Chapter 87 Bloodline Suppression

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‘Can’t you do it yourself? Why do you need me to help you?’

Grandpa Zhao was full of doubts.

‘Because they won’t sell it to me.’


‘Afraid that I’ll cheat.’

‘Oh~ So that’s it. I hate people who sell fake goods the most in my life. I’m here to help! Let’s go!’

Seeing Grandpa Zhao’s righteous look, Zhang Hao smiled and nodded.

After a short walk, we returned to the jade shop called Yushantang.

Because there are the most fakes here, fifteen in total!

Fifteen items, at least two to three million!

If you fake it, you will lose ten percent, which is 20 to 30 million!


However, when Grandpa Zhao saw the signboard of Yushan Hall, he suddenly frowned.

‘Grandpa Zhao, let me tell you which jade items to buy first, and then you can just swipe your card.’

Zhang Hao took out his bank card and described the fifteen fakes.

Grandpa Zhao sighed angrily, took the bank card, and walked into the store with a sullen face.

Zhang Hao watched from outside the door.

After a while, I saw Grandpa Zhao paying with his card and walked in directly.

‘Wait a minute, these jades are all fake.’

When the saleswoman saw it was Zhang Hao, she immediately frowned.

‘Handsome guy, it’s none of your business here, please don’t cause trouble!’

‘I asked this old man to come here, and he swiped my card. Do you think he has anything to do with me?’


The waiter was stunned and suddenly understood something.

I have to say, this handsome guy is so badass!

At this time, Grandpa Zhao on the side took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

He made a phone call and started yelling

‘You bastard, you’re selling fakes!’

‘Stop talking nonsense and come to the store right away!’

After that, hang up the phone directly.

Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

what’s the situation?

Could it be that Grandpa Zhao knows the owner of this store?

And the relationship is not bad?

Do we need ten times the compensation?

In his thoughts, Grandpa Zhao’s voice sounded.

‘Xiao Zhang, have you known for a long time that there are fakes here?’

Zhang Hao thought for a while and decided to tell the truth.

No matter what the relationship between Grandpa Zhao and the store owner is, fake ones will still be beaten.

‘Yes, I took a look at it just now. Although I found some fakes, they didn’t sell them to me.’

‘This is happening!’

Grandpa Zhao’s face was full of anger, and he turned to look at the saleswoman.

‘Let me ask you, is it Zhao Xiong who didn’t let you sell it?’

The young lady was too scared to speak, so she just nodded.

Although I don’t know who this old man is.

But Zhao Xiong is the owner of the jade shop.

Since the old man dared to call him by his first name and got angry, he must be the boss’ elder.

‘This bastard, wait until he comes!’

Grandpa Zhao said angrily.

Just then, an uncle in his forties or fifties walked in.

When the uncle saw Grandpa Zhao, he immediately smiled.

‘Dad, why are you here?’

The angry Grandpa Zhao scolded

‘Don’t call me dad! I don’t have a dad like you! That’s not right!’

‘You’re not my dad! That’s not right either!’

‘What the hell, I’m so angry!’

The furious Grandpa Zhao took out the seven wolves from his waist, walked up to his son Zhao Xiong, and threw them on his butt.

While beating and scolding

‘I’m going to let you sell fakes!’


‘I’ve disgraced you so much!’


‘How can I still work in this business in the future?’


‘What do my colleagues think of me?’


‘I’m so angry!’

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

Zhang Hao on the side was stunned.

Unexpectedly, Grandpa Zhao turned out to be the father of the store owner.

Then why did he buy jade for himself?

Do you want to kill your relatives out of righteousness?

The saleswoman was also shocked.

Unexpectedly, the usually dignified boss was beaten like a grandson by his father.

I really agreed with what I said. I don’t dare to think that my son is acting like a jerk. I should be beaten or beaten.

This is bloodline suppression!

‘Dad, please stop fighting!’

Zhao Xiong began to beg for mercy.

“How could I possibly sell fakes?”


‘Those fakes are not mine, they belong to a friend of mine.’


‘Okay, I admit, I bought it at a low price.’


‘Stop it, I promise never to sell fakes again!’


‘I said I won’t sell it, why are you still fighting?’

The seven wolves in Grandpa Zhao’s hand finally stopped.

It wasn’t that he was depressed, but that he was tired of fighting.

‘You bastard, you’re going to sell fake goods from now on. I’ll see if I don’t break your legs!’

Grandpa Zhao breathed heavily, lifted his pants and tied his belt.

Zhao Xiong rubbed his butt that was about to be split into four pieces, looking depressed.

Strange, why did the old man come to the store?

And he also knew that he was selling fake goods.

Who told him?

Suddenly, Zhao Xiong noticed Zhang Hao not far away.

‘Holy shit, it’s your kid!’

Zhang Hao immediately frowned and stared.

At this moment, Grandpa Zhao’s displeased voice sounded.

‘What do you rely on? Are you still relying on it?’

‘If it weren’t for Xiao Zhang, would I know you were selling fakes?’

‘You lose your conscience, are you still justified in selling fake goods?’

‘Damn it, I get angry when I see you!’

After finishing speaking, he reached out and touched the seven wolves at his waist.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Xiong quickly begged for mercy.

‘No, no, no, I know it was wrong.’

‘I swear I will never sell fake products again.’

‘If I’m selling, I’m not a human being!’

Grandpa Zhao glared angrily ‘Are you saying in disguise that I am not a human being?’

‘No, no, that’s not what I meant.’

‘Stop talking nonsense and pay the money quickly!’


Zhao Xiong was stunned for a moment ‘What compensation do you need?’

‘Of course it’s to compensate Xiao Zhang. Are those four words at the door written for ghosts?’


Zhao Xiong looked frustrated.

I thought my father was here to help solve this matter.

Unexpectedly, I took the initiative to ask myself to lose money.

‘Ah what? Do you want me to report you personally?’

With that said, Grandpa Zhao took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

‘No, why don’t I apologize?’

In desperation, Zhao Xiong had no choice but to agree.

But when I came to the counter and saw the transaction amount on the invoice, I was dumbfounded.

More than 2.489 million!

If you pay ten for one fake, wouldn’t it be nearly 25 million?

This is too much!

It’s enough to make the jade shop’s profit for half a year.

In desperation, Zhao Xiong asked Zhang Hao with an awkward smile

‘Brother, do you think it can be less, maybe 20 million?’

Without waiting for Zhang Hao to respond, Grandpa Zhao said directly

‘No! Don’t miss one portion, otherwise I will report you!’


Zhao Xiong agreed very reluctantly.

I have no choice but to deal with such a father, I can only blame myself for my misfortune.

Soon, Zhang Hao received a huge sum of nearly 25 million.

Although I was slightly embarrassed, seeing the balance in the card, it didn’t matter.

There are now 39.48 million cards in total.

One step closer to the small goal of 100 million.

Jingle Bell.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Looking at the screen, two words were displayed Wife.

Zhang Hao answered the phone with a smile.

‘What’s wrong, wife?’

‘Send Shaohua’s mobile phone number.’

‘Shaohua’s mobile phone number?’

‘Yes, my aunt said to let my cousin date him first to see if they are compatible.’

‘Okay, I’ll send it to you right away.’

‘When will you come back?’

‘Go back immediately.’

‘be careful on the road.’

‘I know, wife.’

Zhang Hao hung up the phone and walked outside.

Upon seeing this, Grandpa Zhao quickly chased after him.

‘Don’t go, Xiao Zhang, didn’t you promise to go to the antique market with me?’