t the extra 200,000 yuan earned?

No matter what the reason is, you should not get your money back.

‘Boss, are you kidding me?’

‘Absolutely not, because your life is too difficult, but don’t be discouraged, even though the babies’ mother and others…’

‘What is that!’

Before the shop owner could finish speaking, Grandpa Zhao quickly interrupted

‘The boss must like the baby very much and want the baby to live a better life, so he refunded the 200,000 yuan, right?’

The shop owner smiled and nodded ‘Yes, yes.’

‘Little brother, this money is for the baby, please accept it.’

Zhang Hao was immediately confused.

Although it feels strange, since it is a refund, there is no reason to not want it.

‘Okay, thank you boss.’

‘You’re welcome. If you want to buy antiques from now on, come to me. I’ll keep all the treasures for you.’


Then, after receiving the refund, Zhang Hao pushed the baby out of the antique store.

The more he thought about it, the less he understood, why did the store owner want to refund the money?

Two hours later.

‘Grandpa Zhao, let’s move here today. Let’s go back.’

‘Why are you in a hurry? It’s only half past three.’

‘Because the babies are sleepy.’

Grandpa Zhao looked down at the stroller.

Sure enough, the big eyes of the three cute babies, Kazilan, all widened in confusion, looking listless.

‘Okay, let’s come back another day.’

Grandpa Zhao readily agreed.

During the three hours I spent with my baby, I fell in love with these three little guys more and more.

After returning home, he must inform his son that he will give birth to his granddaughter tonight.

If he doesn’t give birth, he will be taken care of by the seven wolves!

Zhang Hao smiled and nodded, pushing the babies towards the parking spot.

As for the task of consuming one million, it has already been completed.

And they all bought real antiques at cheap prices.

Jingle Bell.

A pleasant ringtone rang from Zhang Hao’s pocket.

I took it out and saw that it was a call from Da Zhuang.

‘Brother Hao, I’m at your house, where are you?’

‘It’s outside, go back immediately.’

‘Okay, then I will cultivate a relationship with my sister-in-law first.’

‘piss off!’

Zhang Hao cursed and hung up the phone.

Suddenly, an angry voice came.

‘Damn! I finally found you! Stop right there!’