Chapter 86 Not for sale!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:51:39 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6070

‘Who let you in? Get out!’

Su Yuyan quickly put down her clothes, stood up and pushed Zhang Hao outside.

‘Honey, actually I know what’s inside.’


Su Yuyan was slightly stunned.

The next moment, she suddenly understood something.

No wonder when I unpacked the package, I found that the packaging was damaged.

I thought it was caused during transportation, but it turned out that Zhang Hao had dismantled it.

No wonder the quality of the clothes is so good, they are exactly the same as the original ones.

I thought I had met a conscientious businessman, but it turned out that Zhang Hao exchanged the real thing for the fake one.

Thinking of this, Su Yuyan was immediately moved.

‘Now that you know everything, why do you still lie to me?’

‘Because I want to surprise you.’


Su Yuyan frowned slightly and punched Zhang Hao’s chest with her small fist.

Zhang Hao held Su Yuyan in his arms without saying a word.

‘What are you doing? Let go!’

‘I don’t!’

Not only did Zhang Hao not let go, but he hugged her tighter.

‘Wife, I have said before that I must make you happy!’

‘I also said that if you return the clothes, I will buy them back!’

‘But don’t return it now. It’s very tiring to keep buying.’


Su Yuyan was amused.

When he looked up at Zhang Hao, a blush appeared on his face.

Because Zhang Hao was very close at this time.

And being held by him, one could clearly feel his strong body.

Zhang Hao was also stunned for a moment.

He was suddenly fascinated by Su Yuyan.

Shy Su Yuyan is as delicate as a rose, arousing pity.

As he was about to move, Zhang Hao’s head couldn’t help but move closer.

Su Yuyan was extremely nervous and simply closed her eyes.

Closer, closer.

The distance between the two is less than 0.1 mm.


Suddenly, a childish voice sounded.

Zhang Hao felt his pants being pulled down.

I looked down and saw that it was Dabao crawling over.

Dabao held his pants tightly with his little hands and started to chew them with his mouth.

‘Xinxin, good boy, these are pants, not food. You can’t eat them.’

After saying that, she let go of Su Yuyan and picked up Dabao.

At this moment, I saw Erbao and Sanbao also crawling towards this side.



Zhang Hao showed a bright smile.

‘Honey, I’ll play with the babies first, and then we can continue after the babies fall asleep.’


Su Yuyan blushed and went to tidy up her clothes.

Zhang Hao played with three cute babies in the living room.

‘Come, daddy will play with you on the plane.’


Happy time flies by.

It’s one o’clock in the afternoon.

After lunch, the three cute babies fell asleep after playing for a while.

Su Yuyan lay on the bed and brushed her hands.

Zhang Hao took some time off.

Although it is very comfortable to have my wife and children with me, I cannot waste my time and I have to find ways to make money.

After all, it is still far away from the small goal of 100 million.

‘Honey, you watch the baby, I’ll go live.’

‘Well, thank you for your hard work, husband.’

‘How about you kiss me?’

Su Yuyan rolled her eyes directly.

Zhang Hao smiled and walked out of the bedroom.

When I came to the sofa in the living room, I hesitated while looking at several products.

‘What should I sell later?’

‘If you want to sell diapers, you can do it yourself.’

‘If you sell women’s underwear, let Da Zhuang come over and sell it.’


Zhang Hao suddenly slapped his forehead.

‘Why am I so stupid? How much money can I make through live streaming?’

‘Since you have the skills to identify treasures, why not fight against counterfeiters?’

Thinking of this, Zhang Hao laughed and admired what a clever little guy he was.

Those jade shops all have the slogan of paying ten for every fake one.

Pay ten for every fake one, and making millions every day is no longer a dream!

You can earn 100 million in ten days!

If you earn enough 100 million, you can marry your wife!

Just do it!

‘Honey, let me go out for a moment!’

‘Where to go?’

‘Go out and make some extra money.’

‘What extra money?’

‘I’ll tell you when I get back.’

After saying that, Zhang Hao couldn’t wait to walk out.

Ten minutes later, we drove to Jade Street.

There are jade shops on both sides of the street.

But in Zhang Hao’s eyes, it was not a jade shop, but an ATM.

Although this method of making money is somewhat unethical.

But then again, are those black-hearted bosses moral?

Making ill-gotten gains by selling fake goods is simply garbage among human beings.

And he will soon transform into an angel of justice, dedicated to cleaning up this garbage.

After getting off the bus, walk down the street.

A jade shop called Biyu Zhai came into view.

You can’t go to Fan Jian’s jade shop.

Because I have been there before, there will definitely not be fakes in the store.

At this moment, a shop named Yushantang caught Zhang Hao’s attention.

This store is not small, so if there are fakes, there will definitely be a lot of them.

This is it!

Zhang Hao walked into the store and carefully appraised each piece of jade.

‘Well, this Jade Guanyin is fake.’

‘This jadeite Pixiu is also fake.’

‘This emerald bracelet is also fake.’

‘The Jade Buddha is also fake.’



‘It’s fake again!’

Soon, Zhang Hao walked around the store.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t see it, you will be shocked when you see it.

There are actually fifteen fake items in this store.

I have to say that the owner of this store has a very dark heart.

In my thoughts, I walked to the counter.

Looking at the saleswoman, she took out her bank card and put it on the counter.

‘Hello beauty, I bought all the fifteen pieces of jade I saw just now.’

‘Not for sale!’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

He never expected that the young lady would not sell it.

‘Why not sell it?’

“There’s no reason, I just won’t sell it!”

Zhang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, looking puzzled.

When I observed the young lady’s indifferent expression, I suddenly understood something.

Needless to say, the news about buying fake goods in Fan Jian’s store spread in this street.

After all, Fan Jian had to pay more than 50 million yuan in compensation at that time, which must have caused quite a stir.

And he was blacklisted by the jade shop on this street.

In desperation, he had no choice but to turn around and leave.

Then, Zhang Hao went to several jade shops.

But in the end they all walked out very depressed.

Although there were many fakes in those stores, when they saw it was me, the salesperson said Not for sale!

‘What the hell, I’m so angry!’

‘You are so arrogant when you sell fake goods!’


‘Must report!’

Angrily, Zhang Hao took out his cell phone.

Suddenly, an old voice came.

‘Zhang Hao?’

Looking around, a white-haired old man walked over.

After taking a closer look, it turned out to be the old man named Zhao.

I met him before in Fan Jian’s shop, and then again at Grandpa Su Yuyan’s birthday party.

At this time, Grandpa Zhao came to Zhang Hao with a smile.

‘Zhang Hao, I didn’t expect it was really you. What are you doing here?’

‘It’s okay, I’ll just walk around.’

‘Oh, don’t you know a lot about antiques? I plan to go to the antique market. Do you want to go with me?’

‘No, I have to go home later.’

‘Go ahead, I heard that a batch of new goods has arrived there. If you have a good eye, you might be able to find some treasures.’

‘forget it……’

Just when Zhang Hao was about to refuse, he suddenly thought of a clever plan.

‘Old man… No, Grandpa Zhao, go and buy some jade for me.’