Chapter 62 Buying a gift for the old man

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:46:57 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6326

‘Humph, it’s all your fault, all your makeup is messed up!’

Su Yuyan complained and wiped her mouth with a wet tissue.

Zhang Hao suddenly had a dark look on his face.

‘Um…don’t I think about you and the baby?’

‘No, I’m generous enough by letting you sleep here. You still want to sleep with me and the baby? No way!’

‘Honey, you’re thinking wrong. I’m talking about sleeping with the baby.’


Su Yuyan was stunned.

Then, his face was as red as a monkey’s butt.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Hao quickly changed the topic.

If my wife is angry, let alone sleeping with the baby, I’m afraid she won’t even be allowed to sleep here.

‘Honey, you are so beautiful, but wearing makeup will cover up your peerless appearance.’

‘I’m wearing light makeup.’

‘Oh, by the way, wifey, when does your grandfather’s birthday party start?’

‘at noon.’

‘Where will the banquet be held?’

‘Shangri-La hotel.’


Zhang Hao nodded. He knew that Shangri-La Hotel was the most upscale hotel in Haicheng and he had been there several times before.

‘Then have you thought about what gift to give the old man?’


When it came to giving gifts, Su Yuyan looked embarrassed.

She didn’t know what gift to give her grandpa.

There is only one reason, no money.

After all, this is the old man’s eightieth birthday.

When the time comes, relatives and friends will gather together, and many people will certainly give gifts and blessings.

When giving gifts, people start to compete with each other to see who gives more expensive and better gifts.

Even though they are close relatives and friends, it is just an expression, and you may not know what you are thinking in your heart.

As the saying goes, people’s hearts are separated from each other, even brothers are scheming at the sight of each other.

It’s not that I think people’s hearts are sinister, but my father and uncle are good examples.

Seeing Su Yuyan’s silence, Zhang Hao smiled and asked, ‘Honey, haven’t you decided what gift to give me yet?’

‘not yet.’

‘Does your grandpa have any hobbies?’

‘I usually like to drink tea and drink tea.’

‘Have tea and walk the birds?’

Zhang Hao frowned slightly.

This hobby is too common.

When the old man celebrates his eightieth birthday, he can’t give tea and birds. How much is that worth?

After all, this is the first time to meet the old man, so he must not be too stingy and must make a good impression.

‘Aside from drinking tea and walking the birds?’

‘Well… Grandpa also likes to collect, such as antiques and jade.’

‘Okay, then let’s do what he likes and give him jade.’

‘Forget it, it’s too expensive. An antique or jade item costs tens of thousands.’

‘I’ll give you the expensive one. We can’t get rid of the cheap one. After all, the old man is celebrating his eightieth birthday and this is my first time meeting you. I won’t talk about your situation. In short, you must not be too shabby.’

Su Yuyan frowned and nodded.

Although what Zhang Hao said made sense, he still didn’t want him to spend money.

Because he has spent a lot of money on this home and himself.

When Zhang Hao observed Su Yuyan’s expression, he naturally knew what she was thinking.

‘Don’t worry, wife, we’re not short of money.’

‘Okay, I will remember every money you spend, and I will pay you back when I have money.’

‘It’s only natural for a husband to spend money on his wife, why should he be polite to me?’

‘That won’t work, one code will be the same.’

‘How about you kiss me?’

‘Look at your shame.’

After breakfast, Zhang Hao drove Su Yuyan and three cute babies out.

But after browsing for more than an hour, I still haven’t found a suitable gift.

I walked around the antique market, but I didn’t buy it because I didn’t know how to worry about being cheated.

Zhang Hao couldn’t understand why a broken jar on a street stall was selling for 80,000 to 90,000 yuan.

This piece of shit is worthless even as a chamber pot.

Then, we came to a place selling jade.

This is a street, and the shops on both sides sell jade.

Just as Zhang Hao was driving and hesitating which store to go to, he heard Su Yuyan urging him.

‘Hurry up, it’s almost half past eleven, maybe my dad and the others have already arrived.’


Zhang Hao nodded and found the largest jade shop.

The name of the shop is Biyu Zhai.

A line of text scrolls on the LED display in front of the door The price is fair, and our store promises to compensate you ten for every fake! ! !

Entering the store, a magnificent scene comes into view.

The counter is neatly displayed with various jade jewelry, jade bracelets, pendants, Pixiu Guanyin small ornaments, etc.

On the shelves behind the counter are some large jades, including the Thousand-Hand Guanyin, the half-meter-long Pixiu, the half-meter-high Maitreya Buddha, etc.

There are a lot of people shopping here, more than a dozen people.

There were seven or eight tall and beautiful shop assistants overwhelmed.

‘Hello, welcome.’

Seeing a new customer come in, a clerk came over with a smile.

Then, the clerk suddenly looked surprised.

‘Wow, the triplets are so cute.’

Seeing three cute babies, the beautiful shop assistant was immediately fascinated.

Others heard the sound and gathered around.

Everyone was surprised when they saw the triplets.

‘Beauty, are you the one who gave birth to all these triplets? That’s amazing!’

‘Twins are rare. I didn’t expect there to be triplets, and they are all so beautiful.’

‘The key point is that my mother is more beautiful, my father is very handsome, and the whole family is so beautiful. They are so happy.’

‘Hey, look, the baby is still smiling, my heart melts.’

Hearing the praise for the baby, Zhang Hao and Su Yuyan felt happy.

When your children are praised, parents also feel honored.

But at this moment, an evil voice came from the door.

‘Hey~ Isn’t this our famous Mr. Zhang?’

The voice was cunning and mean, with an obvious hint of ridicule.

When Zhang Hao looked at the sound, his face immediately showed displeasure.

I saw a young man walking in. He had a slender figure, an oval face, pink eyes, a big nose and thin lips.

Zhang Hao knew this person, his name was Fan Jian.

My family is in the pharmaceutical business. We have our own large hospitals in Haicheng and other cities, with assets worth hundreds of billions. We are also a super-rich second generation.

Although we were friends with him before, we once got into a quarrel at a dinner party and started to have a tit-for-tat confrontation when we met.

At this time, Fan Jian noticed the three babies in the stroller.

He was surprised for a moment, then showed an evil smile.

‘Master Zhang, I heard from people in the circle that you are happy to be a father. Are these the three children? Tsk, tsk, tsk, they look nothing like you.’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao suddenly showed anger.

‘Do you really deserve a beating?’

Zhang Hao let go of the stroller and walked directly towards Fan Jian.

No matter who dares to speak ill of the baby, they will be beaten.

But when he was about to take action, he suddenly felt his wrist being grabbed.

Looking back, it was Su Yuyan.

‘I’ve already chosen the gift. Let’s go. My mom sent us a WeChat message saying it’s already here and waiting for us.’


Zhang Hao had no choice but to agree, after all, business was more important.

When he came to the counter to check out, Fan Jian’s disdainful voice sounded.

‘Since Mr. Zhang is buying something from me, I’ll give you a 20% discount. Think of it as charity.’

Zhang Hao took out the bank card and put it back into his pocket.

But when he was about to leave, the system’s sound suddenly sounded.

‘Host, it has been detected that the jade your wife bought is a fake. Do you want to activate the super treasure appraisal skill?’