Chapter 61 Don’t leave, sleep here

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:46:45 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6483

‘If the baby doesn’t cry, mother will hold it.’

Seeing the babies crying so sadly, Su Yuyan quickly held the second and third treasures in her arms.

But the second and third treasures who were picked up were still crying heartbrokenly.

He waved his little hand towards Zhang Hao and shouted Dad~

Dabao, who was not being held, was like a little rabbit, crawling towards Zhang Hao while crying.

But when he climbed to the edge of the bed, he showed no intention of stopping and was about to fall off the bed.


Su Yuyan exclaimed, and her heart suddenly rose to her throat.

‘not good!’

Zhang Hao’s pupils shrank sharply and he took a quick step to the bedside.

Soon enough, at the critical moment when Dabao fell from the bed, Zhang Hao directly picked him up and held him tightly in his arms.

so close!

Although the bed is 40cm from the ground and there is a blanket on the ground, you will definitely cry if you fall.

‘Honey, why don’t I leave until the baby falls asleep.’

‘That’s all I can do. I’m sorry to bother you.’

‘Are you so outspoken?’


Su Yuyan smiled and put the second and third treasures on the bed.

Erbao and Sanbao, who had just landed, immediately stopped crying and crawled to Zhang Hao’s side, hugging his thigh tightly.

‘Come on little princesses, daddy will take you on a plane! Woo~’

Then, Zhang Hao continued to play with the babies.

For a time, the room was filled with laughter and laughter, and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

After more than an hour, the three cute babies finally got sleepy.

The three babies were lying quietly on the bed, their slightly squinted eyes blinking.

Zhang Hao sat on the edge of the bed, patting the baby’s petite body with his big hands.

While filming, she sang softly ‘Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, the sky is full of little stars…’

After a while, all three cute babies closed their eyes.


Zhang Hao yawned.

Looking at the time, it was already past one o’clock in the night.

If it’s normal, I won’t be sleepy at all even if I play on my mobile phone.

But just now I was physically and mentally exhausted from playing with my baby.

I have to say, raising children is really tiring.

‘Honey, the babies are asleep, I’m leaving.’

After he finished speaking, he saw that Su Yuyan had her eyes closed and still holding her mobile phone in her hand, so she turned up the volume.



Su Yuyan responded in confusion. She was half asleep and half awake.

Zhang Hao repeated ‘The babies are asleep, I have to leave and I will come back tomorrow.’

‘Well~ don’t leave so late, just sleep here.’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

Did happiness come so suddenly?

At this time, Su Yuyan suddenly opened her eyes with a shy look on her face.

what’s the situation?

How could you say that?

What a shame.

‘What, I mean when you go back…’

Before he finished speaking, his voice stopped abruptly.

Because Su Yuyan realized that it was almost two o’clock in the night.

If Zhang Hao goes back to school, he can only sleep for four or five hours before getting up.

If you stay here, you can still sleep in.

Forget it, let him sleep here.

It’s not like he hasn’t slept at all.

Is it possible that he can still eat himself?

‘Well~ Then don’t go back, just sleep here.’


Zhang Hao was ecstatic!

My wife finally accepts me!

And if you sleep here, you can also complete the task of sleeping with your baby. Isn’t it wonderful?

‘What? You don’t want to?’

‘Think! Good night, wife.’

Zhang Hao lay flat on the bed with a smile on his face.

Su Yuyan frowned slightly when she saw this.

‘That’s not the one I’m talking about. I’m talking about the other bedroom.’


‘Ah what, go quickly!’

‘All right.’

Zhang Hao walked out of the bedroom very reluctantly.

Although a little disappointed, no matter what, my wife finally accepted herself.

In this way, you can sleep here all the time from now on.

Because if something like this happens for the first time, it will happen countless times.

Coming to another bedroom, Zhang Hao put himself on the bed.

Although it was almost two o’clock, I was not sleepy at all because I was so happy.

After all, this is the first time I sleep at my wife’s house.

As for the last time, I was unconscious due to drinking, so I naturally didn’t feel anything.

Ding dong~

Ding dong~

WeChat alert sounded.

Swipe the screen to unlock and discover new news from the Four Heavenly Kings.

Zhao Yong ‘Mouse, it’s almost two o’clock, why aren’t you back yet?’

Shaohua ‘Yes, I wanted to treat you to dinner, but you haven’t come back yet.’

Da Zhuang ‘Isn’t it because he deliberately stayed drunk at Goddess Su’s house again?’

Zhang Hao first made a sullen expression ‘Are you kidding, do you need to be drunk to sleep here? Let me declare that from today on, I will not go back to the dormitory. My sons will learn to take care of themselves. Dad will come home often. .”

Zhao Yong ‘Real or false? Has Goddess Su accepted you?’

Da Zhuang ‘Brother Hao, you didn’t sleep with Goddess Su when you were drunk last time, right? Otherwise, how could she keep you here?’

Shaohua ‘Brother Hao, are you worried that we will laugh at you, so you don’t want to come back? Sigh! Why are you doing this?’

Zhang Hao ‘Believe it or not, when I think about not being woken up by the sound of you grinding your teeth, farting, and snoring, or being kept awake by the smell of your feet, I feel very good. I won’t talk anymore, because my father is going to bed. Don’t miss me, my son!”

Then, he took another photo of his bedroom and sent it to the group, then silenced his phone and went to sleep.

Zhao Yong ‘I’m lying on the grass! I’m sleeping separately!’

Da Zhuang ‘After crying for a long time, I thought Brother Hao had just hugged the beauty back home.’

Shaohua ‘The revolution is not yet complete, we still need to work hard!’

The next morning.


Zhang Hao woke up from his sleep and straightened up.

The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone.

‘Oh, it’s half past nine!’

Zhang Hao sat up in shock and quickly walked out of the bedroom.

Walking through the living room to Su Yuyan’s bedroom, she saw her sitting in front of the dressing table putting on makeup, and three cute babies sitting on the bed playing with toys.

Su Yuyan saw Zhang Hao through the makeup mirror.

‘You wake up, the food is in the pot, warm it up when it’s cold.’


Zhang Hao smiled and nodded.

It feels so good to be able to see my wife and baby as soon as I wake up.

At this time, a childish voice came.



Seeing Dabao calling daddy, Zhang Hao’s smile became even brighter, and he opened his arms to hug Dabao.

Erbao and Sanbao stared at it with big clear eyes.

Can I give you a hug if you call me daddy?

We can also bark!



Erbao and Sanbao called daddy and stretched out their little arms for a hug.


Zhang Hao smiled as brightly as a flower and hugged all three adorable babies.

‘Little princesses, tell daddy, did you dream about daddy when you went to bed last night?’

‘Dad dreamed about you. He didn’t make you worry-free in the dream. He kept crying.’

Su Yuyan, who was putting on makeup, frowned slightly when she heard this.

‘You were not dreaming, but you were disturbed by the baby’s cry. It’s all your fault. The baby woke up seven or eight times in one night.’

‘Blame me?’

‘Yes, because the baby plays happily with you and wakes up at night crying for daddy. If you don’t blame me, who should blame you?’


Zhang Hao laughed out loud.

As expected of a biological child, we have only been together for a few days, and when I woke up at night, I knew I was looking for my father.

‘Huh, you’re still laughing? I even got dark circles under my eyes just to comfort the baby.’

‘Thank you for your hard work, wife. I have a way to prevent you from staying up late.’

‘any solution?’

‘Of course I slept with the baby.’

Su Yuyan, who was applying lipstick, trembled with her hands and drew a line on the corner of her mouth.