Chapter 92 What is the phone number of 120?

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‘Lying on the grass!’

‘Isn’t this the old man who bought my porcelain bottle?’

‘Isn’t it just that you were cheated out of two thousand yuan? As for asking reporters for help?’

‘The money has been given to me anyway, there’s no point in asking anyone!’

Upon hearing this, the bald man’s wife was shocked.

‘W-what did you say? Is this your porcelain bottle?’

The bald man smiled proudly.

‘Yes, it’s mine.’

‘I bought it for 200, and bought it for 2,000!’

‘Hehe, wife, your husband and I are great, aren’t you?’

The bald man’s wife was so angry that she was about to explode.

‘Fuck you! Do you know that this porcelain bottle is an antique! It’s an antique worth 100 million!’

‘How is it possible? To pay back 100 million, let me tell you, it’s not even worth 200.’

‘Shut up, watch the news if you don’t believe me!’

The bald man turned his head and looked at the TV.

Grandpa Zhao on TV is being interviewed.

A huge smile spread across his face.

‘Next, I’m going to open an antique shop. I’ve already thought of a name. It’s called Yu De Antique Shop.’

‘This porcelain vase worth 100 million is the treasure of the store. Friends in the industry are welcome to come and appreciate it…’

One hundred million!

Upon hearing these three words, the bald man’s mind went blank for an instant.

Suddenly, he rolled his eyes and fell to the ground twitching.

The bald man’s wife was immediately frightened.


‘What’s wrong with you, husband!’

‘You must not die!’

‘Ambulance, call an ambulance quickly. What’s the phone number for 120?’

Jingle Bell

Just as Wu Yajing was enjoying her meal, her phone suddenly rang.

I took it out and saw it was a call from my mother.

Answering the phone, a stern voice came.

‘Stinky girl, where did you die?’

‘I’m eating at my cousin’s house…’

Toot toot.

The phone was suddenly hung up.

Wu Yajing was slightly stunned, and then she started eating frantically.

Because she knew that her mother would definitely come looking for her later.

Try to eat enough before mom comes.

Because the food cooked by Zhang Hao is so delicious that people can’t stop eating it.

Less than two minutes.

Xia Yumei is here.

There was a lot of anger on her face.

As soon as he entered the door, he scolded him angrily

‘You stinky girl, why are you so thick-skinned!’

‘Yuyan and Xiao Zhang still have to take care of the baby, why are you causing trouble here!’

‘Stop eating and come back with me quickly!’

With that said, Xia Yumei came to the dining table, grabbed Wu Yajing’s ears and pulled her up.

Wu Yajing grimaced in pain.

‘Ah~ it hurts!’

‘Mom, please let go, your ears have been pulled off.’

Seeing this, Su Yuyan quickly stood up and said good things.

‘Auntie, I asked my cousin to stay for dinner.’

‘And the babies are sleeping, so they won’t be disturbed.’

‘You haven’t eaten yet, sit down and eat together.’

After saying that, he quickly moved a chair over.

Xia Yumei glanced at the dishes on the table and swallowed quietly.

‘No, no, I’m cooking at home.’

‘Yu Yan, your cousin is just thick-skinned, don’t mind.’

‘Let’s go first. We can take the babies there to play when we have time.’

After saying that, she pulled Wu Yajing’s ear and walked towards the door.

Swearing as he walked

‘Smelly girl, let’s see how I deal with you when I get back!’

‘If you dare to come over here again, I’ll see if I don’t break your legs!’

Wu Yajing wanted to cry but had no tears.

Last time at home, my parents scolded me in front of my cousin and Zhang Hao.

Now I’m pulling my ears again.

Don’t you want to lose face?

Needless to say, it must have been due to such unreasonable parents who did not recharge when they were reincarnated.

Besides giving money, what else can you give yourself?

Sigh~ Life is hard.

Su Yuyan smiled and shook her head.

In my own impression, my aunt is a very kind person.

But now I didn’t expect to be so strict with my cousin.

Could it be that all parents are like this, tolerant of outsiders but very strict with their children?

Maybe this is love.

In my thoughts, I returned to the dining table and sat down.

‘Husband, let’s continue eating.’


Su Yuyan called out twice, but found Zhang Hao staring at the TV intently.

Looking sideways, an advertisement was playing on the TV.

‘Where to go for a gathering of friends? Xinxin Hotel!’

‘Where to go for the birthday banquet? Xinxin Hotel!’

‘Where should we go to entertain the boss? Xinxin Hotel!’

“Our hotel’s unique gourmet recipe will definitely satisfy your stomach!”

‘It’s your fault if you don’t come the first time, and it’s our fault if you don’t come the second time!’

“Our store solemnly promises to provide a full refund if it doesn’t taste good!”

Su Yuyan laughed.

‘Husband, this advertisement is really funny.’

‘If it doesn’t taste good, you’ll get a full refund. If it tastes good but it doesn’t taste good, wouldn’t you be able to waive the order?’

‘But then again, the name of the hotel is actually the same as the eldest daughter’s name, Xinxin.’

The corners of Zhang Hao’s mouth raised slightly.

‘Of course, because I decided the name of the hotel.’


Su Yuyan looked surprised.

But the next moment, she suddenly understood something.

‘Honey, could it be that you and Boss Liu jointly opened this Xinxin Hotel?’

‘Honey, you are so smart.’

Zhang Hao smiled and gave a thumbs up.

In fact, he was also a little surprised.

I didn’t expect the hotel to open so soon.

I have to say that Qiangzi’s work efficiency is still acceptable.

Jingle Bell.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Zhang Hao took it out and saw that it was Liu Huaqiang’s call.

‘Brother, our hotel is scheduled to open at eight o’clock in the morning on May 5th. Then remember to bring your younger siblings with you, and by the way, your baby too.’

‘Okay, thank you for your hard work.’

‘You’re still a stranger to me, so that’s it, I’ll hang up first.’

‘Hang up.’

Zhang Hao smiled and hung up the phone.

He is still very confident about the hotel.

With its own secret recipe, it will definitely be full every day after opening.

Moreover, catering is very profitable, so you will definitely make a lot of money.

While thinking, Su Yuyan’s voice sounded.

‘Honey, do you have time after dinner?’

‘Yes, do you want to go out?’

‘No, I want you to get some ointment to eliminate scars.’

‘Okay, so the effect of the ointment is pretty good. Let me see how the recovery is going?’

Zhang Hao is not lustful, he just cares about his wife.

At the same time, it is also to bring the relationship closer.

That’s all.

‘Well… let’s see.’

Su Yuyan did not refuse.

After all, it’s not like Zhang Hao has never seen it before.

Besides, I just looked at it and didn’t do anything else.

Zhang Hao got up and walked towards Su Yuyan.

Jingle Bell.

Suddenly, the phone rang again.

Damn, this call came at the perfect time.

Zhang Hao quickly took out his cell phone and found that the call was from Grandpa Zhao.

Answering the phone, a smiling voice rang.

‘Xiao Zhang, I have good news for you.’

‘What good news?’

‘Our antique store will open at 8 a.m. on May 5th. Be sure to come by then.’


Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

Unexpectedly, the hotel and the antique store opened on the same day and at the same time.

There is no other way. When the time comes, we can only run in both directions.

‘Okay, I understand, hang up.’

After that, Zhang Hao hung up the phone because he still had to check his wife’s scars.

However, when he came to Su Yuyan, he saw her putting down her clothes.

‘Honey, lift up your clothes, otherwise how can I check?’

Su Yuyan smiled slightly and handed the phone to Zhang Hao.

‘I took a picture, look at it.’