Chapter 93 Poor hearts of parents in the world

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Nine p.m.

Zhang Hao prepared the ointment for removing scars.

When he came to Su Yuyan, he said very politely ‘Wife, let me help you do it.’

‘No! I can just do it myself.’

Su Yuyan directly refused to answer.

It’s OK to look at it, but it’s definitely not OK to touch it!

After all, that place is very sensitive.

If Zhang Hao touches him, he will die of discomfort.

‘All right.’

Zhang Hao smiled and thought that his wife was too stingy and wouldn’t let her touch her.

Suddenly, a childish voice sounded.


Zhang Hao followed the sound and saw that it was Dabao who had woken up.

Dabao didn’t cry when he woke up, and looked at himself with big eyes.

‘Xinxin, be good, give me a hug from daddy.’

As he spoke, he stretched out his hands full of fatherly love to Dabao.

At this time, Su Yuyan said

‘You go and make milk powder, I’ll watch the baby.’


Zhang Hao put three spoons of milk powder into the bottle and walked out of the bedroom.

Go to the living room, take out a bottle of Fiji mineral water from the refrigerator, boil it and use it to make milk powder.

After all, now that you have money, you should pursue a high-quality life.

Money is meant to be spent.

Earn after spending, and spend after earning.

Soon, Zhang Hao returned to the bedroom with a bottle of milk.

But when I came in, I saw that the second and third treasures were also awake.

He didn’t complain at all and quickly prepared two more bottles of milk powder.

After the three cute babies had eaten and drank enough, they started playing on the bed.

Just like three little rabbits, crawling around on the bed, giggling.

Zhang Hao and Su Yuyan turned into guardian angels and sat on both sides of the bed to prevent the babies from falling.

After all, babies are still young and have no sense of safety.

If you bump into someone, you’ll be heartbroken.

Time passed, and soon it was eleven o’clock in the night.

Although the three babies were having a great time, Zhang Hao and Su Yuyan started to feel sleepy.

Zhang Hao did not leave.

Because he hasn’t completed the task of sleeping with the baby yet.

And this is the last night.

If the mission fails, 300,000 will be deducted by the cheating system.

So no matter what, you have to sleep with the babies overnight, even if Jesus comes, it will be useless.

‘Honey, let me sleep with the babies tonight.’

‘No, if the baby wakes up at night, I still have to breastfeed.’

‘Just feed him milk powder. The baby is eight months old and it’s time to practice weaning.’

‘Forget it, taking care of a baby at night is very hard, you can’t do it.’

‘Are you kidding, are you afraid of hard work for your own children? Besides, I haven’t slept with the babies yet. Don’t worry, I will definitely be able to take good care of the babies.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly.

Since Zhang Hao wanted to sleep with the babies so much, then just agree to it.

In this way, the father-daughter relationship between him and the baby can be further deepened.

At the same time, it also allows the baby to better enjoy his father’s love.

‘Okay, then you can sleep here tonight.’

‘Thank you, my dear wife, for making this happen.’

Zhang Hao felt happy.

yeah! I can finally sleep with my three little cuties.

Is there anything happier than this in the world?

I feel so happy when I think about seeing the baby when I open my eyes the next day.

However, just when Zhang Hao was happy, he was suddenly stunned.

I saw Su Yuyan lying on the bed, covered with a blanket.

‘Honey, are you sleeping here too?’

‘Then shall I leave?’

‘No, no, no, that’s not what I meant. I thought you were embarrassed to sleep with me. I was overthinking it.’

‘You do think too much. I’m just worried that you can’t take care of the baby well.’

After saying that, Su Yuyan added ‘I’m warning you, don’t take advantage of me while I’m sleeping. If you cross this line, you will be a beast!’

As he finished speaking, he drew an invisible line beside him with his finger.

Zhang Hao smiled bitterly

‘Honey, do you think I am the kind of person who is worse than a beast?’

‘It doesn’t look like that.’

‘Then you still…’

‘Because you are just a beast. Otherwise, how did you get three babies?’


Zhang Hao was immediately speechless.

Then, he pretended to smile helplessly and said ‘Well, since you say I am a beast, then I will show you a beast tonight.’

‘you dare!’

‘See if I dare!’

‘I guess you don’t dare!’


Zhang Hao smiled charmingly and walked directly towards Su Yuyan.

Su Yuyan was slightly stunned, and her heart suddenly felt like a deer.

She was just bickering with Zhang Hao, but she didn’t expect Zhang Hao to be serious about it.

Seeing Zhang Hao approaching step by step, my heart almost jumped out of my throat.

‘You, don’t come over.’

‘Hey, my dear wife, it’s no use even if you break your throat.’

Zhang Hao opened his claws and stretched them towards Su Yuyan.

Su Yuyan was so frightened that she quickly closed her eyes.

But after a while, I didn’t feel anything.

Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Zhang Hao standing in front of him with a playful smile.

‘Okay, you dare to trick me!’

The ashamed and angry Su Yuyan punched Zhang Hao on the chest.

Zhang Hao grabbed Su Yuyan’s beautiful hand.

‘What? How about I get serious about it?’


Su Yuyan was about to speak but stopped.

Although he was teased by Zhang Hao, he didn’t dare to talk back.

What if he really comes?

Do you want to resist?

What a shame.

Su Yuyan shook her head and shook that thought out of her mind.


Suddenly, the baby’s laughter sounded.

Zhang Hao looked sideways and laughed immediately.

I saw three babies sitting together, looking at me and Su Yuyan with their big black eyes, their little faces looking happy, as if they were watching a show.

‘Honey, it seems that the baby also wants me to kiss you, so just obey.’

‘Hmph! Ignore you.’

Su Yuyan turned over and faced Zhang Hao, her face flushed.

Zhang Hao smiled, his eyes swept over Su Yuyan’s perfectly curved body, and then started playing with the baby.

‘Babies, daddy is here.’

‘Are you happy to sleep with daddy tonight?’

‘Can daddy tell you a story?’

‘Once upon a time, there was a mountain, and there was a temple on the mountain. In the temple, there was an old monk telling stories to the young monk…’

Soon, more than half an hour passed.

Under the hypnosis of Zhang Hao’s storytelling, the three cute babies fell asleep one after another.

And Zhang Hao couldn’t hold on anymore.

Seeing that all three babies were asleep, he closed his eyes in relief.


Suddenly, a loud cry sounded.

Zhang Hao suddenly opened his eyes.

Seeing that it was Sambo crying, I checked the diaper first and found that it was not urine, so I knew she must be hungry.

Although I was terribly sleepy, I still got up despite the strong sleepiness to make milk powder.

Ten minutes later.

After Sanbao finished drinking the milk and fell asleep, he lay on the bed and continued to sleep.

But just as I closed my eyes, I suddenly heard the baby crying again.

Opening his bloodshot eyes, he found Dabao crying.

I checked my diaper and saw that I had peed, so I quickly got up and changed my diaper.

However, after finally coaxing Dabao to sleep, Erbao woke up again.


Loud cries echoed in the room.

Zhang Hao frowned, and he felt like his head was about to explode.

It turns out that taking care of a baby at night is so hard!

Poor parents in the world!

PS Happy New Year to all the beauties! The salary is doubled and there is someone to sleep with.