Chapter 90 You bad old man, so bad

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:52:26 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6186

‘Xiao Zhang, guess how much that porcelain bottle is worth!’

‘I do not guess you guess guess?’

‘Guess I guess, do you guess?’


Zhang Hao was speechless for a moment.

It can be seen that this Grandpa Zhao is also a funny guy.

Even if I guess a thousand times or ten thousand times, I’m afraid I still can’t guess it.

At this time, Grandpa Zhao smiled and said

‘Haha, I won’t argue with you anymore. After appraisal, this porcelain bottle is worth 80 million!’

’80 million? Real or fake!’

Zhang Hao’s face was full of disbelief.

After all, the porcelain vase cost 2,000 yuan, how could it be worth 80 million!

Do not believe!

I wouldn’t believe it even to death!

‘Of course it’s true. I got it authenticated by an appraisal agency.’

‘And this price is just a preliminary estimate. If it is put up for auction in an auction house, it will definitely reach hundreds of millions!’

‘If you meet someone who is stupid and has too much money, it is possible to sell it for 30 to 40 million more.’

Zhang Hao was stunned.

He never expected that he would actually find a treasure.

And he is also a super invincible baby.

At this moment, what Grandpa Zhao said floated over his head.

Since the antiques were discovered together, the price of the sale should be half of each person’s.

In other words, he can get at least 40 million!

There are now more than 39 million on the card, a total of nearly 80 million!

I bought it!

Another big step towards the small goal of 100 million!

In excitement, Zhang Hao quickly asked ‘Grandpa Zhao, did you say you would give me half?’

‘What half? Did I say that?’

‘Holy shit? Are you kidding me?’

‘Haha, congratulations on the correct answer. I was just kidding you. Don’t worry, there must be half of you in it.’

‘You’re such a bad old man, so bad.’

‘Hey, Xiao Zhang, this is what I think. I will keep this porcelain vase myself and give you 50 million, okay?’


Zhang Hao agreed decisively without even thinking about it.

In this case, he would have 90 million.

As long as you earn 10 million, you can get married to your wife.

After you get married, you no longer have to sleep with your arms around the pillow.

By the time……


Just when Zhang Hao was having wild thoughts, he heard Grandpa Zhao speak again.

‘Xiao Zhang, I have something else to tell you.’

‘We’ll talk about it later. Send the money first.’

‘Um…just listen to what I have to say first.’

‘I won’t listen, I won’t listen!’

‘Willful! Naughty!’

Grandpa Zhao frowned slightly, and then said

‘It’s like this. I want to open an antique store and use this porcelain bottle as the treasure of the store.’

‘I still have some antiques here. Although they are not good goods, their total value is almost 160 million, and they all have appraisal certificates.’

‘How about you use your 50 million to invest in shares, and I’ll give you one-fifth of the shares?’


Zhang Hao refused directly without any hesitation.

We are about to earn 100 million, how can we give up halfway?


Absolutely not!

No one or anything can stop him from marrying his wife.

At this time, Grandpa Zhao was helpless and began to persuade him earnestly

‘Xiao Zhang, listen to me.’

‘The money in your hand is not money, only the money you earn is money.’

‘With your skills in appraising antiques and my connections, I can definitely make the antique shop bigger and stronger!’

‘If you’re lucky, not to mention 50 million, 500 million won’t be a problem.’

‘Five hundred million! You won’t be able to spend it all in your lifetime.’

Zhang Hao asked directly ‘What should I do if I lose?’

‘Don’t worry, we definitely won’t be able to compensate you.’

‘I’m talking about just in case.’

‘If you lose, I will ask my son to give you 50 million!’

Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

Yes, this old man’s son is very rich.

Since everyone has said so, there is nothing to worry about.

‘Okay, the 50 million will be treated as my investment.’

‘That’s right, as long as we cooperate, we are guaranteed to make money and earn money.’

Zhang Hao showed a bitter smile.

Although what Grandpa Zhao said sounded nice, he always felt that something was wrong.

The other one is the 50 million.

It’s gone before it reaches my card, which is really heartbreaking.

But at this moment, Zhang Hao suddenly had an idea flash in his mind.

‘Grandpa Zhao, do you know where else there is a place that sells jade?’

‘I know, you, you’re not going to go on holiday again, are you?’

‘Of course, I just spent 50 million, and I have to find a way to earn it back.’

‘Okay, it doesn’t hurt to tell you. After all, I hate unscrupulous merchants who sell fake goods the most. I’ll send you the location later.’


‘By the way, let’s go to the antique market tomorrow to see if we can still find any treasures.’


‘Then I’ll hang up first.’

‘Hang up.’

Zhang Hao hung up immediately.

Su Yuyan saw this and asked quickly ‘Husband, who are you calling?’

Although women know a man’s things, try to ask as few questions as possible.

But when I heard Zhang Hao say another 50 million and lose money, I couldn’t help but feel a little curious.

‘It’s Grandpa Zhao, the old man you saw on your grandpa’s birthday.’

‘Oh, what does he want from you?’

‘He…wife, please listen to me slowly.’

Because the matter is a bit complicated, I can’t explain it clearly in a few words.

So, from meeting Grandpa Zhao at the place where jade was sold to opening an antique shop together, everything that happened in between was told in detail.

Su Yuyan’s face was filled with shock after hearing this.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Hao not only received 25 million yuan in compensation, but also used 2,000 yuan to buy antiques worth hundreds of millions.

This, this is incredible.

Many good things that many people would never encounter in their lifetimes actually happened to him.

Is his life cheating?

‘Master, master, there’s a text message.’

A text message alert sounds.

Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone and saw several locations sent by Grandpa Zhao.

‘Honey, you can take care of the baby at home, I’m going out to make money.’

After saying that, seeing Su Yuyan still looking shocked, she put down the three cute babies and stood up.

But at this moment, the three babies were unhappy.

Leaving the warm embrace of their father, everyone felt aggrieved.




The three cute babies raised their little hands and asked Zhang Hao for a hug.

Zhang Hao showed a reluctant smile.

Although I also want to be at home with my wife and children, in order to give my family a better life, I must find a way to make money.

‘Be good, babies. Dad is going out to earn money for your milk powder. He will be back soon.’

‘Honey, thank you for your hard work.’

Su Yuyan came to her senses immediately.

‘It’s okay, husband, go ahead and be safe.’


at dusk.

Zhang Hao is back.

He was feeling a little depressed.

I worked all afternoon and didn’t earn a dime.

It’s not that I didn’t find a jade shop.

But after I went there, three things happened.

The first one As soon as you see it’s you, you won’t be allowed in.

The second type there is not a single fake in the store.

The third type, although there are fakes, they just don’t sell them.

In order to prevent anyone from being deceived, the kind-hearted Zhang Hao chose to report it.

He was not angry, but wanted to give the jade market a pure environment.

‘Honey, I’m back…’

Just when Zhang Hao walked into the living room, he found that besides Su Yuyan and Bao Bao, there was another beauty.

That was Su Yuyan’s cousin Wu Yajing.

However, the look in her eyes was very resentful.