Chapter 60 Fined 10,000?

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:46:33 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6388

‘More than fifty thousand?’

Seeing that Zhang Hao was very happy, Su Yuyan didn’t want to dampen his interest and started to guess very cooperatively.

‘It’s too low, guess again.’

‘More than sixty thousand?’

‘Guess hard.’

‘More than eighty thousand!’

‘Be bold and guess high.’

Su Yuyan opened her mouth in surprise, because 80,000 was already a lot.

A 30% commission is more than 20,000 yuan.

Seeing that Su Yuyan couldn’t guess, Zhang Hao directly announced the answer.

‘I won’t embarrass you. This live broadcast sold more than 125,000 yuan, and I received almost 5,000 yuan as a gift. The net profit was about 65,000 yuan.’

‘Sixty-five thousand!’

Su Yuyan couldn’t believe her ears.

But suddenly, she realized something was wrong.

‘Are you kidding me? Even if it sells for 120,000 yuan and the 30% commission is 30,000 yuan, how can it be 60,000 yuan?’

‘Because the commission has been increased to 50%.’

Seeing that Su Yuyan didn’t believe it, Zhang Hao directly showed her the chat history with Boss Sun.

‘Really 50%!’

Su Yuyan had an incredible expression on her face.

In two hours, Zhang Hao earned 65,000, which is amazing!

However, before my mood became happy, I became disappointed again.

Zhang Hao earned more than 80,000 yuan in one day.

But what about yourself?

Not only did he not earn a penny, he also spent tens of thousands on clothes.

The key point is that even if you go to work, it only costs more than 200 a day.

There is a world of difference from Zhang Haobi.

No, there is no comparison at all.

Thinking of this, Su Yuyan looked sad and suddenly felt so useless.

‘Wife, what’s wrong with you?’

Seeing that Su Yuyan’s expression became depressed, Zhang Hao was a little confused.

My wife was fine just now, why is she suddenly unhappy?

‘It’s okay.’ Su Yuyan shook her head, embarrassed to express her thoughts.

‘There must be something going on, tell me quickly!’

‘It’s really okay.’

‘I am your husband, what do you have to hide from me?’

Su Yuyan bit her lip, looking like she was hesitant to speak.

Zhang Hao said seriously ‘If you don’t tell me, I won’t leave tonight.’

‘I said.’

Under Zhang Hao’s repeated questioning, Su Yuyan had no choice but to speak out.

‘I feel like I’m dragging you down. You make so much money, and I…’


Zhang Hao interrupted directly ‘Honey, I am your husband. If you say this, I will be very sad. Besides, it is all your credit for me to make money through live broadcasts.’


‘Of course, if you hadn’t worked hard to conceive for ten months and gave birth to three adorable babies, I wouldn’t have so many fans, to be precise, fans of the babies.’

‘You can’t say that, you have the greatest credit.’

‘I agree with this. Without our joint efforts, the babies would not be able to come out.’


Su Yuyan’s cheeks suddenly turned red with embarrassment.

One second he was moved by Zhang Hao’s words, and the next second he suddenly became unserious.

Are all men like this?

Eeyah~ Eeeah~

A childish voice came from the bed.

Dabao and Erbao are full and playing with the bottles.

Zhang Hao’s face was filled with a doting smile.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

‘Honey, although the baby has drank milk, it is still a time when the body is developing. I will get some fruit and vegetable porridge for the baby to drink and supplement vitamins.’

‘Okay, why didn’t I think of it? You’ve thought it through.’


Zhang Hao smiled a little guilty.

Although the main purpose is to supplement nutrition for the babies, the second task is to teach the babies to eat on their own.

Because the teaching has already begun, the baby is in the learning stage and cannot give up halfway.

‘Then I’ll go.’

‘Go ahead. I won’t let Sanbao breastfeed anymore. I’ll give him some vitamins later.’

Su Yuyan took out the three treasures from her arms.

Zhang Hao glanced and walked out of the bedroom.

Come to the kitchen, first pour water into the pot, then take out the bananas and carrots from the refrigerator and chop them into puree.

Boom, boom, boom.

Zhang Hao’s hand speed is extremely fast, three to four hundred times a minute.

Suddenly, the system sound sounded.

‘Ding Here comes a new mission. The host sleeps with three cute babies for one night. If you complete it, you will get a bonus of 300,000 yuan.’

‘One night’s sleep?’

Zhang Hao’s hand suddenly stopped.

It’s not even possible to stay here and sleep, let alone sleep with the baby.

Sigh~ It seems that this task cannot be completed in the short term.

Fortunately there is no time limit.

System ‘Ding If you cannot complete the task within three days, 300,000 yuan will be deducted.’

Zhang Hao ‘System! You XX!’

System ‘Ding It is detected that the host is spitting out fragrance, and you will be fined 10,000 yuan!’

Zhang Hao……

Boom, boom, boom!

Zhang Hao continued to sprint with both hands, venting all his inner dissatisfaction on the chopping board.

A few minutes later.

‘Here comes the fruit and vegetable porridge~’

Zhang Hao was holding a tray with three bowls of fruit and vegetable porridge on it.

Su Yuyan had already placed the three cute babies on the small dining table.

The small dining table I bought from the supermarket today is a baby dining table specially designed for babies to eat.

Zhang Hao placed three bowls of porridge in front of each cute baby.

But at this moment, I saw three cute babies playing with spoons but refusing to eat.

‘Eat, why don’t you eat? Eating is a beautiful thing. Eat quickly.’

Su Yuyan said with a smile ‘You can’t rush this kind of thing, the baby will learn it one day.’

After saying that, I started feeding the babies porridge.


Zhang Hao smiled, no longer forcing himself.

After all, there is no time limit on the task of teaching your baby to eat by himself, you can learn it at any time.

Thinking of this, Zhang Hao was suddenly stunned.

After confirming that he didn’t hear the system prompt, he immediately felt at ease.

Thinking of being deducted 10,000 yuan by the system just now, I felt very depressed.

Ten thousand will be deducted for swearing?

This system is so unreliable.

Not a moment.

The three cute babies were full, but they had not finished the porridge in their bowls.

Because I just woke up, everyone was really happy.

At this time, Zhang Hao was running around the bedroom with Dabao on his back.

‘Open the airport~woo~’


The happy Dabao grabbed Zhang Hao’s hair and kept laughing.

When he was extremely happy, he slapped Zhang Hao on the head several times.

The second treasure and the third treasure sitting on Su Yuyan’s lap were extremely envious.

They all waved their little arms towards Zhang Hao, babbling, and when they got anxious, they shouted Dad~

It’s like saying again Dad~Dad~I also want to fly a plane~

At this time, Su Yuyan’s face was filled with a happy smile.

The laughter and laughter in the bedroom made her feel like a family.

In the days without Zhang Hao, apart from the baby’s cry, the only sound was his own sigh.

Thinking of this, Su Yuyan’s eyes turned slightly red when she looked at Zhang Hao.

And her eyes became more determined.

This life is his!

Half an hour later.

It’s already eleven o’clock at night.

Zhang Hao allows every baby to experience the fun of flying an airplane.

Although I was tired after playing with the baby for half an hour, the babies were not tired at all and were all very energetic.

Su Yuyan glanced at the clock on the wall, and then looked at Zhang Hao.

‘It’s getting late, you should go back and rest.’

‘Well, bye babies, daddy will be here tomorrow.’

Zhang Hao smiled and waved to the three cute babies.

But as soon as he got up and walked towards the door, the baby’s cry suddenly came from behind.




The cries were so pitiful that Zhang Hao’s heart instantly broke.