Chapter 59 Don’t be afraid of too many trolls, just be afraid of them gathering together.

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‘Shadow anchor, good evening.’

‘What are you going to sell this time? Or women’s underwear?’

‘Where’s the baby? I’m here specifically to see the baby.’

‘Brother, where is my wife?’

As soon as the broadcast started, more than a thousand people came into the live broadcast room, asking all kinds of silly questions.

Zhang Hao didn’t pay attention, with a smile on his face.

‘Everyone is stupid… Good evening, my friends.’

‘Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. Friends who have placed orders, don’t worry. The warehouse is expediting delivery and you will receive it in two or three days.’

‘Because it has just started, there are still many fans who have not come in. Please wait another five minutes to start introducing the products.’


Five minutes passed.

The number of people in the live broadcast room soared to more than 10,000, all of whom came after seeing the announcement that the broadcast would start at eight o’clock.

‘It’s now!’

Zhang Hao took a deep breath, smiled, picked up a black bra and showed it in front of the camera.

The audience was immediately stunned when they saw it.

‘I’m a fool!’

‘It’s actually a bra! The anchor is awesome!’

‘Xiu’er, is that you?’

‘Anchor, can’t you sell some maternity and baby products? For example, milk powder, diapers, etc.?’

‘Anchor, I won’t even support my grandma, so I will obey you!’

Looking at the jumping barrage, Zhang Hao still didn’t pay attention and directly introduced the products.

‘This bra is made of latex, which is the most popular material at the moment. It will not leave any traces after being worn for a day. It also has the function of preventing sagging. The models are available from A to D in various colors. If you like it, place an order directly at Xiaohuang Car That’s it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw several animals making silly questions.

‘Anchor, if I put a bra on my head, will I turn into Ultraman?’

Zhang Hao ‘Brother, do you believe in light?’

‘LSB, can men wear it?’

Zhang Hao ‘Of course you can, wearing it will make your chest muscles look bigger!’

‘Anchor, my ears are frozen while riding a scooter in winter. Can I use them as earmuffs?’

Zhang Hao ‘Okay, if you put it on, you will be the most handsome guy on the street!’

‘Anchor, I want to buy some for my girlfriend. Are there any leopard print ones?’

Zhang Hao ‘Are you sure you have friends?’

‘555, what you said is too hurtful.’

‘Anchor, my girlfriend is celebrating her 60th birthday. What color should I buy?’

Zhang Hao ‘It’s you again, kid. Again, it will be more exciting if you wear it.’

An hour passed quickly.

Faced with all kinds of silly problems, Zhang Hao’s head got big.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were over 50,000 people in the live broadcast room, it would have been taken off the air directly.

‘The second item is next.’

Zhang Hao picked up two boxes of condoms.

The audience died on the spot as soon as they saw it.

‘Lying grass! This young man!’

‘I thought of more than a dozen women’s products, but I didn’t expect it to be condoms. The host really showed off his talent!’

‘Anchor, please go back to M78 Nebula as soon as possible. Earth is not suitable for you!’

‘I think it’s quite practical. At least it’s not a women’s product, but a men’s product.’

‘Just because of the host’s arrogance, I’ll buy two boxes.’

‘Is there any thread? Take a box.’

Zhang Hao introduced the products with a smile.

‘There are various models and functions. Durex is a big brand and it guarantees no leaks. You can use it with confidence.’

As soon as the words fell, all kinds of silly problems appeared.

‘Anchor, will it take longer if you use two of them at the same time?’

Zhang Hao ‘Others like to be ultra-thin, but you put two of them on, just put them on steel pipes.’

‘Anchor, can you come to your home to install it?’

Zhang Hao ‘You…won!’

‘Anchor, can I buy it and release it?’

Zhang Hao ‘???’

‘Anchor, how long does one box last?’

Zhang Hao ‘-_—, this… varies from person to person!’

‘Anchor, what are your flavors?’

Zhang Hao ‘I exploded on the spot!’

‘Anchor, which model is the 30cm one?’

Zhang Hao ‘Are you a donkey?’

‘Anchor, can girls use it?’

Zhang Hao ‘Can you, a man, be more serious?’

after an hour.

‘Friends, I’ll be here first today. I’ll make an announcement in advance next time the show starts.’

Zhang Hao immediately closed the live broadcast.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and thought to myself that I am not afraid of too many sand sculptures, but I am afraid that they will gather together in a nest.

When faced with those silly questions, it seems as if they are not live broadcasting, but deliberately killing brain cells.

If he keeps going like this, he will definitely turn into a fool.

My thoughts are always on my mind, and I habitually put my hands into my pockets.

But as soon as he touched the cigarette case, he took it out again.

This is at my wife’s house, no smoking allowed.

Jingle Bell.

Suddenly, a pleasant ringtone rang.

He took out his cell phone and saw that it was a call from Da Zhuang.

After answering, excited voices rang out.

‘Brother Hao is awesome, there are more than 80,000 people in the live broadcast room!’

‘Huh? Did you see the live broadcast?’

‘That’s not nonsense. Sigh~ It’s pity that I only have over a thousand people live streaming the game.’

Zhang Hao smiled slightly, and suddenly an idea flashed in his mind.

‘Why don’t you sell goods live with me, and I’ll give you a commission.’

Because the products they sell are so embarrassing.

If Da Zhuang sells it, he doesn’t have to show up, and he can make money, wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone?

‘Forget it, those people are all here for the baby and you. Besides, I’m not as stupid as you.’

‘Damn! By the way, have Zhao Yong and Shaohua gone back?’

‘What’s more, why didn’t you call me when they were beaten? Are we still buddies?’

Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly, realizing that Zhao Yong and Da Zhuang had returned to the dormitory, and told Da Zhuang about the beating.

‘Why are you calling me? To call you over and get beaten together?’

‘Um… Then you should say something, don’t worry, Ding Li, Ding Ziku, if he dares to touch my brother, he will be beaten!’

Zhang Hao curled his lips, Brother Xindao, please stop bragging.


Suddenly, a loud cry came from the bedroom.

‘Let’s not talk about it for now, the baby is awake.’

Hang up the phone and immediately walk towards the bedroom.

Ding dong~

WeChat alert sounded.

I quickly swiped the screen to see what was locked, and it was from Da Zhuang.

‘Brother Hao, can you say hello to the manager? I also want to work in the hotel and meet noble people.’


‘qs? What do you mean? Go to hell?’

‘Turn over the phone and look at it and you will know!’

Zhang Hao came to the bedroom door.

Taking a closer look, I was suddenly stunned.

Su Yuyan was holding Sanbao and breastfeeding.

Dabao and Erbao were lying on the bed crying loudly, their little arms and legs swinging wildly.

At this time, Su Yuyan turned and looked at the door.

Although she was breastfeeding Sanbao, she was not shy, but very anxious.

‘The babies are hungry, go and prepare two bottles of milk powder.’


Zhang Hao quickly launched into action.

Then, I made the milk powder first, then cooled it down with cold water, and trotted all the way back to the bedroom.

When the two bottles were put into the mouths of Dabao and Erbao, the two babies stopped crying instantly.

It seems that the babies are hungry.

Su Yuyan breathed a sigh of relief and said to Zhang Hao ‘Okay, you go to the live broadcast, just leave it to me.’

‘It’s okay. I’ve already downloaded it. Let’s see how much it sells for this time.’

Zhang Hao smiled and took out his mobile phone.

When I opened the Kuaishou backstage and took a look, I suddenly felt happy.

‘Honey, how much do you think I sold it for this time?’

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