Chapter 88 Small, the pattern is small

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‘How about another day? I still have to go home to be with my wife and children.’

Zhang Hao smiled and refused.

Antique market? He has no interest.

He knew that places like that were a rip off.

After all, no one is stupid enough to sell priceless treasures as scraps.

Pick up leaks? This kind of pie-in-the-sky thing probably only happens in novels.

After all, I am not a male pig with his own halo.

There is no magical clairvoyance ability either.

There is only an ordinary treasure appraisal skill.


Suddenly, the system sound sounded.

‘Host, this system is omnipotent and can provide clairvoyance skills. Do you want to purchase it?’

‘Wucao! Is it true or false?’

‘of course it’s true.’

‘How much?’

‘One trillion!’

‘One… sign?’

Zhang Hao was suddenly stunned.

Tens of millions… one billion, tens of billions! Hundreds of billions! Trillions! mega! ! !

Just kidding?

Even if you earn 100 million a day, even if you live to be a hundred years old, you can only earn more than 3 trillion.

Besides, who can earn 100 million a day?

Neither can the world’s richest man.

At this moment, Grandpa Zhao’s voice sounded.

‘Xiao Zhang, you promised to go to the antique market with me before.’

‘And I asked my son to pay you money. It would be so embarrassing if you didn’t go.’

Zhang Hao gave a half-hearted smile.

Seeing Grandpa Zhao’s sincere look, he had no choice but to agree.

‘Okay, let’s go then.’


Fifteen minutes later.

Under the leadership of Grandpa Zhao, we came to the antique market.

It’s as lively as a market here.

The stalls are next to each other, and the shops are next to each other.

The products on sale can be described as diverse.

There are all kinds of bronzes, ceramics, jade jewelry, statues, etc.

Zhang Hao followed behind Grandpa Zhao.

As he walked, he looked at the merchandise.

With treasure appraisal skills, you can tell the authenticity at a glance.



Everything is fake!

At this time, Grandpa Zhao looked at a stall and suddenly stopped as if attracted by something.

Zhang Hao, who was looking around, didn’t pay attention and bumped directly into Grandpa Zhao.


A dull sound sounded.

Grandpa Zhao sat down on the ground.

‘Ouch, you knocked me to death.’

‘Grandpa Zhao, are you okay?’

Zhang Hao quickly walked over to help him.

Grandpa Zhao shook his head with a painful expression.

‘It’s okay. Fortunately, you hit me. If you hit someone else, you would have to pay at least 100,000 to 80,000 yuan.’

‘Uh… who told you to stop suddenly.’

‘Forget it, you didn’t mean it. Just help me identify the antiques later.’

After saying this, Grandpa Zhao came to a stall, picked up an antique, and studied it carefully.

Zhang Hao also came over.

Although I can see that the antiques are all fake, I still have nothing to do, so I just treat it as passing the time.

‘Boss, how much does this red bracelet cost?’

The boss is a middle-aged bald man.

When he saw how young Zhang Hao was, he immediately laughed.

Hehe, this kind of young people like to pretend to understand when they don’t understand.

If I don’t cheat you, don’t even think about leaving.

‘Handsome guy, you look like an expert at first glance. To be honest, this agate bracelet was worn by the Empress Dowager Cixi back then. If you really want it, the price is 80,000!’

The corners of Zhang Hao’s mouth raised slightly.

‘Boss, since you see that I am an expert, can I still tell whether this bracelet is real or fake?’

‘This is obviously a modern handicraft. Why pay 80,000 yuan? You can get it for five yuan a piece.’


The boss frowned slightly.

Unexpectedly, this young man has two skills and is not easy to deceive.

Zhang Hao looked at a bronze vessel again.

‘Boss, how much does this bronze cost?’

‘Young man, you have a keen eye for pearls. This is a bronze ware unearthed from the Shang and Zhou dynasties. If you want it, the lowest price is 120,000 yuan!’

‘Earthed in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties? I think it was shipped from the factory last week.’


The boss’s brows furrowed deeper and his expression was a little unhappy.

He saw it.

This young man is not here to buy anything, but to talk.

‘Young man, do you want to buy it or not? If not, go ahead and don’t delay my business!’


Zhang Hao spoke quickly.

He wasn’t joking this time, he really wanted to buy it.

They were a pair of blue and white porcelain vases, almost one meter high.

It’s not an antique, but I don’t mind.

Because they are not bought for collection, but used as decorations.

If you put two porcelain vases on both sides of the living room door and plant a money tree inside, it will definitely be very beautiful.

‘Boss, how much does that one-meter-tall porcelain vase cost?’

The boss stretched out his thumb and index finger ’80.’

’80? It’s not expensive. I bought it.’

‘Really?’ The boss looked surprised.

‘of course it’s true.’

‘Okay, swipe your card.’

The boss took out the POS machine.

Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone.

‘It’s only 80 yuan. Just scan the QR code to swipe any card.’

The boss’s body suddenly froze, and the POS machine in his hand almost fell to the ground.

‘Young man, you are deliberately causing trouble, aren’t you? I said 800,000 yuan! Not 80 yuan! Damn it!’

‘800,000 yuan, I thought it was 80 yuan, so I won’t buy it.’

Zhang Hao put his phone back into his pocket again.

The boss quickly said ‘No, just tell me a price. If it suits you, I’ll sell it to you!’

Zhang Hao glanced at the porcelain bottle, thought for a moment and said, ‘8000?’

‘make a deal!’

Without giving Zhang Hao a chance to react, the boss directly showed the payment code.

‘Come on, scan the code.’


Zhang Hao suddenly had a dark look on his face.

I didn’t expect the boss to agree so readily.

Did you pay too high a price?

But since the price has been negotiated, we can’t say no, and the boss won’t do it either.


Suddenly, an idea flashed in Zhang Hao’s mind.

‘Boss, I’m talking about two porcelain bottles, a total of 8,000.’

‘Okay, I’ll sell you!’

Depend on!

Zhang Hao suddenly felt like he was being cheated.

If I had known this, I should have bargained to death.


Payment successful.

Although he didn’t have much money, Zhang Hao was very depressed.

At this time, the boss pretended to be pitiful and said ‘Young man, to tell you the truth, I paid 7,500 for these pairs of porcelain vases, and I only earned you 500.’

Zhang Hao said nothing.

But I muttered in my heart I believe you, you must have earned 500 yuan, and you can earn yourself 7500 yuan with tears.

no! The lost money must be recovered!

Zhang Hao swore secretly and continued to scan the ‘antiques’ on the stall.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

It was a row of colorful ceramic dolls.

He is about 18 centimeters tall and has a smiling expression on his face. He looks very cute and festive.

If you buy it for your babies to play with, they will definitely like it very much.

‘Boss, how much does a colorful doll cost?’

The boss asked back ‘Did you mean one, or a total of them?’



‘So expensive?’

‘Then tell me a price.’



The boss quickly showed the payment code.


Zhang Hao instantly felt that his whole body was not well.

I thought the bargaining was tough enough.

But I didn’t expect that the boss would still make money.

It’s smaller, the layout is smaller! !

In frustration, I spent several hundred more.

This was the worst time he’d ever spent money.

‘Xiao Zhang, come here.’

Suddenly, Grandpa Zhao’s voice sounded.

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