Chapter 91 Cousin, you are so private!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:52:38 Author:Liubendo Word Count:5902

‘Cousin, you are here.’

Zhang Hao smiled unnaturally.

He knew that his cousin must be here because of Shaohua’s affairs.


Wu Yajing made a cold sound from both nostrils.

‘Cousin-in-law, do you want to trouble your cousin?’

‘I have no enmity with you, why do you dislike me?’

‘Don’t think that just because you are handsome, I won’t beat you up!’

Wu Yajing’s face showed displeasure.

After all, this was not at home, and there was no mother present, so her eldest lady’s temper suddenly rose.


Zhang Hao smiled and frowned.

Although it’s nice to be praised for being handsome.

But when he heard that he wanted to beat himself up, he suddenly became unhappy.

Just kidding, with Wu Yajing’s small body, she can be lifted up with one hand.

‘Cousin, you are talking about the blind date. This is not my intention, but my aunt’s intention.’

‘Hmph, stop using my mother to oppress me. Come over here and see how straight that friend of yours is!’

Wu Yajing took out her mobile phone and found the chat history with Shaohua.

Zhang Hao walked over and took a look.

Wu Yajing ‘Let’s have dinner together tonight?’

Shaohua ‘Okay, then I won’t study.’

Wu Yajing ‘Where to eat?’

Shaohua ‘Let’s go eat pan noodles across from our school. It’s economical, delicious and not expensive.’

Wu Yajing ‘…’

Shaohua ‘Are you coming or not? If not, I will go with my roommate.’

Wu Yajing ‘Fuck you.’

Seeing this, Zhang Hao didn’t know what to say.

Although I knew that Shaohua was an honest man, I didn’t expect that he was a straight man.

At this time, Wu Yajing swiped the screen of her phone and found another conversation.

Wu Yajing ‘Sorry, you are too honest, we are not suitable.’

Shaohua ‘Why don’t you women like honest people? Instead, you like scumbags?’

Wu Yajing ‘Because scumbag men understand girls better, while straight men don’t understand style.’

Shaohua ‘Why don’t you understand the style?’

Wu Yajing ‘You come to my house at night. My parents are not at home. I will tell you.’

Shaohua ‘Why are we going to your house? Just say no?’

Wu Yajing ‘Haha.’

Zhang Hao was completely speechless.

Shaohua is not only a straight man, but also a straight man.

Although I really want Shaohua to not have to struggle for the rest of his life, it seems impossible now.

Wu Yajing put her phone in her pocket angrily.

‘If my mother hadn’t forced me, I wouldn’t have bothered to talk to him.’

‘Tell my mother later and tell her that we are not suitable and tell her to leave it alone.’

Zhang Hao nodded slightly.

‘Okay, let me tell my aunt.’

Wu Yajing ‘Then please, it’s getting late, you go and cook.’

‘Hmm, huh?’

Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

Shouldn’t I say it’s late and I have to go home for dinner?

Why do you still stay to eat?

And let myself cook.

Are you so private?


Wu Yajing frowned slightly ‘What, you’re not welcome?’

‘Welcome, of course.’

Zhang Hao smiled and said something that went against his conscience, turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Wu Yajing looked at Zhang Hao’s back with a soft light in her eyes.

‘Sigh~ Why can’t I meet such a perfect boy?’

‘He’s handsome and he can cook.’

‘The key is that it’s so powerful that it can give birth to triplets.’

‘If I could find a boyfriend like this, I would be willing to delete all the people of the opposite sex on WeChat.’

The corners of Su Yuyan’s mouth twitched slightly.

She suddenly felt sour.

It’s like drinking a bottle of vinegar.

I have to say that this cousin is too open-minded.

‘Cousin, don’t be discouraged, you will definitely find someone better.’

‘I hope so, sigh~’

After saying this, Wu Yajing looked at the three cute babies, feeling envious in her heart.

‘Cousin, these three babies of yours are so cute.’

‘Even me, a non-marriage person, wants to get married after seeing this.’

‘How did you give birth to triplets? Any tips?’


Su Yuyan suddenly had a dark look on her face.

Does this cousin have big breasts and no brains?

There are no skills in giving birth.

Although she thought so, she still said ‘There is no skill, just let it happen.’

Forty minutes later.

Zhang Hao prepared dinner.

When I came to the living room, I only saw Su Yuyan and Wu Yajing chatting, but not the three babies.

Needless to say, the babies definitely went to sleep.

‘The food is ready, come and eat.’


Wu Yajing stood up quickly and walked faster than Su Yuyan.

Sit down at the dining table, pick up your chopsticks and start eating.

Praise while eating.

‘Cousin-in-law, the food you cook is delicious!’

‘You’re better than my dad!’

‘I have decided that whenever I have the chance, I will come to your house for dinner, okay?’

Depend on!

Zhang Hao frowned.

Why is this cousin’s face thicker than the city wall?

She started eating before she and Su Yuyan sat down.

Why don’t you even have the most basic courtesy?

At this time, Su Yuyan smiled awkwardly but politely.

‘Of course, my cousin can come anytime.’

‘It’s better to be my cousin. Don’t worry, I won’t eat for free. I’ll pay to hire a nanny for your family.’

‘No, I have hired an aunt, and she is on vacation now.’

‘Oh~ Let’s talk about it later. Stop standing and sit down to eat.’


Su Yuyan smiled and nodded.

She suddenly felt as if she was not at her own home, but at her cousin’s home.

Zhang Hao also sat at the dining table.

Because Wu Yajing was here, it was not convenient to talk to Su Yuyan.

In order to avoid embarrassment, I simply turned on the TV.

‘Spring is here, everything revives, the air is filled with hormones, and it’s time for animals to mate…’

The animal world is playing on the TV.

And there happened to be two lions there? ?


Zhang Hao suddenly felt that the atmosphere was even more embarrassing and quickly switched to Haicheng TV station.

‘Welcome to watch Haicheng News Broadcast.’

‘Today, an extremely precious ancient cultural relic was discovered in our city.’

‘That is a celadon-glazed relief porcelain vase from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. According to expert appraisal, this ancient cultural relic is worth hundreds of millions.’

‘Next, let’s interview the holder of the ancient cultural relics, Mr. Zhao Yude.’

The next second, Grandpa Zhao’s face appeared on the screen.

He smiled brightly.

‘Haha, I’m ashamed to say it. I got this antique from the antique market for only two thousand yuan.’

‘To be exact, I discovered it with a kid.’

‘He is very knowledgeable about antiques. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have bought it.’

‘I wonder if that kid is watching TV.’

‘Xiao Zhang, thank you.’

Zhang Hao smiled happily.

Unexpectedly, Grandpa Zhao was very conscientious and would not forget to mention himself when being interviewed.

Yes, he is an old man worth getting to know deeply.

at the same time.

In a residential building in Haicheng.

A bald man returns home.

‘Honey, I’m back,’

‘Guess how much money I made from cheating today?’

The bald man’s wife didn’t say anything. She was watching TV.

‘Husband, look at this porcelain vase on TV. Do you have one exactly like it?’

The bald man smiled and looked at the TV.

Suddenly, he frowned.

He saw the familiar porcelain vase, and at the same time he also saw the familiar Grandpa Zhao.